Lee Kum Kee (Xin Hui) Food Company Ltd. was established in 1995 and began operations in April 1996. The factory area covers more than 130 hectares, and is the biggest, most advanced facility worldwide under the Lee Kum Kee Group. Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui employs 2700 people, producing soy sauce, oyster sauce, shrimp paste, sesame oil, chili sauce, condiment packets etc. As production of various sauces exceeds 500,000 tons annually, it can be said that we are the leader of China’s sauce-making industry.

As part of a company with more than a century of history, Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui embraces the company culture of “Honesty, Empathy, Continuous Entrepreneurial Spirit”, as well as the “Three Elements in Balance – Health, Family, and Career”. Internally, this builds motivation among employees, and we build a reputation as a good employer in terms of salary and welfare, career development and sense of belonging. Externally, we present a good brand image, with our quality control philosophy of “Exceeding the Standard” and “100-1=0”. At the same time, we take the initiative to fulfill various corporate social responsibilities.

In order to ensure the competitiveness of our compensation and benefits system, Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui participates in the salary research project organized by International renowned HR consulting company. This is to understand new changes and new trends in the market, so as to provide a competitive compensation package to our employees based on the research findings.

At the same time, the company is has a benefits system designed to ensure the welfare of our employees, and be rewarding at the same time. With this, our employees not only feel happy working at Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui, they also have passion and motivation to improve. We offer annual salary revisions, bonuses, as well as promotions to those who deserve it. We also offer insurance and company profit distribution to our employees. In terms of company allowances, we offer housing allowance, domestic and overseas living allowances, claimable job allowances etc.

Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui offers our employees many career development opportunities. Everyone has an equal platform and opportunity for advancement. There are two routes for career advancement: via skills advancement or via management advancement. We provide active staff training for this to happen. A series of training projects, such as general class courses, supervisor class series courses, management leadership series courses, MT9+3 management trainee programs and so on are used to support employees’ on-the-job skills training. Every year, we hold advanced academic study, cross functional group learning, enterprise culture tour, sales and marketing experiences and other special activities.

Under the corporate concept of “Si Li Ji Ren”, Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui attaches great importance to communication and feedback from employees and advocates active participation in the management of people. Every year, staff of each functional group review and analyze the internal management of the group. Management listens carefully and actively adopts suggestions from employees. We also hold an annual ‘town hall’ style meeting, where the employees are presented with the company’s annual review and financial results, in order for employees to know company’s policies better. During the town hall, we also have an employee Q&A session, in order to communicate and air out concerns openly with the staff.

At the same time, we attach great importance to the role of “humanistic care”. Through this, we hope to be able to attract, move and keep people with care. By holding quarterly employee birthday celebrations and annual Family Day activities, our employees have the feeling of belonging to a family. This enhances the cohesiveness of our enterprise, and thus greatly enhances our employees’ sense of belonging to the company.

Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility. At every stage of production, we emphasise our responsibility to people, consumers, the environment, and the wider society. After the zero-defect factory review by the US FDA in 2011, in 2017 Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui was reviewed once again by FDA officials with the excellent performance of zero defects. At the same time, in order to comply with national environmental regulations and reduce air pollution, the company in 2017 completed several projects including installation of cloth filters, modification of our natural gas boilers, and initiated Phase 2 of geothermal heating system. We also turned our sewage system into a wetland park project, enabling us to dispose of 10,000 tons of daily sewage cleanly and efficiently.

Adhering to our culture of “benefiting the society”, Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui is eager to support the cause of charity and public welfare and environmental protection in our hometown of Jiangmen. We have organized volunteer teams of employees to special schools, welfare homes, precarious households, and old-folks homes for many years. As a result, we won the “Jiangmen Rhododendron Charity Donation Award” for several years consecutively.

From 2017 to 2018, 14 Green Volunteer walking events were held to promote environmental awareness and protect nature. In addition, Lee Kum Kee has sponsored a number of primary and secondary school competitions, and supported the development of the “Xinhui junior middle school English teacher training camp” to improve its quality of education and contribute to the next generation of education in Jiangmen.

Our talent resources are the driving force of enterprise development. Entering its 130th anniversary, Lee Kum Kee will continue to carry forward our excellent enterprise culture, take into account the continuous development of the company and establish a win-win partnership with the staff. Together we will break through the 130-year milestone and create our journey.


作为一家拥有百年历史的集团企业,李锦记新会公司一直秉承“务实诚信、思利及人、永远创业精神”和“三平衡 – 健康、家庭和事业相互平衡”的企业文化理念,对内塑造优秀的雇主口碑,注重为员工提供优质与特色的服务,从薪酬福利、职业发展和企业归属感三方面建立良好的雇主形象;对外打造优质的品牌美誉度,以“超越标准”和“100-1=0”的质量理念把控产品品质,同时主动履行各种社会责任。

一、 完善且独具特色的薪酬福利保障体系


二、 定制全面的职业发展路线

三、 企业归属感的营造


四、 造福社会,共享成果
李锦记新会公司非常重视企业的社会责任,强调在生产过程中对人的关注, 强调对消费者、环境及社会的责任及贡献。继2011年美国FDA驻厂审核首家零缺陷通过后,2017年李锦记新会公司再次以零缺陷的优秀表现通过审核,并获得美国FDA官员的赞许。同时,为配合国家环保治理,减少烟尘对大气的污染,公司在2017年完成了“锅炉布袋除尘”、“天然气锅炉改造” 和“地源热泵系统二期” 等项目,并在现有日均10000吨污水处理能力的基础上增设“污水湿地公园”项目,进一步降低污水的排放。