DBS Group Holdings Ltd is one of the largest financial services groups in Asia. The bank’s strong capital position, as well as “AA-” and “Aa1” credit ratings that are among the highest in the Asia-Pacific region, earned it Global Finance’s “Safest Bank in Asia” accolade for nine consecutive years, from 2009 to 2017. In 2016, DBS was also named the World’s Best Digital Bank by Euromoney.

  • DBS first established a presence in Taiwan in 1983 and is committed to growing its franchise in Taiwan over 30 years. In 2008, DBS acquired the “good bank assets” of Bowa Bank, giving it significant inroads into Taiwan.
  • The investment reinforces DBS’ Greater China strategy, and enhances the bank’s position as a leading provider of financial services in Asia.
  • DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd, a subsidiary of DBS, commenced business in January 2012.
  • DBS Bank Ltd announced that it has agreed to acquire the wealth management and retail banking business of ANZ in five markets (Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Indonesia) in October 2016. DBS Bank (Taiwan) successfully completed the acquisition of ANZ’s wealth management and retail banking business in Taiwan in December 2017.

Making Banking Joyful
Our vision in our next phase of growth is to “Make Banking Joyful” – embedding ourselves seamlessly in our customers’ lives and delivering simple, fast and contextual banking in the digital age. To achieve this, we are building five key capabilities: leveraging digital for customer acquisition, eliminating paper and creating instant fulfilment in transactions, engaging customers digitally, building ecosystem partnerships, and becoming a data-first organisation. To build these capabilities, we are focused on three execution priorities: transforming the bank to be digital to the core, embedding ourselves in the customer’s journey to be truly customercentric, and re-wiring the organisation to create a start-up mindset.

Values-led culture
Our PRIDE! values shape the way we do business and work with each other: Purpose-driven, Relationship-led, Innovative, Decisive, Everything Fun! Rooted in our DNA is a role beyond short-term profit maximisation: doing real things for real people to create social value in the long run, while ensuring that DBS is a joy to deal with.

Creating a start-up culture
At DBS, many of our people embrace a spirit of experimentation and innovation through immersion programmes, experiential learning platforms and ecosystem partnerships. We are seeing progress in changing the way we work to be more agile and nimble. Increasing pockets of the bank are adopting agile@work across business and support units. We drive the use of data and analytics, increased data resources embedded with the business and support units, and pioneered a new meeting culture to increase meeting effectiveness.

We expanded our JoySpace programme, investing in transforming spaces to build a start-up culture, foster collaboration and ideation, and enable the future way of working. The organisation is now on Office365, a cloud-based collaborative platform. During the year, we further drove its adoption and usage.

Talent Management
  • DBS MAckathons
    DBS Management Associate (MA) programme is open to graduates from all disciplines. This 24-month programme is open to Masters degree holders with less than 2 years’ work experience. We’ve designed our Management Associate Programme to cultivate the best of the best in banking.
    Candidates for our Management Associate (MA) programme participate in hackathons where they are grouped to work on real problems for 12 hours. This replaces the traditional assessment centers where they work on case studies. Designed to assess candidates’ fit with our core values, the hackathon allows us to observe the traits they display while problem solving.
    In DBS UNI.CORN internship programme, the promises university (UNI) students the opportunity to carve a disruptive path towards redefining banking – it is all about Creating Opportunities and Reinventing New (CORN). To gain a spot in this internship, students need to submit a minute-long video to pitch their ideas, skillsets and motivations as they pertain to the future of banking. Selected students will be invited to form start-up teams in an 8-hour ‘idea smash’. These ‘smashes’ pit students in a high-pressure, time-sensitive environment to see how they respond to real-world working conditions. Winning students who emerge from idea smash will be invited to DBS’s 8-week UNI.CORN internship programme.
  • DBS Academy
    DBS Taiwan invested NT$100 million on a DBS learning centre in Taiwan, to provide DBS employees a comfortable, and bright learning centre. At the same time, we facilitate staff learning via digital approach & community of practice on training initiatives and partnering the business to identify employees for reskilling and develop training curriculum with courses to help them transit to new roles in DBS or new careers. With a new way of learning in 2017 – Horizon, where employees can learn anywhere, learn with others in the communities, learn in the mode that they prefer with features that allows collaborative social learning, 24/7 mobile access anywhere and AI assisted personalised learning recommendations.
  • iGrow@DBS
    iGrow@DBS familiarises employees with our Triple E framework – experience, exposure and education – and provides self-directed help to empower them in their career planning.

Communication & Engagement
We communicate with our employees using multiple channels to ensure they are aligned with our strategic priorities. This also allows us to be up to date with their concerns.

  • “DBS Open” – quarterly group-wide townhalls hosted by CEO Piyush Gupta,
  • “Tell Piyush” – an online forum where employees can freely share their feedback and post their questions to the CEO,
  • Annual employee engagement survey: DBS Taiwan has been recognised by Aon Hewitt as the Best Employer – Best of the Best for the second year running (2016 & 2017).

DBS Cares
In DBS Cares programmes, we care our employees from Family, Health and Wellness, and Recognition & Celebration perspectives, to build up a joyful working environment.

  • Family care – We constantly and actively engage employees and their families and make a personal connection with them through iFlex@DBS, Kid@Work, Family Day.
  • Health & Wellness – under iHealth@DBS programe, we have the iHealth portal platform and iStep Challenges to ensure sustainable behavioral change towards a healthier lifestyle; drive awareness on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking action for behavioral change through iHealth portal; build employees’ physical, mental and emotional capacity, and financial well-being to live and work productively and to address their basic needs.
  • Recognition & Celebration – For employee recognition, we conduct a staff appreciation day every year, at the same time, we provide iTQ (I thank you) and WeTQ (We Thank You) platform, through the digital platform, we encourage employees to recognize colleagues’ behaviors that fulfilled our company value – PRIDE! Through iTQ & WeTQ, employees are engaged to see the positive behavior in the organization, say it through a digital way and show it on the board on platform which published to all employees, and the positive behavior can be recognized by all DBS employees.

LiveFulfilled at DBS
At DBS, employees can live fulfilled the way they define it. Together we strive to be the best, drive change and make a difference.