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恒隆广场 ‧ 天津

Hang Lung Properties Limited (stock code: 00101), a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng SCHK High Dividend Low Volatility Index, Hang Seng Low Volatility Index, Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index in Hong Kong, and the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index, is a leading real estate developer operating in Hong Kong and mainland China. Boasting a diversified portfolio of investment properties in Hong Kong, the Company has progressively branched out into the Mainland since the 1990s, with our distinctive footprint now fully established in Shanghai, Shenyang, Jinan, Wuxi, Tianjin, Dalian, Kunming, and Wuhan, with all 10 Mainland projects carrying the “66” brand. In May 2018, Hang Lung won an auction for a prime plot of land in Hangzhou, marking the Company’s expansion to its ninth Mainland city. As Hang Lung’s business continues to grow, the Company is set to develop into a highly admired national commercial property developer in China.

Situated in the vicinity of the Haihe Central Business District at the confluence of Heping Lu and Binjiang Lu, jointly known as the “Golden Street” where commerce converges, Riverside 66 stands as a sleek but comfortable modern oasis. The mall is clad in sinuous lines with ample sunlight under a gigantic glass ceiling that underlines its excellence and design codes. With the century-old Zhejiang Xingye Bank integrated in its development blueprint, Riverside 66 embodies the harmonious interplay between European architecture and modern retail space.

We uphold Hang Lung’s company ethos of “We Do It Right”. This extends well beyond our core businesses to cover our people-centric attitude towards our customers and staff. Riverside 66 attaches great importance to the physical and mental wellbeing, training and development of our staff to ensure the continuous growth of each member of our Company’s most valuable asset.

We encourage open, transparent and constructive communications on an equal footing through multiple platforms. We organize lunch gatherings where employees of different departments share their insights and ideas with the Management in person. Post-probation talks for new staff members are also held to delve into their individual perceptions of their jobs. Meanwhile, “Riverside buddies”, a WeChat account through which messages are conveyed in a fun and interactive way has been set up for instant exchanges with our staff. To date, the account has garnered over 550 followers.

With a view to promoting work-life balance, we organize regular activities that boost the physical and mental wellbeing of our staff, including health talks, yoga classes, the “YEAH ILLUMI RUN” and family days which offer ample chances for staff members to unwind after work.

We also strive to give back to society through charitable and community activities. This year, the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team partnered with the Tianjin Federation of Disabled People in organizing a visit to Riverside 66,

where the disabled experienced the barrier-free environment and facilities on offer. With our volunteers as tour guides, disabled participants had a tangible experience of the caring culture of Riverside 66 through facilities such as barrier-free escalators, washrooms and parking lots inside the mall — a testament to our commitment to addressing the needs of all customers.

We have in place a comprehensive training system through which our employees can grow, professionally and personally, together with the Company in the pursuit of their dreams. Training programs, namely Smart 66, Talent 66 and Shining Moment, are designed in accordance with the needs of our staff:

SMART 66: Designed for junior staff, the program covers studies on legislation and real life cases, engineering know-how, customer service skills, and an overview of the daily operations of the mall and departmental functions. Through Smart 66, employees can acquire the necessary skills for their jobs, and at the same time gain a thorough understanding of the Company’s operations.

TALENT 66: This six-month training program covers 10 courses on different themes for staff at intermediate level. The program starts with “Lego Serious Play” which affords employees a better understanding of their temperament and competence, unleashes their potential and prepares them for the next task, the “DISC behavioral assessment”. This offers participants an in-depth analysis of their work styles and communication skills that facilitate effective teamwork for common goals. The program then proceeds with a focus on management skills in various fields, with a view to enhancing the ability of staff at intermediate level to manage their time, emotion, pressure and teammates.

SHINING MOMENT: In this program, senior staff implement a virtual proposal in their own departments, from planning, project management to conclusion and presentation of results using knowledge acquired in the “practical training on project management” course. Shining Moment combines theories with practical experience to deliver excellent training results.

At Riverside 66, comprehensive training programs are in place to cater to the different needs of staff in various roles and ranks, equipping them to grow and shine together with the Company.

“We Do It Right” is more than a slogan — It is our unfaltering commitment to all members of our staff.


恒隆广场 • 天津

在秉承恒隆的营运宗旨〝只选好的 只做对的〞,这不仅是我们的核心价值, 也体现在我们『以客为本』的理念及关怀员工的态度。恒隆广场重视员工身心健康发展、培训及发展,使各员工成为企业最有价值的资产。



我们积极回馈社会、参与社会公益活动。今年,恒隆一心义工队联同天津市肢残人协会举办〝参观体验恒隆广场 • 天津无障碍环境建设活动〞,全程为多位肢残人士提供〝1对1〞服务,陪同他们体验恒隆广场的无障碍电梯、卫生间、停车位等设施,让肢残人士时刻体会恒隆广场给予他们的关爱,以及对有不同需要的顾客的重视。

恒隆广场制定了完善的培训体系,让员工与公司一同实现抱负、发展事业和促进个人成长。针对员工的不同需要,我们分别设计了Smart 66、Talent 66及Shining Moment的不同培训计划:

Smart 66:特别为基层员工而设,内容涵盖法例研读及案例分享、各类工程系统的专业知识、客户服务、商场日常营运概览以及各部门的不同功能, 透过Smart 66,员工不止获得工作岗位上必须具备的技能,更能全面了解公司的营运状况。

Talent 66:在这个为期半年的培训内,中层员工需参加10个主题课程,从〝乐高认真玩〞开始,通过搭建乐高,认识自我并进行自我觉察,激发自我潜力;继而深入到〝DISC行为风格〞,进一步解构自己日常的工作风格,掌握灵活沟通的技巧,加强与团队成员有效协作,共同构建团队愿景;之后配以不同范畴的管理技能培训,全面提升中层员工在时间、情绪、压力与团队管理等能力。

Shining Moment:高层员工运用〝项目管理实战培训〞中所学的知识, 在自身部门内启动一个提案企划;演练启动、控制、收尾及成果呈现的全过程,Shining Moment除了着重理论,更兼具实践经验,培训效果显著。


“只选好的 只做对的”不单是一个口号,更是我们对员工的承诺、坚持。