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364 Cong Hoa Street,
Tan Binh District,
Ho Chi Minh City

364 Cong Hoa Street, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City


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Unlock value through
solutions and technology

Unlock value through solutions and technology




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We started with two small offices, one in London and one in Hanoi, Vietnam back in 2000 and now have over seven offices internationally, with thousands of technical experts who are constantly encouraged to challenge traditional thinking, be honest and react quickly to change.

Our mission is to create the best solutions, powered by our excellence in people and technology.

NashTech is part of Nash Squared, the leading global provider of talent and technology solutions. We’re equipped with a unique network, that realises the potential where people and technology meet.

NashTech is people

This is an attitude that distinguishes each NashTech employee and brings us together as an international family.

During more than 20 years of delivering technology excellence in Vietnam, NashTech has shaped and sharpened NashTech DNA - Think outside the box to go further. We believe that pushing beyond boundaries, always striving for improvement is the key to success, especially in the fast-paced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry in which we are operating. Therefore, NashTech Vietnam encourages every employee to dare to think creatively, dare to drive new initiatives for a high-performing environment.

In short, we thrive from Good to Great in everything that we do through the 03 pillars of NashTech culture: High-performing and recognizing – learning and sharing – your second home.

High-performing and recognizing culture

The motto helps us promote a global standard while focusing on remunerating key target groups and recognizing all beyond-boundaries efforts. It also supports improving the unhealthy ICT talent market due to the money-driven context. Learning and sharing culture

The critical nature of education and sharing culture is the willingness to share and passion for learning that enables a large scale of talent development towards a global standard. This culture helps provide more qualified ICT candidates into the Vietnamese ICT labor market whose supply exceeds the demand. To maintain the motto, we develop talents’ perceptions and skills from freshers to seniors to ensure a proactive talent pool and contribute sustainably to the ICT community.

Develop, treat well, care and respect. Happiness and productivity will follow. NashTech is people.

Mr Nguyen Thuan Thanh, NashTech APAC HR Director

NashTech - your second home

We are eager to make NashTech a workplace that is as warm as home. This has resulted in a solid emotional bond between NashTech and our employees, enhancing employee engagement and retention and sustainable business development.
  • Deliver “at home” feeling with conscientious care to our family members through exclusive benefits
  • Create super-fun and meaningful events throughout the year to have unforgettable moments together
  • Protect Nashers and spread this positive “feel-like home” message to the community during COVID-19

And, together, we shine!

Following these 03 cultural pillars to shape and maintain the culture consistently during more than 20-year establishment, we are proud to achieve significant accomplishments and are eager to make them great motivation to continue the masterful culture journey in the next 20 years.

NashTech pride

  • Vietnam’s Top 10 ICT Companies 2023 in Software Development and BPO
  • HR Asia Award 2021, 2022, 2023
  • HR Excellence Award 2021
  • The first company in Vietnam to be assessed at the highest Maturity Level of this new CMMI model (Level 5 version 2.0)
  • Best employer of choice by Vietnam student 2022
  • Top 100 best place to work in Vietnam 2021
  • Sao Khue Awards 2023 for outstanding companies in Software Development and BPO category. We have 13 consecutive years to be given the prize.
  • The Great Awards 2023 by BritCham (BritCham Awards 2021) - Great Tech & Innovation category
  • NashTech has a leading position in .NET competencies (or called Microsoft). There are 3 out of 5 Most Valuable Professional of Microsoft in Vietnam who are NashTech members.