Only happy employees create great customer satisfaction!
As a leading brand, Yung-Ching Realty Group, founded in 1988, has been pursuing industry innovation and enhancing the quality of customer service to protect consumer’s interest. We deeply believe in two thoughts: “Only happy employees create great customer satisfaction!” and “The level of employee happiness determines company’s competitiveness.”
Therefore, in order to take care of our employee’s career development and life, we are the industry pioneer in introducing the “Yung-Ching Well-being Trilogy” to establish a friendly working environment called “work smartly, live healthily.” Therefore, every employee in Yung-Ching can reach a balance in work and life.

Yung-Ching Realty Group not only received several customer-related awards, but was also recognized as a “happy corporation”, “healthy working environment“, and ”sports loving company”. This indicates that the company has gained high a reputation from the government, media and public on service innovation and employer brand.


Work Smartly, Live Healthily
  • By using “i-plus intelligent agent”, a mobile service platform with a massive database collected over 30 years, it effectively provides a precise matching service. This improves our agents’ efficiency significantly, and realizes the promise of “work smartly.”
  • The policies of “Flexible eight working hours’ shift” and “Humanized shift arrangement” allow agents to find a work-life balance based on their own situation and needs.
  • We organize 3 sports games annually, including softball, basketball, and badminton. The quality of the games is on par with professional sports, and the number of participants grows significantly every year. Because of such an achievement, we are honored to be the first realty company to receive a “sports loving corporation certification” issued by the Taiwan government.
Teamwork and Sharing Growth
  • We offer a one-on-one mentorship and apprenticeship system to new agents. The thoughtful plan helps new agents to blend in quicker. Through joint selling and use of digital tools, new agents are encouraged to collaborate and shape a culture where we ‘fight together’.
  • We also promote logistics administrative teams who act proactively and reliably, to provide prompt service and strategy support for front line agents. The administrative team gets quarterly performance prizes to promote a team sharing culture.
Making a Healthy Workplace that is Full of Happiness
  • We guarantee a NT$50,000 monthly salary in the first 9 months for new agents. We also provide rent compensation for agents from other towns. In addition, we plan over 360 hours of realtor training courses for new agents to help them establish a solid professional foundation.
  • We provide up to NT$2.5 million in a “Happy home building fund” to help high-performance agents to become homeowners.
  • We provide free weekly massages.
  • Every year, we organize a year-end party for all the employees and their families. We also hire a free charter bus during the Lunar New Year, so it is easier for employees to return to their hometown.
  • We have great employee benefits, including overseas travel, quarterly department banquet fund, three Chinese festival grants etc.
  • We offer annual vacations and volunteer vacations that are better than government regulations.
  • We encourage employees to find partners for life within the company and establish their own family. Since the company was established, over 230 couples met their spouse in the company, and more than one thousand babies were born while their parents were working in Yung-Ching.

We commit to constantly reform the system, refine the process, and enhance our digital tools to realize the belief of “work smartly, live healthily.” Apart from decent compensation and bonus, Yung-Ching also creates a joyful working environment with teamwork spirit. All our efforts aim to provide employees with a well-rounded life through strategy, systems, teamwork, and sharing growth.