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BAC A BANK has always been consistent to be a wholehearted partner, supported the formation of the customers who are entitled to sustainable development and investment into high-tech sectors, agricultural and rural modernization and social welfare, such as clean agriculture – forestry – fishery, herbal productions, healthcare and wellness and education...Being empowered by the innovative thoughts, pioneering, professionalism and ceaseless improvement for the true happiness of each individual who is determined to get rich righteously, BAC A BANK has consistently aimed at the sustainability of the investors and the wellbeing of the community. Being a medium-sized bank doing consultancy and serving the enterprises of high-tech application in agricultural and rural development and its supporting sectors, BAC A BANK has planned, from now to 2030, to achieve its target of upgrading these investors to a new level to keep pace with the international standards.

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In the first year of participation in the HR Asia event, BAC A BANK has been named in 2 major awards, including “The best companies to Work for in Asia” and “The Most caring company”. The awards come as the result of BAC A BANK’s continuous effort in prioritizing and focusing on our employees’ development and well-being for the last 29 years. With the philosophy of placing people above profit, we have actualized this slogan with a series of company policies.

Building a strong employer brand

While many corporates mainly put effort into building their company brands, BAC A BANK has also paid attention to promoting its employer brand. This is a relatively new concept in Vietnam referring to the reputation of the company as an employer. Strong employer branding would help the company inspire its existing employees as well as attracts high-quality candidates in the labor market. Recognizing this, BAC A BANK has focused on the full range of key factors that build a strong employer brand such as promoting company reputation through social contributions, strengthening corporate culture, recruiting talented leaders, providing employees with development opportunities, commensurate remuneration, and work-life balance culture. In terms of recruitment, we always ensure openness, fairness, and transparency procedure. Thanks to these, not only do our current employees feel the pride and happiness of working with us, but they also spread the happiness to the external candidates. Thus, BAC A BANK has been able to recruit hundreds of quality employees each year to meet the expansion and development of the bank's network.

Promote continuous and effective policies for training and development

In BAC A BANK, the training and development practice is conducted continuously and effectively to support the personal and professional growth of our employees. Right after joining the bank, employees can participate in the orientation program so that they can quickly integrate into new work processes and the company environment. Adapting to the technology development, BAC A BANK has also invested in an online training system that was built with competency standards to help employees excel in their current jobs and boost their performance in the future. Convenient access to this online learning system allows our employees to learn anytime and anywhere, thus facilitating them to be autonomous learners. We believe that promoting a life-long learning culture is the best way to encourage and motivate our employees to grow.

Building a competitive compensation and benefit scheme

BAC A BANK offers its employees outstanding remuneration which ensures a competitive salary while still promoting the work-life balance culture. That includes comprehensive health care for employees with annual health checks. We not only care about our employees but also their families by organizing multiple family events and meaningful celebrations such as International Women’s Day, and International Children’s Day, etc.

Strong collaboration and effective engagement of the Trade Union and Youth Union

BAC A BANK has always facilitated the activities of the Trade Union and Youth Union. While our employees are encouraged to participate in Trade Union and Youth Union, these two organizations have confirmed their roles in ensuring the rights of the employees and taking care of their wellbeing. Every year, the company’s Trade Union and Youth Union organize a lot of sports and music events that promote the employees’ physical and mental health as well as facilitate their positive energy and inspiration at work. In addition, volunteer activities are regularly organized to provide our employees with the opportunity to bond with their team in meaningful activities while contributing to the community and society.

After years of effort, these awards have strengthened our belief that our HR strategy is on the right track. It encourages BAC A BANK in general, and the HR team in particular to keep striving for better practice, taking into account further improvements, so BAC A BANK would deserve to be the best place to work for, now and in the future.