The KPMG network was formed in 1987 when Peat Marwick International and Klynveld Main Goerdeler merged along with their respective member firms. KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing audit, tax and advisory services. In 1992, KPMG became the first international accounting network to be granted a joint venture licence in mainland China. Until now, KPMG China operates in 19 cities across China, with around 12,000 partners and staff.


Whatever your role in KPMG, we make a positive impact on society through the work we do. By staying focused on what really matters and acting as stewards for the next generation, we inspire confidence and empower change. We operate with this purpose in mind in order to become ‘THE CLEAR CHOICE’, for the people, our clients and the public – this is our vision.

‘Our people are extraordinary’, we have a people strategy in place to make this happen, involving targets to further enhance strategic recruitment, people development and ongoing engagement.


For strategic recruitment and people development, we have:

  • Tailored development plans by grade/level
  • HR software to track the development programme
  • Balance scorecard performance evaluation system
  • Tailor made training for different services
  • Global and national mobility programmes
  • Well-structured and transparent career matrix
  • Enabled staff to focus on bringing value to clients by offshoring nonclient facing work to a shared services centre

At KPMG, we understand that the skills, knowledge and capabilities of our people are central to our success. That’s why we’re fully committed to developing a continuous learning culture. Each of our staff received 92.1 hours of training in 2017. We also have a well-structured programme tailored for different service lines to equip them with both the soft and
technical skill sets necessary for their different milestones. We provide global and national mobility programmes to allow our staff to experience different international working cultures and engagements.

Internal transfers between functions also offer our people the chance to work in different business lines in order to broaden their horizons and switch their expertise.

  • Annual Global People Survey to review and measure people’s experience at our firm and take action to improve
  • Project Connect – an interactive, efficient and transparent way of communication, with a comprehensive Internal Communications Policy to nail down channels which staff can use to receive information
  • People Network (people partners, people business advisors and people champions)
  • More than 50+ interest groups – organised nearly 1,000 activities
  • Recognition programmes – Encore, Bravo, Standing Ovation, Best Employee of the Year, etc.
  • Improved office environments such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong

We embrace an open communication culture and have a series of internal communication channels. Apart from the traditional options like sending emails and connecting via phone calls, we have our ‘Hub’ – an internal interactive platform, an ‘Ask Chairmen’ forum and ‘Ask Chairmen Live’ where colleagues have the chance to direct any questions to the Chairmen face to face. Other ways we reach out to our people include our weekly wrap up – a weekly firm-wide newsletter, the China portal, Pulse TV, People Network and Global People Survey. All of these tools are there to ensure that our people are able to communicate with seniors frequently in terms of their ideas and general feedback. All the input is regularly reviewed by the management to ensure that constructive ideas are implemented and that people have their say.

Every year, we conduct our Global People Survey, which measures our people’s perception regarding how well our leaders engage, enable and energise people to demonstrate the desirable behaviours and live up to our purpose and vision. It provides the leadership with essential information on the drivers of our business performance and employee engagement levels. High performers are recognised and rewarded for their achievements that are directly linked to our values and purpose with awards like the ‘Bravo award’, ‘Standing Ovation’ and ‘Employee of the Year’.

Apart from work, we believe that finding time to relax is also fundamental to a happy and healthy life. We organise a wide range of activities through our myLife programme to help our people to find a balance between their professional and personal lives. We have 50+ interest groups, apart from sports and cultural groups we also have a parents group for working parents. The company also organise bigger events like ‘Family Fun Days’, where we have a 1-day theme park tour or different family-friendly activities for staff and their families. We also have a ‘Flexible Wellness’ programme for staff whereby they have a fixed lump sum of money which they can use to pay for any health or wellness activities, like gym membership, etc.


To become the clear choice of the public, we invest in the communities where we live and work. We have a firm-wide CSR strategy and team. Our staff can make meaningful contributions to the community via different activities, e.g. we have built four KPMG Hope Schools for students affected after the earthquakes in Sichuan.

