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8th Floor, Central Plaza,
17 Le Duan Street,
Ben Nghe Ward,
District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

8th Floor, Central Plaza, 17 Le Duan Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




To be Vietnam’s pride by uplifting
the material and spiritual lives of
Vietnamese consumers

To be Vietnam’s pride by uplifting the material and spiritual lives of Vietnamese consumers

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Masan Group is Vietnam’s leading consumer-focused business group, and we believe in “Doing well by doing good.” We aim to provide quality products and services for Vietnam’s population of over 100 million, enabling them to get more value for money on their daily basic needs.

“Our mission is to uplift the material and spiritual lives of 100 million Vietnamese consumers.”

We are guided by our key principle: to continuously transform and fulfill the evolving consumer's big unmet needs, which will lead to transformational value creation. As Vietnam develops economically, our consumers and their needs continue to evolve, moving beyond daily essentials to a wider array of tailored products, services, and experiences that reflect their modern lifestyles and aspirations. Consumers are also increasingly tech-savvy and value convenience. Anticipating these changes, Masan Group has gone beyond being a producer of branded consumer goods and is well on its journey to becoming an integrated offline-to-online (“O2”) consumer-tech ecosystem. This is what we mean by “Our Consumer Tech Journey”.

Today, the building blocks of our consumer ecosystem include subsidiaries and associates operating in sectors that include consumer retail, branded FMCG (including packaged food and beverage, and home and personal care (“HPC”)), branded meat and fresh produce, financial services, retail food and beverage, and mobile telecommunications. We operate in sectors that together represent a majority of the consumer wallet share in Vietnam, where domestic consumption is the crucial component of GDP and a driver of economic growth.


As one of Vietnam’s largest private sector business groups, we know it is our responsibility to set an example for other enterprises to follow and to raise the standards for sustainable development. Besides, our efforts would be incomplete without addressing the importance of developing our people, addressing the needs of our stakeholders along the entire value chain, contributing to the communities where we operate, giving back to society at large, and reducing our environmental footprint. Improving the lives of others by better serving them as consumers is not enough to become the “Pride of Vietnam”. That is why we believe in the importance of a holistic approach to Sustainable Development and the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) considerations into our business decisions. This will allow us to contribute to Vietnam’s socio-economic development in a more meaningful manner while creating value for our stakeholders.


Masan’s philosophy is putting people in the centricity of our strategy, based on our 5-6-7 Compass: 5 values, 6 qualities of Masaners and 7 principles in working each other. We believe this compass is the foundation of our success and of sustainable competitive advantage.
It’s Masaners who make us successful! Every Masaner is the leader of his/her area of responsibility and has to make his/er own decisions for the company in that area. We develop the abilities of each individual and remove all barriers within the organization to help the whole team accomplish their goals.


We care about our People, and we ensure Talent Development is our Leaders’ focus.

We launched our Masan Growth Center with the aspiration that Masan will be an organization that unleashes the potential of our talents and a destination for future-ready talents.
We welcome domestic and foreign talents to join the Masan family to come together to realize our mission and goals. We also provide opportunities and challenges for our talents to grow not only in the domestic market but also in the region, as well as international markets.



We are proud to be the home of a diverse workforce with many talents sharing the same ambition – serving our consumers. As a Vietnamese company with the ambition to not only be the best in Vietnam, but also capable of competing with the best MNCs, we hire both Vietnamese and foreign talents. We prioritize locals from the communities where we have operations and foreign expatriates who are experts in their fields and are seasoned executives with track records of succeeding in emerging markets.   Our diversity brings together unique perspectives, backgrounds, beliefs, professional and life experiences to unleash potential ideas, solutions, creativity, innovation, and strategies, which are critical to our business.

This achievement recognizes the leadership of Masan’s Board of Management and the incredible efforts of more than 40,000 Masaners on our journey to uplift the material and spiritual lives of Vietnamese consumers, despite many challenges. Thanks to all Masaners for their amazing contributions to make Masan become one of the best places to work in Asia. We also want to share this award with our customers, our partners, and stakeholders who have trust in Masan to provide them with the best quality products and services. Thanks to HR Asia Award Organizing Committee for recognizing our efforts.

Mr.Michael Hung Nguyen, Deputy CEO of Masan Group


We design worry-free working places for our employees and enhance their experience at work.

We ensure that our policies follow the Labor Laws and regulations. Additionally, we design and implement preferential benefits such as medical care insurance for employees and their families to help them feel secured not only for themselves but also for their families. For excellent employees who are making an excellent contribution to the job, we ensure they have excellent attractive income in comparison to the market with ESOP program.

Our employees’ health and wellbeing are also one of our most priorities.

We will continue our People and Culture journey with Passion to Win so we will be able to fulfill our Mission to uplift the material and spiritual lives of 100 million Vietnamese Consumers.

With our clear Vision and Mission, together with the practical approach and excellence in execution on Business, People & Culture strategies, we are confident that we can be able to maintain our position as the best places to work this year and the years to come.


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