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Five Star Tower, 28bis Mac Dinh Chi,
Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC

Five Star Tower, 28bis Mac Dinh Chi, Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC


IT & Business Consulting, Offshore,
DX Promotion Support Services,
System Integration, In-house Services

IT & Business Consulting, Offshore, DX Promotion Support Services, System Integration, In-house Services


With an altruistic spirit, everyone will be happy !

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With a stable foundation of 35 years, Pascalia Group is a software house marked by independence, a relentless pursuit of the latest technology, and a dedication to addressing global challenges.

Pascalia Japan was firstly founded in 1988. Pascalia Asia Japan and Pascalia Asia Vietnam was founded in 2015 with the concept of ambidextrous management, we create a strategic approach that recognizes the need for organizations to balance and excel in multiple dimensions of our operations based on four axes: current businesses, new businesses, domestic and international operation.

We are in charge of a wide range of businesses such as client work business, IT/ Business Consulting, Offshore, DX Promotion Support Services, System Intergartion, and In-house Services in a wide variety of sectors such as finance, government office, retail tech and enterprises. By continuously enhancing and updating, we always get a chance to work with new technologies everyday.

Pascalia Group: Welcome to a New Era of HR Excellence!

At Pascalia, we're not just rewriting the rules of HR; we're creating a whole new playbook. Our journey is marked by innovation, happiness, and a global mission that sets us apart.

Breaking Down Barriers: A Truly Flat Organization and Unique Purpose Management

Pascalia has shattered the traditional organizational hierarchy. We shape our company culture as a flat organization where all the members are equal (including CEO, Managers, Devs). Regardless of roles, we are building culture together on a common value of mission and vision, where members are more empowered, operated with independence and are expected to take responsibility for a range of decisions in their work and contribution to the company. Here, everyone is equally valued. Our flat organization encourages open collaboration, fostering an environment where ideas flow freely.

To actualize that, we do not aspire to become large corporations; instead, we focus on a scale where each person is able to engage each other, mazimize to 200 members. We focus on the employees' growth, the working environment to make everyone excited and inspired (not only higher revenue or profit), the fair and opening society where all member are nurtured within the organization, foster the emergence of new ideas and make it easier to accept others' opinions.

Regarding Pascalia's Purpose Management, each employees tends to achieve horizontal growth (acquiring skills and valuable knowledge) as well as vertical growth (personal development and humanistic perspectives). By increasing the value of the engineers around us, we can also increase our own value. Having that altruistic mindset, creating the common value, which is shared by all and makes everyone happy. For the organization management, there are no specific numerical goals; innovation and transformation are generated as everyone works hard individually. As a result, profits are made, and performance improves. We think that depending on taking guidance by someone else is insufficient for personal growth. However, if we improve by ourself, encourage supporting each other and share among members significantly contributes to personal and group growth. By continuously providing such opportunities and environments, an organization becomes sustainable.

Our Mission: With an altruistic spirit, everyone will be happy !

Our ultimate goal is simple: to make everyone happy. Happiness is not just a buzzword for us; it's at the core of everything we do. We've crafted an atmosphere where employees thrive, where challenges are met with enthusiasm, and where each day brings joy and fulfillment. We are creating a place where Vietnamese engineers are able to work directly with Japanese end-users without any other subcontractors. We have established a working model to let Vietnamese engineers (PAV) work together with Japanese engineers (PA), which helps not only to enhance and update the technical skills of local engineers but also Japanese engineers have more spare time to think of new technologies. It also leads to the fact that the cost also will be cut down to the more affordable price for clients. In this context, all of us are all happily working together.

The purpose of Pascalia is to create new social value for medium and small-sized enterprises, connect all the related people to make the community where we can provide all high-quality service with good cost to approach every single person in society. And to actualize the purpose, we focus on investing in our engineers and related partners for both technical and soft-skills.

Unleashing Free-Location

We have embraced the future of work. At Pascalia, we set you free to work from wherever your heart desires. Your creativity knows no bounds when you can work from a beach in Vietnam, a bustling street in Japan, or the tranquility of Lao. We trust you to manage your time and space, and in return, you'll find unparalleled productivity and inspiration.

Currently, Pascalia Group employees are working at 9 areas in 6 locations in Japan and overseas. Tokyo Kanda (JP), Tsukuba (JP), Osaka (JP), Vancouver (Canada), HCMC (VN), Da Nang (VN), Hai Phong (VN), Vientiane (Laos), Pakse (Laos), and we are planning to set up new branches in Okinawa (JP) and Bali (Indonesia). As one result of our global expansion, we received the SME100 Awards in 2021, which target SME companies growing rapidly in Southeast Asia.

By taking action and facing new people and values, we belive that our engineers will gain new awareness, and furthermore, they can be connecting, promoting effective development and together growing.

Pioneering the Path to Global Equality and Peace (Nobel Peace Award Goal)

At Pascalia Group, we are on a transformative journey to establish sales and development bases worldwide, fostering a culture of inclusivity, flexibility, and unparalleled opportunities for all. Our goal is that where you come from should not determine your destiny, and every individual, regardless of nationality, gender, or age, deserves a chance to thrive. We are committed to narrowing income inequality within our organization, having an annual income for employees ranging from $50,000 at the lowest to $300,000 at the highest, and ensuring fair compensation for all.

We believe that our management philosophy revolves around freedom and democracy. True engagement and dedication stem from choice, not coercion.

Step into a world where happiness knows no bounds, where diversity is our strength, and where the pursuit of excellence leads to the Nobel Prize.

We can't wait to welcome you to the Pascalia family !"

Ms. Mai Nguyen (Accountant)
I am incredibly proud to be a part of Pascalia Group. The journey we've embarked on together is nothing short of remarkable. Our unwavering dedication, resilience in the face of challenges, and unwavering commitment to excellence have made us a force to be reckoned with in our industry.

What truly sets us apart, though, is not just our success, but the heart and soul that we pour into everything we do. Our company is a place where passion, creativity, and innovation flourish. It's where we support each other, celebrate each other's achievements, and motivate each other to reach new heights.

Mr. Hung Khong (Vice Director of PAV)
I am inspired every day by the incredible individuals I have the privilege to work alongside. Together, we've created a culture of unity, respect, and shared purpose that makes me not only proud but genuinely honored to be a part of this family. We are not just a company; we are a big happy family, a source of inspiration, and a testament to what can be achieved when members come together with a common vision and unwavering determination.

I couldn't be prouder to call this company my home. Here's to our past successes and the bright future we're building together.