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201 – 203 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street,
Ward 04, District 3, HCMC

201 – 203 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Ward 04, District 3, HCMC


Finance & Banking


Become the leading retail joint
stock commercial bank in Vietnam

Become the leading retail joint stock commercial bank in Vietnam

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Nam A Bank officially established on October 21, 1992, was one of the first joint stock commercial banks established after the promulgation of the Ordinance on Banks in 1990.
  • 250 Branches
  • Chartered capital is over 5000 billion VND
  • Total assets more than 180,000 billion VND
  • More than 5,500 staff members (employees) (as of May 2023)
From the early days of operation, Nam A Bank had only 03 branches with charter capital of 5 billion VND and nearly 50 employees, but now it has spread across provinces with thousands of employees, aiming to be a sustainable and stable brand in the financial banking.

With a solid and safe foundation of resources and constantly improving products and services, embracing technology 4.0 in management and production and business activities, Nam A Bank is gradually transforming into a Commercial Bank. leading retail shares in Vietnam.

The vision & mission, corporate values and priciples of Nam A Bank:

Contributing to the economic development of Vietnam based on timely meeting the reasonable needs of the Development of Production - Business - Services of customers by modern means, new products and services with a professional service style.

Right from the first day of operation, Nam A Bank has determined its vision to become the leading retail joint stock commercial bank in Vietnam with the aim of providing the best financial solutions to Personal Customers, Business Customers and SMEs.

  • Contributing to the strong and safe development of Nam A Bank.
  • Contributing to the economic development of Vietnam, on the basis of timely meeting the needs of production - business - services of customers.
  • Maximize benefits for shareholders, customers, partners and all employees of Nam A Bank.
Over the past 28 years of establishment and development, Nam A Bank has taken steps of sustainable and stable development in the banking and financial market. This is the result of tireless efforts of the Nam A Bank’s staffs. The Bank has succeeded in building the image of a Nam A Bank with specific cultural features which is a professional and humane behavioral style.

Continuing and promoting those precious traditions, the Nam A Bankers have been working, dedicating themselves with the spirit of willing to innovate, break through and be at the forefront of all activities that create human cultural values. Nam A Bank: Pioneering - Polite - Integrity . A series of cultural development programs have been implemented over the years to promote the above values such as: "Change for the better", "Breakthrough thinking - Breaking the limit", "Reach out to the great sea”, “Beautiful Bank – Excellent Services”…

Nam A Bank will continue to stick to sustainable development, pioneer in modern financial technology and achieve digital transformation goals in the next 3 years. In addition, we also add many payment products, connecting flexible payment services, operating and digitally to create good profits in the future, catch up with market trends. In addition, we will constantly expand our ecosystem network, especially on digital banking platforms to help customers experience many other products / services easily and conveniently. These two factors are in the strategy of Sticking with Nam A Bank's next 5-year goal related to Technology-People-Customers.

In addition, Nam A Bank will also strengthen the customer information security system such as implementing J-Secure service, upgrading 3D Secure for credit cards.

Moreover, we will continue to invest in human factors, focus on training and improving the skills and skills of Nam A Bank's personnel so that we can provide customers with services and products. the most optimal financial products on the market.

At the same time, we will continue to see human resources as "the most valuable asset" to promote training and improve the skills of Nam A Bank's personnel so that they can provide customers with services and the most optimal financial product on the market.