As one of the global leading industrial services suppliers, Leadec Industrial Services’ footmark has spread all over 200 locations on 4 continents in the past 50+ years. In 2017, it was represented with a workforce of around 20,000 worldwide.

Founded in 1998, our 1600+ employees serve automotive manufacturers and suppliers at 50+ different locations in 20+ cities around China. Leadec Industrial Services provides customized and fully integrated industrial solutions, including production equipment maintenance, technical facility management & operations, technical cleaning, manufacturing support, electrical & mechanical installation, dis- &reassembly, relocation and automation solutions, etc. Over many decades we have systematically acquired expertise in meeting the special requirements of the automotive industry and its suppliers. We put this expertise to work to further your progress, wherever your production facilities happen to be located. We work with our customers to develop innovative service packages to secure and enhance their competitiveness.

Our vision is to be the leading industrial services provider for the factory of today and tomorrow.

Our DNA consists of commitment, leading edge and reliability.

Our differentiators are customer intimacy, a global network, operational excellence and safety.

In our daily work, we are guided by our values of collaboration, excellence and integrity.

Due to our rapid business expansion in China since we entered into China market in 1998, our demand for talent has risen sharply. We are trying our best to source and attract external talent; at mean time we attach great importance to employees’ training and development field. We provide various training and development plans for employees with different levels of positions. For instance, for technical talents, we provide technical career path which sets clear and reachable guidance for them. We provide leadership courses and career planning guidance to management personnel. “Leadec Competency Development Program” and “Mentor Program” have been implemented and constantly updated for several years by which we gained a lot of internal elite. 1/2 of our frontline managers are promoted from internal employees.

Besides continuously training and developing talent, our company is also taking care of employees’ work and life balance. Since 2013, Our company has equipped our Shanghai headquarter office with yoga classroom, library, nursey room. Besides the regular benefit granted to the employees on festivals and holidays along with gifts in hot summer and cold winter, our company holds more than 200 times of annual staff activities, including yoga class, basketball game, badminton game, table tennis game, football game, birthday party, annual meeting, outward bound activities, Christmas party, flower art lecture, food festival, health lectures etc. By providing the various kind of activities, we offer relaxation and rest moment for employees after their busy work. Not only did we improve our workplace atmosphere, but also, we reinforce our teamwork spirit and enhance our internal cooperation and collaboration efficiency.

With the rapid business growth and development in China market, our company always remembers to take gratitude and giving back to the society. Sticking to the concept of “one for all and all for one”, our company has opened an industrial joint- training center with East China University of Science and Technology since 2010. Our company donated 6 sets of experimental equipment and more than 30 auxiliary equipment to the school laboratory and provided scholarships annually, which created good conditions for students to practice and study.

In the future, our company will continue to implement our employer brand strategy. Adhere to our principle of caring about employee, heading to our vision” to be the leading industrial services provider for the factory of today and tomorrow”, our company will continuously establish win-win cooperation with employees to flourish our business and move forward side by side.


利戴工业技术服务(上海)有限公司成立于1998年,拥有近1600 余名员工,在全国20多个城市,50多个服务基地为汽车行业以及制造业合作伙伴提供一体化工业技术服务。服务范围涵盖生产设备维修维护,技术设施管理及运营,技术清洁与预防性维护,生产制造支持,电气与机械安装,拆卸/ 安装及搬迁,自动化整体解决方案等各个方面。几十年来,我们为制造行业提供技术服务,从中系统地积累了各项专业知识。我们与您一起开发创新的现场服务来确保并加强您的核心竞争力,助您长期领先。





利戴工业技术服务(上海)有限公司进入中国市场20年以来,业务发展迅速,对人才的需求也很大,因此,我们在吸引外部人才的同时也非常注重人才的内部培养。公司的培训和发展项目覆盖到各职级员工。公司给予技术人员清晰的职业发展通路, 也为管理人员提供领导力相关培训以及职业规划。“利戴能力发展项目“和“导师项目”等运作多年且不断更新,已经为公司培养出大批优秀员工。公司的一线管理者中有一半都是内部培养起来的。

利戴工业技术关注人才的培养的同时也非常关注员工工作与生活的平衡。自2013年起,公司总部在办公区域增设瑜伽教室,图书馆,母婴室等。在福利方面,每年除了节假日的慰问、高温天气送清凉、寒冷天气送温暖之外, 公司年均举办各类员工活动约200余次,其中包括瑜伽,篮球、羽毛球、乒乓球,足球,生日聚会,年会,户外拓展,圣诞晚会,插花,美食节,健康讲座等丰富的活动。这些丰富多彩的文体活动让员工在繁忙的工作之余可以舒缓压力,同时也增进了员工之间的了解与互动,促进合作文化,为员工创造了良好的工作环境和氛围。


未来,利戴工业技术将继续传承雇主品牌战略,加强雇主品牌建设。继续本着以人为本的原则,朝着“成为领先的工业服务提供商,服务于当前和未来的工厂”的愿景, 与员工建立双赢合作的关系,共同成长、并肩前行。