At Oath, our mission is simple and clear: we build brands that people love, we build global platform partners love, and we build a global company talent loves. We have one of the world’s most powerful and differentiated global portfolio of brands. We are a diverse house of 50+ media and technology brands that engages over a billion people around the world. We are building deep content experiences in the most important consumer verticals: news, sports, finance, tech and entertainment/lifestyle.

Oath is an enablement brand with the brands (products) that you know and love still being the products and brands that consumers know and love like – HuffPost, Yahoo Sports, AOL, MAKERS, Tumblr, BUILD Studios, and Yahoo Finance, to Brightroll, ONE by AOL, Convertro, Flurry, and more.

At Oath, we truly understand how to engage employees in creative ways. We take pride in focusing on diversity and inclusion, improving our employees’ health and wellness, while creating an innovative and family-oriented work environment, integrating collaboration across departments.
“All of us as leaders have a canvas and a brush and the objective is to work together to paint a beautiful picture. The degree to which you want to put the strokes varies according to the setting. When people asked, ‘why do you choose HR?’ I tell them it’s because of the people connection – it’s most important to me in my life and this just gives that to me”
— Vineet Gambhir, Vice President, Human Resources.

Our open design office encourages cross-team collaboration and interaction, stimulating more creative and innovative ideas.

World-class Care: Our Free Food Program provides breakfast, lunch, fruits and snacks to keep our employees energized and happy. Our wellness program includes parents’ retirement and tax consultation workshops. A proper ergonomic setup provides our employees fitting work environments to reduce fatigue, discomfort, and risk of injury.

Health Talk and Health Checkup: We provide easy access to a wide variety of essential health care services including on-site vaccination programs, health talks and annual health checkup for employees.

Employee Assistance Programs: Employees and their family members are covered by Employee Assistance Programs. The company sponsors professional consultation services on legal issues, health problems, family matters, interpersonal relationship problems and stress management to help staff and their families during difficult times.

New Child Leave and Special Benefits: Oath supports parents in different phases of their lives. Female employees will have a total of 16 weeks paid maternity leave and male employees will have 8 weeks paid paternity leave.

We believe in recognising and rewarding outstanding performers. To align with company mobile focus direction, we offer the AMF (All Mobile Focus) Team Award globally. We also have the L.E.A.D Award for top performers excelling in “Lead the way”, “Exceed customer expectations”, “Act as one”, and “Drive the business”.

We encourage every employee to take one volunteer day off each year, to give back to the community.

Business leaders are supportive of employees who participate in volunteer events during business hours and champion such volunteer events. Our employees will participate in various volunteer opportunities to support the local communities, including visit to Elderly Centres, cleaning up the coast, supporting Down Syndrome Foundation by wrapping wedding cookies, and handmade soaps. We also set up a charity page for charity groups, held many internal charity events such as Christmas Used Book Donation & Recycle, Give Thanks, Give Back, and package 50,000 nutrient-rich meals to support communities in need.