Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Ltd, established in January 2002, is a subsidiary of the automobile industry giant Daimler AG. The business scope of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan includes the Mercedes-Benz passenger car, trucks, heavy commercial vehicles, Mercedes-Benz Select used cars, and the smart car. In addition to car sales, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan has also established a subsidiary company, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Taiwan Ltd, providing automobile financing, leasing and insurance services.

As an inventor of automobile, selling cars is not enough to achieve the status of a leading brand. In order to provide a more diversified and humanized mobility experience, core strategies of “C.A.S.E.” have been formed with our vision of “Mobility of The Future”. These are four core concepts that will be linked to cutting-edge technology as well as humanized communications. With this, company can adopt innovative changes, implement latest software and technology to change Taiwan’s mobility culture, and to reach a new revolution.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an indispensable part of a sustainable future. Mercedes-Benz Taiwan’s CSR core value is “Inspiring the Future”. Through CSR, company wants to promote the following values: compliance and integrity, work environment, people development, social engagement, and environmental protection. Through our employees, dealerships, car owners and other partners, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan has achieved extremely fruitful results.

In 2017, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan won the first place of Common Wealth Magazine Corporate Citizen Award in the Foreign Enterprise segment, and also the top 3 “Taiwan Foreign Corporate Sustainability Awards” at the tenth Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards. In 2018, in line with the implementation of local commitments and plans for the future, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan will continue to create more CSR projects with local commitment, effectively allocating social resources, and encouraging all sectors to contribute to the social issues in Taiwan.

In addition to actively engage brand development and coporate social responsibility, Daimler Group has proposed a corporate vision of a global mobile office and work environment innovation, in consideration of the rapid changing global working environment. In 2018, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan took the concept of the parent group and spent NT$80 million with the design concept of “Less Me, More We” to substantially transform our office.

Incorporating a simple, clean and elegant German-inspired design, it also echoes Mercedes-Benz’s “The best or nothing” brand claim, which represents the highest quality interior design technology. A diversified, technology-based office environment not only allows employees to be flexible in their use of time and space, but also shows more humanized and individualized.

It also allows for a comfortable working environement to unite the workforce and the team. The remodeling of the office also demonstrates the resilience and adaptability of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan in the face of trends, and the determination of corporate evolution behind office innovation.

As we move towards “Mobility of The Future”, we continue to refine the products and services of Mercedes-Benz in Taiwan and move forward with our sustainable mobility services.