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Lot No. 204, Amata Industrial Park,
Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City,
Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Lot No. 204, Amata Industrial Park, Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam


Jewelry and Fashion
Accessories Manufacturing

Jewelry and Fashion Accessories Manufacturing


To lift our center of gravity and become
a “crystal lifestyle”

To lift our center of gravity and become a “crystal lifestyle”

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1500 - 2000



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Masters of Light since 1895
Founded in 1895 in Austria, Swarovski designs, manufactures and sells the world's highest quality crystal, genuine gemstones, created stones, and finished products such as jewelry and accessories. With more than 20,000 employees across the globe, Swarovski brings the crystal lifestyle to 170 countries and is one of the top 10 luxury brands in digital.

Established in 2011 with official operations launched in 2013, Swarovski Manufacturing Vietnam LLC manufactures jewelries, fashion accessories and is part of the Swarovski Crystal Business, which represents the largest area of business for Swarovski Group. Located in Amata Industrial Zone with a 50,000m2 manufacturing lot, we are the 2nd largest finished goods manufacturer in Swarovski Crystal Business.
Create a World of Wonder
Joining Swarovski means being part of a bigger purpose. We create positive impact and work wonders – propelled by your unique ideas – to inspire the worlds of interior design, fashion, culture, film, and entertainment.

Here, you will push boundaries. You will make dreams happen. You will boldly express yourself and embrace the individuality in others.


Our People Promise
People are at the very center of what we do. Working at Swarovski means being part of a bigger purpose. To create positive impact and bring unique ideas to life – and ultimately Create a World of Wonder.

Joining Swarovski means experiencing a journey of unique career opportunities, starting from a spellbinding onboarding experience, to development and performance opportunities with high engagement. We aim to inspire our employees to celebrate their individuality and create a World of Wonder from day one so every career milestone is meaningful to them.

Lifelong Learning – A World of Learning Opportunities
At Swarovski, we strive to provide everyone the chance for continued learning, growth, and development. Our employees are at the very center of what we do, and we offer them a wide range of different career and development options to ensure further growth.

We offer diverse learning opportunities, including leadership development programs, stretch assignments, coaching, mentoring, interpersonal development and numerous further development programs in functional knowledge and expertise, to continuously equip, reskill and upskill our people.

Career Moves
Expect a world of igniting possibilities in a unique company environment. Brilliance defines us but it must be created. To support it, we have identified six main types of internal career moves: Leader, Enrichment, Expert, Explorer, Boomerang, and Realignment.

Behind our faceted world is a great deal of hard work, know-how, passion, engagement, and cooperation in countless areas of expertise. We reshape reality and make magic happen together.

At Swarovski Manufacturing Vietnam, we encourage Crystal Clear Conversation and believe that better-quality regular conversations between managers and employees increase employee engagement and boost performance, both of individuals and whole teams.


Culture describes the way we do things here at Swarovski. It is the character and personality of the organization, referring to how we interact, collaborate, and solve problems for our future success.

Inspired by People
Without people, there is no culture. By continuously listening and exchanging ideas, we're able to take tangible actions to shape, live, and embrace our culture every day, everywhere.

Living our Values
Our values are deeply embedded into our everyday lives. They define our way of working with each other and interacting with our customers.

Make Dreams Happen
Turning dreams into reality isn’t easy. You need passion and determination; commitment and focus and the desire to inspire. When these come together, the result is beyond the imaginable.

Celebrate Individuality
Working at Swarovski is about having the power to express who you truly are. With the freedom and support that allows you to shine. When our people feel that sense of belonging, we know they can achieve the incredible.

Swarovski, as a 127 year-old family owned business, knows a successful business rooted from great works of our people. It’s particularly prominent in Swarovski Manufacturing Vietnam with more than 1,500 employees working for Jewelry production. Our jewelries are designed and produced with our hearts to delight our customers. And a delightful jewelry can only be made by delighted employees. We believe by trusting and empowering our people, we can deliver jewelries of meticulous quality to our customers, who will be our ambassadors in promoting Swarovski brand and culture.

Tse King Kiu – Managing Director, Business Services Manufacturing Vietnam


For all the programs, projects, activities, and initiatives we propose, our purpose is to engage and enable our people the best, and that is the reason why we take a people-centric approach in every aspect of our work. We commit in creating a workplace with care, diversity and inclusion, and support our people development to pursue their individual careers.

Employee Recognition
We know that recognition makes people feel valued and increases engagement. There are many ways we recognize our employees, through awards, opportunities and also just through a simple Thank You.

Various mesmerizing engagement activities throughout the year
At Swarovski Manufacturing Vietnam, we aim to engage our employees in every milestone and occasion throughout the year. Either celebrating new year, birthdays, women’s day, Christmas, Teambuilding or Olympic games and charity activities, our people are always a key focus.

More than that, we also encourage all Swarovski employees worldwide to dedicate one paid day of leave a year to make a positive impact on local communities through volunteering, which is called Volunteering Leave.

We put our people first. When you are happy at work, you can develop your potential, be creative, build positive relationships with others, better cope with stress, and make meaningful contributions.

We partnered with ICAS, a global leader in Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), to bring the EAP service to our employees globally. Our employees have confidential access to counselors to receive support on the matters affecting them the most.


Swarovski is an equal opportunity employer. We give our people the guts to celebrate individuality and pride ourselves on creating a workplace where people feel involved, respected, valued, connected, and heard. A place where anyone and everyone belongs.

By celebrating our differences and harnessing the combined power of many diverse perspectives, we can achieve so much more. We believe in creating an inclusive work environment, where employees feel secure and happy. For us, equality means equitable rights, responsibilities, and opportunities. Bring your authentic self to work - ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives. It is a nurturing environment where we all add value to the success of the business and are more productive and engaged.

Our Commitments
  • We commit to celebrating & elevating the LGBTQ+ community, both internally & externally.
  • We commit to building a diverse leadership population that includes underrepresented groups.
  • We commit to reducing bias in our recruitment.
  • We commit to celebrating individuality by substantially increasing the diversity in our marketing materials.
Women’s Empowerment
As a brand for which women are a significant part of our consumer base and workforce, we strive to champion women’s empowerment. Our aim is to empower women across our value chain from those who craft our products to those who wear them.