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281-283 Hoang Dieu Street,
Ward 6, District 4,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

281-283 Hoang Dieu Street, Ward 6, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




To become a leading company
in nutrition products, sustainably
develop for consumers’ benefit

To become a leading company in nutrition products, sustainably develop for consumers’ benefit

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In the 90s, 2-3 out of every 8-10 pediatric patients died because of inadequate nutrition to fight disease and recover from wounds. At that time, a doctor used a blender to puree foods and feed children through a nasogastric tube which saved thousands of children lives. The doctor is one of the founders of Nutifood and the blender has become the iconic image of Nutifood until now.

Founded on March 29, 2000 by doctors and nutritionists, Nutifood operates with a business philosophy: “Each product is created not to seek profit, but first to meet the urgent nutritional needs of the community, contributing to the comprehensive physical development of Vietnamese people”.

Over 2 decades of development, Nutifood is proud to be a pioneer in launching specialized nutritional products for each medical condition at different ages such as milk for stunted children, milk for children with difficulty eating, milk for overweight children, nutritious food for diabetic and recovering patients... At the same time, Nutifood constantly applies international research achievements to ensure that each product created must be the crystallization of the pinnacle of modern nutritional science.

Our firm has established the Nutifood Nutrition Research Institutes in Sweden (NNRIS) and Vietnam (NRI), bringing together leading nutrition experts, pioneering the world's most advanced nutritional science and technology to invent formulas and products with international standards but suitable for the specific condition of Vietnamese people.

To create the best quality products, Nutifood focuses on investing from the origin, and takes to control the materials sources, for example: developing NutiMilk 6S Dairy Farm – the first and only place in Vietnam to supply high standard fresh milk source with 3.5g protein and 4.0g fat per 100ml, equivalent to European milk quality; Nutifood also invests in Ngoc Linh Ginseng Company, which is the largest in Quang Nam and revives the CADA coffee farm with more than 100 years of history in Dak Lak.

To this day, Nutifood's products are present in 63 provinces and cities across the country and in many countries around the world, loved by millions of consumers thanks to our diverse product series, international quality, and meeting the requirements of the “strictest” markets such as the USA, Japan, Korea, European countries, etc.

By overcoming many challenges, Nutifood has become one of the 3 largest dairy enterprises in Vietnam with more than 6,000 employees in Vietnam, Sweden, and the United States.


Nutifood believes that human resources are one of the most critical factors to help businesses operate effectively and develop sustainably in the future. Therefore, Nutifood always strives to create the best working environment where every employee can maximize their potential, promote the development potential of each individual, and proudly dedicate every day to create the best nutritional products, to help take care of the health of the community.

Training and skill enhancement policy At Nutifood, we pay special attention to personnel training and spend a large budget on this activity to strengthen and build a strong human resource and develop our successors. All Nutifood employees are facilitated for comprehensive development in all aspects: professional expertise, career experience, and promotion opportunities.
  • We offer the opportunity to learn and develop skills through practical training programs:
    • Workshops to share and exchange experiences.
    • Building a culture of sharing experiences and knowledge from direct managers and colleagues. Each leader always plays the role of leading and supporting members in the development of the organization.
    • Develop a specific training route for each position to assess promotion conditions and find talents.
  • Employees can experience and approach a variety of fields through the opportunity to work on new projects or rotate between departments.
  • Nutifood especially implements nutrition knowledge training courses that might be useful for employees, families, and society. This is a unique highlight in the training courses at Nutifood. As a result, each individual can become a nutritionist to spread useful knowledge to their loved ones and the community.

The accolades of the Best Workplace in Asia Award and the HR Asia Most Caring Company Award stand as worthy recognition for the collective efforts of Nutifood's staff and personnel. Their collaborative endeavors have given rise to an environment that is foremost in professionalism, transparency, inclusivity, and humaneness within the region. This resoundingly affirms Nutifood's commitment to fostering and advancing a diverse work milieu, characterized by a culture of nurturing, acknowledgment, and continual enhancement.

Mr. Nguyễn Quốc Nam, Vice President of Human Resources

Fair and transparent performance review policy

In a friendly, open, and flexible environment, Nutifood employees are empowered to work most effectively and are recognized openly and transparently:
  • Employees regularly have the opportunity to have a 1:1 conversation with their direct management about career development results and goals.
  • Develop a detailed evaluation process to review, and give rewards commensurate with employees' efforts and contributions.
  • Rewards in many forms with many different categories: year-end bonus, sales bonus, individual and collective awards to recognize outstanding performance and honor significant monthly, quarterly, and yearly achievements. …

A happy working environment

We strive to improve every day to make Nutifood a “second home” for employees. At Nutifood, all employees can bring out their best values, unleash their potential through an inclusive and respectful environment, and proudly contribute to creating quality products to serve society.
  • Nutifood maintains a friendly and open working environment where each member feels comfortable and at ease, thereby contributing to helping each balance quality of life. All members feel the meaning of their work, and accompany their firm on the journey to create values, quality nutritional products, and commit to the health of the community.
  • Nutifood develops many outstanding remuneration policies for employees such as social insurance, health insurance, privileges when using Nutifood products, annual vacation program, regular health check, sick leave, maternity leave…
  • At Nutifood, we provide equal promotion opportunities for all members based on the individual capacity and work performance of each member. Nutifood is proud to be one of the few companies with a high internal promotion rate, reaching nearly 60%.
  • In addition to the goal of building a happy working environment, Nutifood regularly organizes and encourages employees to participate in volunteer activities and charity programs together to fulfill their responsibilities to the community.