Baxter, a global healthcare company with 47,000 dedicated employees, has an 87-year history of saving and sustaining lives. We strive to be the best place to work across the globe by driving a high-performance organization where employees pursue rewarding careers, promote an atmosphere of trust and take pride in how we bring our mission to life.

Baxter has been operated in Taiwan for 37 years and we have focused on three areas under the All Baxter Care (ABC) career development structure to build one of the best companies to work for. ABC stands for:

  • Align. Check-in. Execute. (A.C.E) development model – Invest in people and develop talent to their fullest potential through ACE.
  • BeWell@Baxter – Foster a “BeWell” culture, hence our employees can do better by being well.
  • Culture of a friendly working environment and social responsibility culture embedded in Baxter – Provide a friendly working environment to maximize flexibility and contribute back to society, and be a responsible corporate citizen with strong volunteerism culture.

With Baxter’s mission of saving and sustaining lives and outstanding corporate culture, we attract top talent to expand access to healthcare and advance the next generation of innovations that enable patient care. Our task is to continuously motivate and develop these high-achievers. Our development framework is simple and practical: 10% training, 20% coaching/feedback and 70% working experience. Not only do we provide needs-based training opportunities, but we also focus more on the roles of managers, ensuring they are equipped with the mindset and skills to provide constant feedback, guidance and support to the employees’ development through the monthly A.C.E model (Align, Check-in and Execute).

We consider employee engagement seriously as we know that truly engaged employees can bring tremendous value to our organization and business. We have open channels to hear our employees’ candid and constructive feedback from both A.C.E and the quarterly employee survey. In one of local initiatives for example, we have launched a Grand Mission Project Team, which consists of the company’s top talents, to resolve topics and issues under the guidance of the Taiwan Leadership Team. Developing talents by multiple trainings includes providing strategic thinking, problem solving, project management, presentation skills etc, and sessions along with internal/external mentors to guide them through each step, from identifying the root cause to proposing strategies and possible solutions; so that talents at Baxter can truly experience the perspective from leaders to manage the organization.

Rewards and recognitions are integral part of our company strategy. In addition to the annual excellence awards, where we recognize individuals for performance excellence, Baxter also provides platforms such as the Baxter Recognition program and the Bravo Award that rewards exceptional contribution for special occasions.

As a global healthcare company, we take the health of our employees seriously and recognize that a healthy, productive workforce is vital to achieving our company goals. We believe that a sustainable health culture, BeWell@Baxter, shall lead to improved employee health and productivity.

The initiatives we have implemented in Taiwan seek to enhance the physical, mental and spiritual health of our employees. We have 3 sports clubs for hiking, biking and camping; we launched “biggest mover” health awareness campaign in every May to encourage all employees to incorporate regular exercise into their daily life; and we organize monthly lunch & learn programs on topics like healthy eating/cooking, stress release and continuous learning. These activities help to foster the culture of “BeWell” and strengthen the bonding and collaboration of our employees at the same time.

We provide a friendly working environment to maximize flexibility and contribute back to society and be a responsible corporate citizen with strong volunteerism culture.

Inclusion and diversity drive innovation, create trusted partnerships with customers, suppliers and community partners, and contribute to business success. Baxter Taiwan is committed to provide a friendly environment that supports employees from all backgrounds to achieve balance between work and their personal lives.

Our office is designed to spark discussion and promote sustainability. In addition, we offer diverse programs such as flexible working hours and working from home, so our employees are confident that company support is always there even in case of personal challenges.

Our benefit program also includes family-friendly elements. We provide a comprehensive medical plan that covers dependents, and employees can apply for extended sick leave as required to need to care for ill family members. Once every year, we organize a Family Day where we invite family members to our office, so they can observe and better understand what our employees do at work and how much the company appreciates their contribution.

In Taiwan, our employees are strongly encouraged to contribute their skills and expertise to benefit the local community. In 2017, about 63% of Baxter Taiwan employees completed a total of 504 hours of volunteering through 6 different charities to benefit approximately 650 disadvantaged households that house roughly 155 underserved children. As part of Baxter’s culture, accountability is one of the most important cultural values that is emphasized within the organization. Employees help to foster such culture through their daily work efforts and passion for the business. They understand that they are accountable for society’s welfare and surroundings. With this understanding, the purpose of our work – “save and sustain lives” – is truly embodied by everyone at Baxter.

Baxter builds upon the company’s rich heritage of medical breakthroughs to advance the next generation of healthcare innovations that enable patient care.