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16th Floor, mPlaza Saigon Building,
39 Le Duan Street Ben Nghe Ward,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

16th Floor, mPlaza Saigon Building, 39 Le Duan Street Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Healthcare / Pharmaceutical


MSD aspires to be the most trusted and
admired healthcare partner, delivering on
our mission of fulfilling the unmet medical
needs in the country – saving and
protecting millions of Vietnamese lives.

MSD aspires to be the most trusted and admired healthcare partner, delivering on our mission of
fulfilling the unmet medical needs in the country – saving and protecting millions of Vietnamese lives.

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MSD, known as Merck & Co. Inc. Rahway NJ in the United States and Canada, is unified around our purpose: Using the power of leading-edge science to save and improve lives around the world. As a leading biopharmaceutical company with more than 130-year history of researching and developing, MSD came to Vietnam in 1996 and have been contributing to the significant development of the local healthcare industry since then. Our commitment to Vietnam is strong, MSD aspires to be the most trusted and admired healthcare partner, delivering on our mission to fulfill the unmet medical needs in the country with our 20 innovative medicines and vaccines – saving and protecting millions of Vietnamese lives.

Our first footprint in the country was through vaccines, which we have been discovering, developing, and delivering to help prevent disease for over 100 years. At MSD, we are fully committed to supporting the global strategy of World Health Organization to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer – which is caused by HPV. In 2008, we introduced the first HPV vaccine to Vietnam. Since then, we have been in collaboration with prestigious healthcare partners to enhance a broader and more gender-neutral protection against HPV-related cancers and diseases in Vietnam, ensuring no one is left behind.

Additionally, MSD is proud of being the first company to introduce immunotherapy (IO) to Vietnam in December 2017. We have collaborated with the Bright Future Fund to implement Patient Access Programs in 36 hospitals across Vietnam to help improve access for eligible cancer patients to innovative treatment.

As the world continues to evolve and technology advances at an unprecedented pace, we always keep the value of “Patients First” at our core when tackling challenges to stay ahead of the curve. We operate responsibly every day to enable a safe, sustainable, and healthy future for people and communities everywhere. We look forward to continuous development to enhance our workstreams and significantly impact the community in the years to come.

Creating an Environment to Thrive

The most notable of MSD Vietnam’s priorities is creating an “Environment to Thrive”. We are committed to the growth, success, and well-being of our people to reach their full potential.

With a strong vision of talent development, MSD attracts, develops, and retains talents through career development initiatives, unlimited training programs, and evolved ways of working as we inspire them with our core values and missions. We have been creating job rotations, assignments as well as other development opportunities which cultivate the best talent in our industry.

To enhance our employee’s efficiency at work, we focus on driving operational excellence, digitalization, advanced data analytics, and optimizing our value chain. From centralizing resources and simplifying processes, these solutions streamline our approach and free up time for our teams to focus on more critical work.

We believe by creating an “Environment to Thrive”, our workforce can develop to their fullest and contribute meaningfully to making a positive impact for millions of Vietnamese lives.

Our values are embedded in our Ways of Working (WoW)

MSD is a High Performing Organization because we have been doing things differently. Each & every of our employee is committed to our new Ways of Working such as: Win as One Team; Focus on what Matters; Speak Up and Be Open-minded –all have played a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, resulting in a dynamic and harmonious workplace.

During MSD's 27-year journey in Vietnam, we are always proud to have constantly created outstanding progress to realize our ambition to save lives and improve the lives of the Vietnamese people. With the core value "Patients First - Patients are always the top priority", we are committed to always aiming for sustainable values for business and society by continuing to promote development activities with fairness, integrity, and respect, always welcoming new inventions and new people. MSD Vietnam will continue to go far and affirm its position in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ms. Jennifer Cox, Managing Director

Talent & Organization Development

At MSD, Leadership is a part of our DNA – Leadership with Purpose, including 4 critical success factors: everyone must lead, one common language on Leadership behaviors & skills, Leadership development for all and Leadership skills embedded into all talent practices. A number of engines have been introduced, practiced, and lived into our organization, such as Talent Growth Framework, People Manager Capability Building program, Global and AP Talent development programs.

We provide various opportunities for employees to understand themselves in the context of development categories with a clear development plan to enhance their knowledge, skills, and experience through our TGF (Talent Growth Framework). Many capability building programs such as Leaders Grow Leaders series, Capability Workshops, Personalized & Pull (P&P) learning programs, People Day where all employees are put at the center of everything MSD Vietnam is investing on to gain our competitive edge. All of these initiatives are designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in their roles and contribute effectively to the organization's overall success for the ultimate highest mission: to bring more meaningful differences and impact for people and patients in Vietnam.

Enhance the quality of working environment.

As part of our commitment to creating an Environment to Thrive, the renewed offices are designed to meet WELL GOLD standard of the international WELL Building Institute from USA. The well-being of our colleagues is a high priority; whether providing clean air, water, healthy foods through to providing spaces to rest and unwind.

These updated facilities signify our dedication to evolve our ways of working, by providing a variety of different workspaces to match what employees do on a day-to-day basis. This could be focusing rooms to allow privacy during individual tasks, task zones for static or focused work, more meeting rooms and huddle spaces that allow us all to collaborate more. Additionally, technology equipment, wellness areas and high-class catering also allow us to do much more to foster collaboration, boost productivity, and promote employee’s well-being.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

At MSD, we deeply value diversity, equity, and inclusion, recognizing that by embracing our differences, we can create a stronger and more inclusive workforce. Our purpose is to cultivate an environment of belonging, engagement, equity, and empowerment that fosters the ultimate health outcomes for our people, patients, and the community.

Our strategic framework for driving diversity and inclusion focuses on four key areas: our people, culture, business, and the world we operate in. We are committed to attracting, developing, promoting, and retaining diverse talent globally while strengthening our DEI capabilities. We promote a culture of inclusion, equity, belonging, and engagement, fostering collaboration across teams of diverse backgrounds. Our commitment extends to ensuring diversity in our clinical trials, integrating DEI principles into our commercialization strategies, and addressing unmet medical needs through health equity efforts. Furthermore, we integrate DEI goals into our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives and strive to make an economic impact through our global supplier diversity efforts. Through these focused efforts, we are dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce that can truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Engagement to Self and to Society

Employee engagement is our passion and factor of pride. We are proud to create a workplace admired by the industry and local talents for our people-centric approach. MSD Vietnam always recognizes the importance of fostering a positive workplace culture and creating opportunities for employees to engage and bond with one another. The annual National Meeting brings employee nationwide together for learning and sharing experiences, celebrating, and engaging together – all together conveying the message of Win as One Team. We also have various activities throughout the year, such as MSD Sports Day, Mid-year Celebration, MSD Family Day, New Year, Christmas…

Engaging in Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) is also important to us. Besides public-private initiatives to enhance health and well-being for the community, we also organize voluntary activities to encourage local employees join in blood donation and coastal clean-up to give back to the community and make a positive impact on the environment. These ESG activities not only contribute to the well-being of society but also foster a spirit of empathy and social consciousness among our employees.