Information, in all its varying forms, is today’s most valuable business asset; yet most businesses spend little time managing and protecting it – until disaster strikes. Beyond avoiding disasters, responsible information management can improve customer service, mitigate risk, protect reputations, reduce operational costs, track finances, and simply reporting and compliance. Iron Mountain stands as the industry leader in storage and information management services, serving 230,000 customers in 50+ countries on five continents. Iron Mountain Taiwan founded in 2002, provides service to 1000+ customers and has 1M+ storage space.

Act with Integrity
We are open and honest and live our values every day.

Own Safety and Security
We protect ourselves and each other from harm, and secure our customers’ assets as if they were our own.

Build Customer Value
We constantly look for ways to better serve our customers and improve their business.

Take Ownership
We take personal responsibility for the success of our teams, our customers, and our company.

Promote Inclusion and Teamwork
We look for and value each other’s unique ideas and perspectives to get better results.

Regardless of company size, industry, and your document formats, we provide physical and digital document management solutions which include:

  • Record and Media Storage: We securely store customers’ physical records and media offsite with easy access when needed.
  • Scanning and digitizing: We scan and index customers’ business documents. Our extensive network of imaging centers, scanning and indexing services, and workflow automation solutions can help accelerate customer’s transition into a more digital workplace.
  • Secure Shredding and Secure IT Asset Disposition (SITAD): We securely destruct customers’ paper documents and IT media in a secure, convenient, and environmentally friendly way with certificate of destruction.

We support and encourage all of our employees in reaching their full potential – both as individuals and members of our team. When our people thrive, our customers benefit and our business succeeds.

We have more than 20,000 employees worldwide, each with different abilities, perspectives, backgrounds, and talents. We are working hard to become a more inclusive organization where all of our employees feel valued, respected, and supported to reach their full potential.

One of our end goals is to build and sustain an inclusive culture where all of our employees are able to bring their whole selves to work – their authentic selves – and not feel they have to hide any personal dimension.

Respecting Human Rights
We believe that all individuals have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and that unfair or unsafe labour practices have no place in our society. Being a responsible corporate citizen means living our Core Values, and Teamwork means respecting and protecting human rights — not just within our company but within our communities and throughout our supply chain. This is one of the reasons customers choose us: we do what’s right, not just what’s legal. This is also the commitment that we expect of our business partners.

Contributing to Our Communities
We actively support our employees in making a positive and meaningful impact on our communities. This means that we:

  • Encourage employees to take time off to volunteer
  • Help to plan and organize activities for community service and volunteering
  • Offer company’s resources and expertise to help communities preserve their cultural heritage

Career Development Plan
We accelerate Iron Mountain’s business transformation, growth, and performance through establishing and supporting the right organization, and having the right people, processes, and technology in place. Iron Mountain supports our employees to participate in training and development programs to enhance professional skills. Through one-on-one, two-way communication, and individual training programs, all of Iron Mountain’s talents have the opportunity to improve themselves. Iron Mountain’s internal learning network provides continuous learning opportunities for every employee. The internal learning network includes online training for professional job skills, general safety, and code of conduct training for general employee, which lets Iron Mountain Taiwan and other Iron Mountain branches learn and growth together without borders.

Internal Two-Way Communication and Company Events
  • Improve working environment – We have continuously been improving our working environment, rest areas, and workplace safety protection since 2010.
  • Team building events – We launch team building events every year. All employees have opportunities to grow and improve through participating in centripetal force activities and cross-training between departments. To Iron Mountain, communications is our life blood. All employees have opportunities to have one-on-one, two-way communication with their supervisors, managers and General Manager, which help in personal and team development.

Health and Safety of Employees
Iron Mountain is deeply committed to the health and safety of its employees. Paying attention to the health and safety of employees is our responsibility. Iron Mountain plans complete health check-ups and medical care which allow all employees to receive comprehensive health care. Our employees are given regular heath check every year and professional medical institutions provide medical consultations based on health examination results.

Safety and Workplace Risk Assessment
We work hard to ensure a safe, secure, and healthy work environment for our employees. We regularly hold bi-annual safety trainings. In order to provide our employees with a good working environment and maintain their health and well-being, we encourage employees to beware of and report any suspected risks in the workplace. Our Security Officers perform on-site observations and propose suitable solutions with our Operation Manager to mitigate the risks.

Internal Incentive Plan
Employee Referral Rewards – We believe that when employees recruitment others for employment with the company, it means they have confidence in the company. We encourage employee referrals for recruitments; it’s a win-win situation for all three parities: talents, referrer, and the company.
The Best Employee Awards – Iron Mountain provides professional and trustworthy services to corporate customers. Providing high standard and quality services is what we all strive for. Our corporate clients can recommend excellent employee candidates to our Human Resources department and we will select The Best Employee through internal evaluation meetings.