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恒隆广场 ‧ 济南

Hang Lung Properties Limited (stock code: 00101), a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng SCHK High Dividend Low Volatility Index, Hang Seng Low Volatility Index, Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index in Hong Kong, and the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index, is a leading real estate developer operating in Hong Kong and mainland China. Boasting a diversified portfolio of investment properties in Hong Kong, the Company has progressively branched out into the Mainland since the 1990s, with our distinctive footprint now fully established in Shanghai, Shenyang, Jinan, Wuxi, Tianjin, Dalian, Kunming, and Wuhan, with all 10 Mainland projects carrying the “66” brand. In May 2018, Hang Lung won an auction for a prime plot of land in Hangzhou, marking the Company’s expansion to its ninth Mainland city. As Hang Lung’s business continues to grow, the Company is set to develop into a highly admired national commercial property developer in China.

Located on Quancheng Lu, the Golden Avenue at the heart of Jinan, with numerous world-renowned destinations on its doorstep, Parc 66 has been the game-changer of the retail landscape and leisure experience in Jinan since its inception in 2011. With a business area spanning over 170,000 square meters and envisaged as two triangular retail structures linked by a sinuous bridge, the project channels pedestrian traffic in from neighboring nodes. The exquisite design has won multiple international design and architectural accolades, confirming its status as the epicenter of fashion and social catalyst in Jinan.

We uphold Hang Lung’s company ethos of “We Do It Right”. This extends well beyond our core businesses to cover our people-centric attitude towards our customers and staff. Parc 66 attaches great importance to the physical and mental wellbeing, training and development of our staff to ensure the continuous growth of each member of our Company’s most valuable asset.

We spare no efforts in building a platform for exchanges of ideas and expanding the channels of communications for employees to express their needs. We make reference to these views in our constant endeavor for improvement. The Management shares its strategic thinking, financial results, as well as business prospects at staff briefings held twice a year, keeping our employees fully abreast of the overall operation of the Company. Meanwhile, breakfast meetings, birthday parties, long-serving staff gatherings, annual dinners and other activities are held for employees to exchange ideas and views.

We conduct programs to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees. Regular activities including body checks, health talks, and basketball and soccer matches, all designed to facilitate a proper work-life balance. To further demonstrate the Company’s care for our employees, management gives out memorable gifts and cooling packs in summer. In addition, we offer maternity allowances, birthday rewards, medical insurance, annual trips, as well as breast-feeding rooms and facilities for lactating employees, among other welfare measures, thereby consolidating the caring culture of the Company.

To proactively give back to society and participate in charitable and community activities, the Parc 66 Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team focuses on promoting youth development, environmental protection and elderly services. By caring for the environment and the less-privileged in society, we strive to make a difference. In 2017 our total volunteering hours reached 1,000, split among visits to communities and institutions such as elderly centers, children’s rehabilitation centers and the Jinan Special Education Center. We also organize voluntary activities for disabled people to experience the barrier-free facilities installed in our shopping mall. Such activities confirm our commitment to contributing to society through comprehensive project planning that addresses the needs of both the able-bodied and disabled in the spirit of social inclusion.

We have put in place a comprehensive training system with programs designed in accordance with the needs of our staff. Diverse courses covering professional development, leadership skills, customer services, emotion management, language and training for new recruits are organized for an all-round learning experience and skills advancement. Programs are conducted through multiple channels, including training talks, outreach activities, multi-media courses and WeChat, engaging employees in a fun and interactive way. Staff undergo two performance evaluations annually, at which all members are encouraged to aim high to achieve excellence and perform their utmost in the workplace.

“We Do It Right” is more than a slogan — It is our unfaltering commitment to all members of our staff.


恒隆广场 • 济南

在秉承恒隆的营运宗旨〝只选好的 只做对的〞,这不仅是我们的核心价值, 也体现在我们『以客为本』的理念及关怀员工的态度。恒隆广场重视员工身心健康发展、培训及发展,使各员工成为企业最有价值的资产。


我们开展雇员身心健康计划,促进员工身心健康。我们定期为员工提供体检、健康讲座、篮球及足球赛等活动,平衡工作和生活;为了表达我们对员工的关怀,管理层更于炎夏亲自向员工送上感谢礼包或派发清凉包;另外, 我们设立了多项福利措施,如生育津贴、生日礼金、医疗保险、年度旅游等, 并为还在哺乳期内的员工设置专门的哺乳室及设备,充分体现了公司对员工的关爱。

恒隆广场积极回馈社会、参与社会公益活动,成立以关注青少年发展及教育、环保和长者服务为主的恒隆一心义工队。我们用实际行动践行对环境保护的重视和对社会弱势群体的关爱,2017年举行义工活动总时数达1,000 小时,到访和慰问了社区、老年活动中心、儿童康复中心、济南市特殊教育中心等机构的长者和儿童。同时,我们更举办〝障健同行〞义工活动, 让障碍人士可亲身了解并体验到商场无障碍设施,表彰项目的设施能同时照顾社会上有不同需要的人士之余,亦增进公众对障碍人士的关爱,为社会公益献出一份力量。


“只选好的 只做对的”不单是一个口号,更是我们对员工的承诺、坚持。