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恒隆广场 ‧ 无锡


Hang Lung Properties Limited (stock code: 00101), a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng SCHK High Dividend Low Volatility Index, Hang Seng Low Volatility Index, Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index in Hong Kong, and the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index, is a leading real estate developer operating in Hong Kong and mainland China. Boasting a diversified portfolio of investment properties in Hong Kong, the Company has progressively branched out into the Mainland since the 1990s, with our distinctive footprint now fully established in Shanghai, Shenyang, Jinan, Wuxi, Tianjin, Dalian, Kunming, and Wuhan, with all 10 Mainland projects carrying the “66” brand. In May 2018, Hang Lung won an auction for a prime plot of land in Hangzhou, marking the Company’s expansion to its ninth Mainland city. As Hang Lung’s business continues to grow, the Company is set to develop into a highly admired national commercial property developer in China.


Located at the junction of Zhongshan Lu and Renmin Zhong Lu in Liangxi District, the most prosperous business district in Wuxi, Center 66 has since it opened in 2013 played a prominent role in the city’s commercial property market with its high-end positioning, comfortable shopping environment and quality service. Following in the wake of the shopping mall and office tower 1 which are now in operation, office tower 2, completed with a renowned cinema brand, is coming on stream while Phase 2 of the project is under active planning. Center 66 is set to inject a variety of innovative elements into the commercial development of Wuxi, contributing to a more diverse experience in the heart of the city.

Center 66 champions a new philosophy in its corporate management, construction and cultivation of talent, as well as in its pursuit of sustainable development of the community and environment. Hence it is destined to exert a positive influence on the development of Wuxi and neighboring cities. Our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards on all fronts makes us one of the best employers not just in Wuxi but in China as a whole.


We uphold Hang Lung’s company ethos of “We Do It Right”. This extends well beyond our core businesses to cover our people-centric attitude towards our customers and staff. Center 66 attaches great importance to the physical and mental wellbeing, training and development of our staff to ensure the continuous growth of each member of our Company’s most valuable asset.


We believe that our caring spirit is the best manifestation of our brand as an authentic favored employer. The needs of our employees, their career development and happiness are of utmost importance to us, as evidenced by our care for their holistic wellbeing. We offer maternity allowances, birthday rewards, medical insurance and breast-feeding rooms for nursing mothers among our welfare measures. The “Wellness Day” is held every year to review the physical and mental health of the staff, which is vital to both their professional and personal development.


We organize breakfast meetings and birthday parties every month to provide platforms for an exchange of ideas and a sharing of views. Management presents memorable gifts and also cooling packs to frontline staff in summer as a way of extending our sincere care to employees in all departments and ranks. We collect staff opinions, which we value highly, via a variety of channels, and we offer timely feedback and make appropriate operational improvements and adjustments. For example, we invite our staff to engage in the selection of caterers and food-tasting sessions. Employees are also encouraged to participate in the staff canteen satisfaction survey in order to demonstrate our respect and care for them.


As part of our effort to promote a proper work-life balance, we organize leisure activities on a regular basis, including archery, painting, sports events and talent shows. These enable staff to unwind after work and cultivate friendships with colleagues, thereby creating a harmonious work environment conducive to efficiency at work.

We also strive to give back to the community for the betterment of our society and environment. Each year, the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team organizes myriad activities, such as the Mid-Autumn visit to the elderly and tree-planting activities. We also invite family members of our staff to join these activities so they can contribute to the community together. This enhances our employees’ sense of achievement and belonging as they thrive at Center 66 not only as a high-flyers at work but also as a force for good in the community.


We have in place a comprehensive training system with diverse courses. This system has made considerable progress with the number of participants and training hours increasing year after year. The training programs undergo annual reviews in accordance with the changing needs to ensure participants are equipped with different skills to facilitate their continuous growth. In order to assist employees in setting goals, developing their potential and enhancing work performance, we conduct two performance reviews per annum, encouraging staff to strive for excellence and seek holistic development as they seek to excel on their career path.

“We Do It Right” is more than a slogan — It is our unfaltering commitment to all members of our staff.



恒隆广场 • 无锡



在秉承恒隆的营运宗旨〝只选好的 只做对的〞,这不仅是我们的核心价值, 也体现在我们『以客为本』的理念及关怀员工的态度。恒隆广场重视员工身心健康发展、培训及发展,使各员工成为企业最有价值的资产。




我们每月会举办早餐会及生日会,公司管理层更向员工送上感谢礼包及于炎夏派发清凉包,为不同部门、职级的员工送上关怀以及创造一个交流想法、分享感受的平台。我们重视员工的意见,通过不同渠道积极向员工收集意见并作出及时反馈和改善, 我们邀请员工参与员工餐厅供应商挑选及试食评分,员工亦可通过手机平台参与餐厅满意度调查,让员工感受到公司对他们的尊重和关怀。




〝只选好的 只做对的〞不单是一个口号,更是我们对员工的承诺、坚持。