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No. 2, 15A road,
Bien Hoa I.Z II,
An Binh ward,
Bien Hoa City,
Dong Nai, Vietnam

No. 2, 15A road, Bien Hoa I.Z II, An Binh ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai, Vietnam


PVC Compounds


Become the leading company
in Asia-Pacific to provide
innovative and sustainable
solutions of PVC Compounds

Become the leading company in Asia-Pacific to provide
innovative and sustainable solutions of PVC Compounds

Head Count

160 in Vietnam
~ 16,000 worldwide



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Westlake Compounds Vietnam is a member of Westlake Global Compounds, which is global leader for PVC compounds to diverse industries: Medical, Automotive, Building Construction, Consumer Goods and Packaging. Our wide range of products includes rigid and flexible grades for extrusion, injection, pressing and roto-molding: a full set of possibilities for manufacturers and end-users to answer any specific application.

At Westlake Compounds Vietnam, we have a passion for working to fulfill our customers’ needs through superior technology, product quality and operating excellence. Our determination to seek solutions that enhance life every day has driven us to be a leading integrated compounds company globally. Our local teams combine personal attention with the expertise, geographical footprint and financial resources of a global leader.

Our Employee Engagement Strategy

  • Physical and mental health care
  • Training and development
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion,
  • Digital transformation

We aim to apply the best HR practices, which are reflected in high levels of employee engagement and an excellent workplace. Westlake Compounds Vietnam engages in ongoing efforts to establish an extraordinary workplace where employees are taken care of both physically and mentally. We strive to provide a competitive compensation and benefits package that rewards individual as well as team performance. We have a strong tradition in sharing company successes with our employees.

Our Employees’ Safety Is Our Top Priority.

The health and safety of our employees is at the forefront of everything we do. We operate guided by the words of Westlake Corporation’s Founder T.T. Chao: “We have put safety first, and it will remain our number one priority. No job can be so important or urgent that people cannot take time to work safely. Life is precious and irreplaceable.”

People Are the Best Assets

We strongly believe our people are our strongest assets. We constantly build our culture of friendly, energetic, passionate, and committed teams with various employee recognition and engagement activities.

Employee Recognition

We show appreciation to our employees through awards and recognitions like the Dinner Award, Employee of the Quarter, and Long Service Award. We also provide discretionary bonuses to top performers. Every quarter we hold awards celebrations so that managers can hand the certificate directly to employees and thank them for their dedication and good performance.

Employee Physical Wellbeing

We value the importance fostering our employees’ physical and mental wellbeing, and we have been working to set-up various mental health care measures with professional parties and internal activities. We also opened an onsite gym room, host yoga and dance classes, and hire professional trainers to train employees after work hours. Each year, we hold a run, swimming competition, and 90-day health challenge. It is our hope that these activities not only enhance employees’ physical health, but enhance friendship, team building and collaboration.

Employee Mental Wellbeing

By creating a happy and enjoyable environment at the workplace, we believe we can foster effective cross-team collaboration and communication as well as higher working productivity. We have well-diversified employee engagement activities to create a happy working environment, such as International Women's Day, Vietnam Women’s Day Celebration, Children’s Day, Mid-autumn Day, Hung Kings’ Commemorations, Liberation Day & International Worker’s Day, U.S. Independence Day, Vietnam National Day, Football Competition, Christmas decoration contest and celebration, Solar New Year Day, Outing Trip, Grand Lunar Year ended Celebration, Valentine’s Day celebration, birthday celebrations, Westlake Compounds Vietnam Got Talent, flower arrangement contest, and more.

Product and Skills Training

Yearly, we have comprehensive training to cover both soft skills and technical skills to uplift our core competence in technical advancement for both the operations and supporting function staff. This will significantly streamline the depth of functional resources to ensure our staff are being supported as they enhanced their equipment & production process functional knowhow. This development will move Westlake Compounds Vietnam closer towards our target to be the leading company in Asia-Pacific to provide innovative and sustainable solutions of PVC Compounds.

Regular One-on-One Meetings with Team Members

To ensure synergy and motivation, managers have monthly catch ups with their teams for mentoring, coaching, and inspiring. This helps employees stay on track with their goals and assist them should they encounter any difficulties at work.

