Tenneco Inc. (NYSE: TEN), headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois, is one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of Clean Air and Ride Performance products and technology solutions. Tenneco serves customers from 92 manufacturing facilities and 15 engineering and technical centers around the world, with 32,000 employees globally. Tenneco ranks No. 31 on the “2017 Top 100 global OEM Parts Suppliers” list as published by American Automotive News and achieved sales revenue of $9.3 billion in 2017.

Over 20 years’ development after entering into China in 1995, Tenneco China has become a strong performer of the automotive parts industry in the emerging auto market. With its headquarters in Shanghai, Tenneco China has set up manufacturing plants in over 20 large and medium-sized cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Chongqing. And it owns one of three Tenneco global tech centers – Tenneco China Tech Center.

Our product lines are divided into two major categories – Clean Air and Ride Performance. Brand ‘Monroe’ of Ride Performance and ‘Walker’ of Clean Air are well-known and recognized by customers. Our customers cover over 30 domestic and international OEMs, like VW, GM, Volvo, Geely, GW, FAW.

Besides auto parts, Tenneco China is working on research and development of advanced technology, mainly applicable to locomotive and marine engines, in order for Tenneco to enter into new markets as well as to provide strong technical support to new customers.


  • Committed to being the best partner to our customers
  • An industry leader in technologies and products
  • Ride Performance – Technology-driven solutions for superior ride performance for current and future mobility
  • Clean Air – Helping achieve clean, sustainable environments and healthier lives

Value-based culture and strong team of global employees

TEN10 is Tenneco’s highest global award, which will help us identify, celebrate and award those who embody the company’s Shared Values. Since 2015, Tenneco has honored 1,000 individuals and teams, across all levels and functions, globally through TEN10.

Comprehensive compensation and benefits: Tenneco offers year-end and performance bonus, meal allowance, social benefits, supplementary insurance, annual medical body checks, paid annual leave and sick leave, long service awards, scholarships, emergency funds as well as rewards in celebration of employees’ special occasions, i.e. birthdays, marriages and child births.

Employee Engagement: Tenneco attaches great importance to employee engagement and communications. Through effective communication channels, such as internal postings, announcements, VOT (Tenneco company magazine called Voice of Tenneco, Intranet, screensaver, engagement surveys and Wechat platform, with implementing corresponding action plans, a transparent and direct communication environment is built to ensure continuous improvement on employee satisfaction in an all-round way.

Recreational Activities Support: Tenneco encourages its staff to strike a balance between work and outside life. It organizes outings on holidays, dancing, yoga, Karaoke, writing and photography contest, festival gala, basketball contest, tug-of-war, and other tournaments and cultural performances. Some of these activities are open to employees’ family members, such as “TEN 10KM RUN”, “Family Day”. Team building activities are hosted regularly to promote employee health, emotional intelligence and competitive collaboration. It also builds engagement, team spirit as well as productivity.

Employee learning and development is held in high regard in Tenneco. In addition to setting up multi-channels on self-development, resources and manpower have been invested in building up and strengthening the culture of learning and development. Diversified learning and development opportunities are offered to employees with different experience, ability backgrounds and development needs, such as Trainee Program, New Hire GPS and 6-month Development Plan, Individual contributor capability enhancement, overseas working study program, Individual Development Plan, DDI, etc.
A Tenneco talent pool has been developed and nurtured to meet the increasing needs for talents. Taking into account the unique training needs, Tenneco has established and trained a strong team of internal trainers, covering skills for general, middle and grass-roots level.


  • Accountability
  • Health & Safety
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Passion and a Sense of Urgency
  • Perseverance
  • Results-Oriented
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency
  • Trust

天纳克公司 (纽约证交所代码: TEN),总部位于美国芝加哥北郊的Lake Forest,是一家集研发、生产和销售汽车空气净化和驾乘控制系统及产品于一身的全球领先汽车零部件企业。天纳克在全球拥有约32,000名员工、92家制造工厂以及15个研发中心。天纳克在2017年最新公布的全球汽车零配件公司排行榜中名列第31位,并在当年实现全球销售额93亿美元。

天纳克中国 天纳克自1995年进入中国市场,经历近二十年的发展,成为了这个新兴汽车市场汽车零部件行业中的佼佼者。天纳克中国总部位于上海, 在北京、上海、大连、重庆等20多个大中城市建立了制造工厂,并拥有天纳克全球三大研发中心之一——天纳克中国研发中心。

我们的产品线主要划分为空气净化及驾乘性能两大类,驾乘性能产品品牌“ 蒙诺”和空气净化产品品牌“华克”被广大客户所熟知及认可。我们的客户涵盖了众多的国内外知名整车制造厂商,如大众、通用、沃尔沃、吉利汽车、长城汽车、一汽解放等三十多家汽车厂商。



  • 承诺成为客户的最佳合作伙伴
  • 产品和科技的行业领先者
    驾乘系统 – 以技术引领现在和未来卓越的驾乘性能体验
    排气系统  帮助实现清洁、可持续环境,和更健康的生活


  • 以价值观为基础的企业文化和一个全球化的团队



丰富的员工活动:天纳克鼓励员工找到工作和生活的最佳平衡点。组织了各种文娱活动,例如年度旅游,舞蹈,瑜伽,卡拉OK,写作及摄影大赛,年会晚宴,篮球赛,拔河及各种竞赛和文化演出,其中一些活动更邀请了员工的家人一同参与,例如“天纳克中国区十公里健康跑”和 “家庭日”等。定期组织丰富多彩的团建活动,体现了天纳克弘扬体育精神,倡导健康生活的企业文化,促进了员工身心健康、提升了团队精神及互联合作力。

天纳克中国重视员工的学习与发展,在为员工发展设立多途径通道的同时, 在建立和强化学习发展文化方面也投入了大量的资源和时间。从管理培训生学习发展计划,到新员工GPS计划及6个月发展计划,到个体贡献者岗位能力强化和提升、海外工作学习计划、IDP计划,到各层级管理者管理能力、领导力学习和提升等,为有着不同经验能力背景、不同发展需求的员工提供了多元化的学习与发展机会,同时为企业长足发展建构了人才资源库。结合企业独特的培训需求,建立和培养了内训师队伍,涵盖技能类、通用类、中基层领导力等培训内容,通过充分利用和整合内外部资源为组织发展和员工个人发展创造了有价值的丰富多样的学习体验。