JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (NYSE: JKS) is a world-famous solar energy company. It was established in 2006 and priced on the New York Stock Exchange in 2010. JinkoSolar has over 12,000 employees across its 6 productions facilities globally, and more than 30 oversea subsidiaries and global sales offices.

With vertically integrated capacity, high-quality and innovative modules as well as super eminent marketing services, JinkoSolar distributes its solar energy products, solutions and technical services to a diversified international utility, commercial and residential customers in 90 countries in six continents.

Since its establishment, JinkoSolar has been growing faster than other companies in the solar energy industry. In 2016, JinkoSolar became the world’s biggest solar module manufacturer because of the 6.6GW module shipment. JinkoSolar ranked 16th among FORTUNE magazine’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies. In 2017, JinkoSolar consolidate its leading positon in the world by virtue of the 9.8GW shipment.


JinkoSolar’s vision: Change the way we generate and use electricity, optimize energy portfolio, take responsibility to enable a sustainable future by delivering the cleanest, most efficient and economic solar energy solutions.
JinkoSolar’s mission: Provide one-stop solution of clean energy and become the industry leader.

With the increasingly deterioration of the environment, the green energy trend has spread over the world and solar energy has become a key factor. As a forerunner of the industry, JinkoSolar has a profound understanding of the significance of changing energy resource structure and taking responsibility for the future. Therefore, JinkoSolar is always focused on promoting widespread use of solar energy throughout the world, to create a sustainable green Earth.

The values and business model of JinkoSolar that incorporate the company’s social, environment and economic elements in a transparent and responsible way has got the recognition and appreciation of the United Nations!


JinkoSolar is a Chinese transnational corporation with strengths and potential. JinkoSolar’s company culture strengthens employees’ satisfaction and identities with the company through its “people-oriented” philosophy and “Equality, Commitment, Accountability and Driving Excellence” company culture.

JinkoSolar keeps adhering to a “people-oriented” philosophy. From the day an employee joins the company, the Human Resources Department organizes a welcome meeting to help new employees and to give him/her a comprehensive understanding of the company’s history, culture, products, etc. At the same time, professionals are ready to explain company’s office systems, learning platform, etc., giving employees an excellent entry experience.

The Staff Club organizes various activities for employees. Special gifts are given during festivals. We also hold team building activities for every department, send birthday cake coupons and greeting cards when it’s employee’s birthday and provide free annual check-ups for employees.

Equality is JinkoSolar’ commitment and respect for all employees. The Human Resources Department regularly conducts scientific and standardized performance evaluations and opportunities for promotions are fairly provided to every employee. With this kind of company culture, employees know that through their great performance that create greater value for the company, they themselves will be rewarded. With all these initiatives, JinkoSolar is creating a balanced, healthy and transparent employment relationship.

Commitment. JinkoSolar does everything to lead employees to be completely responsible for their jobs. While giving employees responsibility, the company also gives employees enough trust and space to create so that employees dare to be responsible for their actions and do their best. Leaders also make commitments and go all out with their subordinates.

Accountability. Looking back at the history of JinkoSolar, the company grew gradually to finally became a leader of the solar energy industry. With this pragmatic company culture which includes Modesty, Honesty and Focus, employees get their professional skills upgraded, providing them a solid foundation for their career growth.

Driving excellence. We do not get complacent for what we have achieved so far and keep on improving to pursue the highest quality. JinkoSolar has a complete Talent Management System that sets the target for talents and help them achieve their potential.

JinkoSolar sets the standard for our talents and periodically reviews their achievements. JinkoSolar keeps nurturing elites with a global perspective through various talent development projects, such as the Global Commercial Trainee Program, Global Commercial Growth Program, Key Talent Development Program and Leadership Acceleration Program.

The value of JinkoSolar as an employer brand is reflected not only in the quality of our services and outstanding performances, but also the value of its employees. JinkoSolar strives to drive business development by boosting our talents to add value to the company. We know that it’s our basic responsibility and we will always keep in mind that we should give back to society. We will increase our efforts to maximize the use of energy and move forward!


晶科能源控股有限公司(纽交所代码:JKS) (以下简称:晶科能源),成立于2006年,于2010年在美国纽约交易所上市,目前在全球拥有超过12,000名员工、6个全球化生产基地及30余个海外子公司与销售办公室销售,是世界知名的太阳能光伏企业。


自成立以来,晶科一直保持高于同行业的成长速度, 2016年依靠6.6GW 的组件出货量,晶科能源一举成为全球最大的组件制造商,凭借出色的业绩增长,稳健的财务状况等多项优势,荣登了《财富》全球100家成长最快排行榜第16名,2017年晶科能源以9.8GW的出货量,巩固了全球第一的领先地位。











超越,不自满、不懈怠、不中庸,持续不断地自我精进,追求卓越。晶科具备完善的人才管理体系,打通从业务战略到人才战略的通道,使得人才引进和人才培养能够目标明确、有的放矢。通过定期的组织与人才盘点,建立人才标准,提升组织能力。凭借新能源行业的高速发展和中国企业在世界范围内的业务布局,晶科通过各类专项的人才发展项目,如“全球商业培训生”、“ 全球商业精英”、“关键人才发展项目”、“领导力加速项目”等,持续且有针对性地培养具备全球化视野的行业顶尖人才。