Creating a Better Workplace

We aim to provide a transparent and flexible workplace at Westlake Compounds Vietnam, and work very hard in achieving this goal. We maintain open communication channels where employees can provide feedback to anyone such as their manager, general manager and human resources department. strive to continuously improve our working environment. With the “White Lotus Project,” we are building a new facility in our current location, which will have best-in-class standard, improved working conditions and high automation.

An energetic, transparent, and flexible working culture

Apart from promoting a happy working environment with close communication between the management team and employees, we also continue to improve our employee experience by conducting Staff Satisfaction Surveys with360-degree feedback regularly. Furthermore, to promote flexibility, we have a casual dress code, flexible working hours, and work from home options for office employees.

Nurturing Talents

Building a Learning Culture at Westlake Compounds Vietnam: In our Learning & Development initiatives, we focus on providing learning and training opportunities to our employees in four areas:
  • Learning technical & professional skills in-house and externally
  • Encourage online learning with e-learning champion reward
  • Personal development plans with options for internal transfer and promotion
  • Providing English learning course by peers in-house

We provide development training to groom our existing talents from individual contributors to become a people manager.

Internship Program

We aim to provide a rewarding and fruitful internship program to provide our interns with great learning opportunities and hands-on working experience. One of our best practices is offering opportunities for university students to take internships at our company, which can lead to opportunities to join the company as permanent employees. We provide meal, stipend, and working equipment for interns. Our managers also provide coaching and guide interns on how to apply their theory knowledge from school to practice at factory. There are many students who become our employee after internship period.

Highlights of our Internship Program include:
  • Daily work at assignments in which students can learn our business with hands-on experience.
  • Developing their professional profile by participating in company meetings, working environment, team-building sessions
  • Individual learning program for each intern, including structured on-the-job training and regular review sessions with their supervisor
  • Potential opportunity to become permanent employees after completing the internship program.

Employer Brand Awareness

Apart from engaging our internal staff, increasing employer brand exposure & awareness to attract external potential talents to join our team is equally important:

Employer Brand Exposure - Campus Career Events We participate in Campus Career Events, not only to promote our job openings to students, but also share career and job seeking advice to help students to ace their interviews and land to their desired career. We interact, listen to students’ concerns, questions and provide career advice seniors at Westlake Compounds Vietnam with many years of experience. We have shared a lot of information about job opportunities in the Plastics and Chemical industry as well as at Westlake Compounds Vietnam to help students on their career development path. Students learn about Westlake Compounds Vietnam and our product applications by playing a quiz at our booth and can submit internship applications.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As Westlake Compounds Vietnam, we never forget the importance of upholding our Corporate Social Responsibility to give back to the communities where we work and live.

One of our service activities is blood donation. A heartfelt thank you to all our employees who participated in this life-saving drive.

In summary – Be Employer of Choice.

We not only make our business grow sustainably but also build an engaged, talented, and happy workforce which brings values to our customers, employees, and the community where we operate. Cultivating an agile workplace and culture will always be our aspiration. We will continue to strengthen our employee journey and make every effort to become an Employer of Choice.

Employee Testimony:

“I have been working here for one year. The company has good compensation and benefits. I like to work here for long. The company provides bonus for employees on holiday occasions and holds activities such as football competition, swimming contest, and a marathon race. I like the marathon race and football competition. I hope the company can hold these activities twice a year.”
Nguyen Van Nghiem | Production Worker

“I have been working in the R&D [research & development] department at Westlake Compounds Vietnam for 13 years. I see the company has good policies and benefits. I am proud to be a member of Westlake Compounds Vietnam.”
Nguyen Van Huy | R&D Engineer Associate

“I have been working here for 7 months. The thing I like most here is the friendly working environment and clear working process. My team supports me a lot, which enabled me to adapt to new working environments easily.”
Nguyen Minh Dat Thinh | R&D Engineer

“I work in the sales department at Westlake Compounds Vietnam. I had the chance to work here as an intern and employee more than one year. I like the happy and active working environment here. The thing I like most is the compensation and benefits policy, not only salary, bonus but also activities to enhance employee physical and mental health such as gym, yoga, and dancing every week. Thank you for offering me a chance to work here!”
Tran Doan My Duyen | Customer Service Officer