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25 Le Dai Hanh Street,
Le Dai Hanh Ward,
Hai Ba Trung District

25 Le Dai Hanh Street, Le Dai Hanh Ward, Hai Ba Trung District




Core Values: Loyalty - Trust -
Caring - Dedication - Flourish

Core Values: Loyalty - Trust - Caring - Dedication - Flourish

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History and Corporate Story

National Citizen Joint Stock Bank (NCB) was established in 1995. During 28 years of history, NCB has gone through a strong transformation, unceasing innovation, and creative development of its business model, products and services in the direction of digitalisation to catch up with market trends and customer needs, thus contributing to the development of Finance – Banking industry and the community. In recent years, NCB has promoted the structuring process, focused on technology infrastructure investment and data management centralization, and deployed a series of digital transformation projects to continuously enhance service quality and customer experience. NCB received international and local prestigious awards such as: Best Bank for Digital Transformation Vietnam 2021, Best Place to Work Vietnam 2021, Asia Excellent Brand 2022 Asia’s Best Place to Work 2023, and Top 100 Valuable Banks in Vietnam 2023.


HR strategy
NCB always puts human factors as a top priority in the development journey. With a focus on training and developing human resources, investing and dedicating a lot of enthusiasm to build a high-quality working environment, we provide employees with the best human resources policies and individual development opportunities, thus contributing to a high-quality workforce of Finance – Banking. NCB has mapped out the process to enhance the quality of human resources and the working environment in the long-term Human Resource Strategy 2025 that focuses on the following:
  • Develop and enhance corporate culture.
  • Build up and enroll human resources policies that bring about the best experience for employees.
  • Promote performance management activities to improve work efficiency and strengthen team cohesion.
  • Consolidate the human resources management system, aiming for an organizational design that ensures suitability, streamlining and efficiency in each period.
  • Build up employer brand, aiming to become one of the most popular employers in the banking industry labor market.

Employees Feedback
NCB respects and listens to the 360-degree opinions of employees at all levels to jointly build a healthy, high-quality working environment. In that spirit, NCB has conducted employee opinion surveys on a periodical basis. Results of the 2022 Working Environment Survey on perceptions of NCB's human development and welfare policies show that 84.6% of employees agree that the income level is commensurate with the job title and is increasingly competitive in the market; 78.8% of employees agree that their work is measured and evaluated based on specific bases, accurately reflecting their contribution to NCB. Especially, at the HRAA 2023 Awards, with the question "Are you willing to recommend NCB as an ideal place to work to relatives and friends?", NCB scored 4.86 points, far exceeding the average level of 3.93.

Future Plan
NCB aims for sustainable values to gradually Rise to New Heights - Open New Positions, realizing the mission to become a financial consultant institution, a reliable companion for all organizations and individuals, and bring the highest value to Customers. To achieve that goal, NCB has constantly improved the quality of resources through various structure strengthening and workforce development projects; built up a strong corporate culture, and taken care of employees‘ well-being via unique internal cultural activities that demonstrate the spirit of 5 Core values.

There is a saying that resonates with me: “The most wonderful thing in the world is the relationship between human and human”. I believe that the higher up you are in a leadership position, the more important it is to lead and develop people. NCB intends to construct a shared space called "Your Bank" for NCBers to do their jobs, receive training, and recharge.

Mr Ta Kieu Hung, General Director
Talent Attraction Strategy
In recent years, NCB's senior leadership team has been continuously strengthened with the participation of highly expertise, dedicated and experienced people in the Finance - Banking industry. NCB also continues to build high-quality human resources with the participation of highly experienced local senior personnel, several experienced domestic and foreign experts and engineers to implement NCB’s comprehensive digital transformation strategy.

In parallel with the perfectization of income policies, and the improvement of the welfare scheme to the competitive level in the market, NCB promotes an attractive working environment for employees where they are empowered and given opportunities to develop so that we can attract talents to contribute to the development of NCB and the industry.

Employees‘ Testimonial

Mr. Le Minh Cong - Controller - Hanoi Branch:
Working at NCB, I always have opportunities to broaden my experiences, exchange knowledge to learn, and to contribute my initiatives. Your talent will always be recognized and you will always be inspired by passionate leaders.

Ms. Do Thi Ha - Specialist - Business Management Division - Corporate Banking Department:
The banking industry has never tolerated unprofessionalism and idle work. Banking officials are under pressure on sales targets and service quality. However, at NCB, we always have our senior leaders as strong fulcrum. Besides professional development, we benefit from many welfare programs of the Bank, our health is taken care of and we have team building programs that connect us closely.

Mr. Le Quang Minh - Senior Specialist - Corporate Culture Development Division - Human Resource Management Department:
For me, NCB is not just an organization, this is a place for self-development, a place to believe and love, and a place of pride. Every employee at NCB feels happy, respected and given opportunities to develop.