We also recognise the importance of difference, respect and equality as part of our ongoing commitment to inclusion and diversity, we actively participate in programmes which foster inclusion and diversity like International Women’s Day and Global Dignity Day, etc.

“We go to great lengths to hire the best talent in the world – this in turn helps us to continually attract the best people to our firm. We provide a well-structured professional platform for extraordinary, driven, high performing individuals who share our passion for excellence and success. We are dedicated to be the Clear Choice.”
— Peter Yu, HR Director.

毕马威网络是1987年由Peat Marwick International (PMI) 和Klynveld Main Goerdeler (KMG) 的成员机构合并而成。毕马威是一个由成员所组成的全球网络,提供审计、税务和咨询等专业服务。1992年,毕马威成为中国内地首家获准以合资开业的国际会计师事务所。迄今,毕马威已在中国境内19个城市开设办事处,合伙人及员工约12,000名。


不论职位高低,所有毕马威人都在通过本职工作向社会传递积极、正面的影响。毕马威专注最重要的事,注重为后辈引航铺路,在激发信心的同时,鼓励和成就创新。秉持这一宗旨,努力成为员工、客户和公众的“明确选择”, 这是毕马威的期许和愿景。




  • 按照等级和层级定制培训计划
  • 开发人力资源管理软件,时刻观察培训项目进程
  • 均衡的绩效评估体系
  • 按服务条线定制培训计划
  • 全球和国内工作流动计划
  • 完善、透明、清晰的职业发展环境
  • 将后台工作交给共享服务中心,使专业员工集中精力为客户服务

毕马威坚信,员工的技能、知识和综合能力是企业取得成功的关键。为此, 我们注重培养终身学习的文化氛围。每名员工去年接受培训的时间为86小时,而行业标准为32小时。此外,我们为不同服务线、不同职业阶段的员工量身打造了完善的培训计划,让他们都能学到适合自己的软硬技能。此外, 我们推出全球和国内流动计划,让员工体验跨国环境,参与境外项目。内部岗位调动为员工提供在不同业务线工作和切换专长的机会。

  • 年度全球员工意见调查 — 评估员工的工作经验、聆听他们的意见,并采取改进行动。
  • 互联项目 — 一种互动、高效、透明的沟通方式,采用全面的内部沟通频道,确保员工可以接收清晰的信息。
  • 人脉(最佳合伙人、最佳业务顾问和最佳人缘)
  • 50多个兴趣小组 — 已组织近1,000次活动
  • 表现嘉许 — Encore、Bravo、Standing Ovation、“年度最佳员工” 等奖项
  • 改善办公环境 — 全面提升了广州、上海、北京和香港的办公环境

我们奉行开放的沟通文化并建立了一系列内部沟通渠道。除了电邮、电话等传统方式外,还采取以下措施:1)开发内部互动平台 — Hub平台;2)启动“ 问主席提问论坛”,开展“现场问主席”活动 — 员工可以面对面地向主席提出任何问题;3)推出每周总结 — 每周一次的内部通讯;此外,我们还推出内联网、Pulse TV、员工网络、全球员工意见调查等沟通平台。这些措

每年我们都会开展全球员工意见调查,一方面是采纳员工对管理层的看法和反馈,另一方面是评估员工的积极性。通过调查,管理层了解到推动绩效和敬业度的驱动要素。对于杰出员工,我们有Bravo、Standing Ovation 和“年度最佳员工”等不同奖项,表扬他们为企业愿景和价值观做出的突出贡献。

工作之余,我们享受生活。为此,我们通过myLi fe计划组织了各种活动,帮助员工在工作和生活之间寻找平衡点。目前,我们组织了50多个兴趣小组, 除了体育、文化小组外,还有在职父母小组。大型活动如“家庭同乐日”,我们有一天的主题公园之旅,或者为员工和他们的家人提供不同的家庭友好活动。另外,我们还推出“弹性健身计划”:为员工提供一笔固定资金,用于