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Factory 28,29, Street No. 9-7,
Long Thanh Industrial Park,
Tam An Commune,
Long Thanh, Dong Nai

Factory 28,29, Street No. 9-7, Long Thanh Industrial Park, Tam An Commune, Long Thanh, Dong Nai


Electronics Manufacturing


Focus on our commitment to exceptional
service, quality products and innovative
technologies that take the industry further
faster which allows for true collaboration
and innovation without the limits of
traditional business models

Focus on our commitment to exceptional service, quality products and innovative
technologies that take the industry further faster which allows for true
collaboration and innovation without the limits of traditional business models

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On August 8, 2023 Samtec Vietnam was proudly awarded the “Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2023” by HR Asia, a magazine started in 2009 and is now present in many countries across Asia. The award is targeted at companies across Asia and recognizes companies with the best HR practices and which demonstrate high levels of employee engagement and excellent workplace cultures.

Samtec Vietnam was founded in 2017 with only a few employees at the beginning, now has grown to be one of the most important facilities in the corporation’s production chain. Samtec Vietnam manufactures electronic connectors and cables used in a wide range of electrical products from daily household appliances to cars and spaceships. Despite the fact that the company is locally based, it still inherits most of the culture from its mother corporation, Samtec Inc.


Founded in 1976 by Sam Shine, Samtec Inc has been ranked #1 in North America 18 times by Bishop and Associates . “Sam Shine created a company that can best be described as having high character, complete honesty and respect in dealing with others, a total commitment to superior customer service, and loyalty to employees,” said Ron Bishop, president of Bishop & Associates. “Samtec sets the gold standard for how companies should operate. For these reasons, Samtec has been voted Number One Best Overall Performer for the past two decades in Bishop & Associates’ customer surveys of the connector industry. Sam Shine’s character and leadership created a wonderful company in which all of us in the industry can be proud. We will all miss him.” Samtec has served over 50,000 customers in 125 countries with over 40 locations all over the world and has its annual sales reached 1 billion dollars in 2022.

With the foundational principal “taking care of people”, Samtec is much more than just another connector company. The company puts people first with a commitment to exceptional service, quality products, and convenient online tools through its corporate culture.
  • Speed : Deliver Sudden Service to customers regardless of internal or external customers. To support this, Samtec encourages associates not to be fear when making a mistake as we consider lessons learnt is important in preventing the mistakes to happen again and also to give associates opportunities to try their ideas.
  • Innovation : Encourage associates to think differently and to be creative. Along the way, they can learn, grow and have fun together.
  • Flexibility : In order to meet increasing satisfaction of customers, the need to create solutions that fit the situation is important. Embrace change, zoom in but also zoom out.
  • Win/Win : Respect everyone is one of the key to the success of every associate as well as the whole company. Be responsible for everything we do and do the right thing. Take ownership and be accountable.


The Samtec Cares Grant Program was created in 2018 to positively impact and assist organizations within the communities in which Samtec employees live, work, go to school and play. Since its inception, Samtec Cares has granted almost $3 million dollars to over 125 worthy organizations to help make the communities better places to live, work and play.

Following Samtec Inc practice, Samtec Vietnam always look after Associates’ physical and mental health. Apart from compulsory social healthcare insurance, private health insurance is provided not only for employees but also for their family members including their parents, parents-in-law, husband or wife and all their children. To take care of employees’ mental health, Samtec Vietnam created a working environment where Associates feel happy and engaged with through activities like Teambuilding, International Women’s Day, Vietnam Woman Day, Christmas Day, Halloween, Yearly Company Recognition, etc. Besides, Samtec Vietnam actively participates in local activities like planting trees, give scholarships to local students, support poor families, etc. to somehow help develop the vicinity.


At Samtec Vietnam, Associates have multiple chances to nurture and develop their career. Practicing the INNOVATION DNA, employees are encouraged to learn and grow to become better. Therefore, the company regularly organizes soft skill trainings, technical trainings both inside and outside of Vietnam, English courses, English club, etc.


Samtec understands the importance of rightful leadership. As Mr Gan Yee Chun, General Director of Samtec Vietnam, always mentioned that leadership must be based on “respect, humility, and tolerance”. That is why 98% employees said that it is easy and very easy to approach their direct managers when having issues.


In 2023, Samtec Vietnam conducted a survey with the participation of over 500 employees. The survey yielded outstanding results with the general satisfaction level of the company reaching 99.7%. When asked, 94.5% Associates said that their income paid by the Company is equivalent to their job and competency, and 98.6% satisfied with company current benefits.

With “People matter” guideline, the human-to-human relationship at Samtec Vietnam proved to be extraordinary when 98.2% of asked Associated said that their work relationships are good and very good, and 100% employees said that they clearly understand their role and responsibilities.

Employee's Testimonial

"Hello everyone, I am Phong Pham, an IT Technician at Samtec Vietnam. If you are reading this, then you and I are connected, as well as connected to Samtec Vietnam. I have been working at Samtec Vietnam since its inception. Back then, I still clearly remember that the whole factory was just a blank floor, the equipment was still very lacking. Moreover, the food and transportation services around were still limited, so it was still difficult to get to work. However, after a short time, under the right leadership of the young director, we won our first orders, received a lot of investment from the parent company and developed strongly as we are today. In particular, during the Covid pandemic, in the face of the wave of mass layoffs by corporations, Samtec did the opposite. The board of directors always finds ways to keep employees, support both materially and mentally, helping employees and their families feel secure working here. Now, the third factory is going to be completed, a new chapter with full of opportunities and challenges is going to be opened , I believe Samtec Vietnam will continue to develop with potential partners like you and me."
Mr. Pham Nguyen Phong - Senior MIS Technician