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Lot I8-1,
Saigon Hi-tech Park,
Long Thanh My Ward,
Thu Duc City,
Ho Chi Minh City

Lot I8-1, Saigon Hi-tech Park, Long Thanh My Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City




To become the most
technologically advanced
and trusted manufacturing
solutions provider. We
combine an unmatched
breadth and depth of
end-market experience,
technical and design
capabilities, manufacturing
know-how, supply chain
insights, and global product
management expertise to
enable success for the
world’s leading brands.

To become the most technologically advanced and trusted manufacturing solutions provider.
We combine an unmatched breadth and depth of end-market experience, technical and design
capabilities, manufacturing know-how, supply chain insights, and global product management
expertise to enable success for the world’s leading brands.

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At Jabil, people are our most valuable asset. We always strive to create initiatives to enhance teamwork spirit and employee engagement. In our operation, we promote a DEI culture, which recognizes individual uniqueness, ensures access to opportunities for growth and recognition; and creates a sense of belonging.

Recognition program
This program takes place each quarter to recognize outstanding individuals for their dedication and best efforts in building a better and more sustainable Jabil.

Outing Trips
Organized periodically for all employees as the epitome of youthful enthusiasm with many outdoor bonding engagement activities.

Year-End Party
This is one of the most special events of the year to look back on and celebrate employees’ efforts throughout the working year. Our employee parties boast spectacular performances, amazing games, and gifts, where all employees can share, enjoy, and give best wishes to colleagues.

Happy Friday
A series of events were held monthly with diverse activities. This initiative provides an inclusive space for all employees that promotes DEI culture through meaningful topics such as Asia culture discovery, Jabil Pride month honoring and recognizing LGBT community contribution, Sports Day...

Listening to employee’s voice
Along with a commitment to inclusion, we promote two-way communication so that employees can express personal opinions, contribute ideas, and be themselves. We have organized many programs such as the Global Employee Survey, Teatalk program - dialogue with employees, and many other internal feedback channels. These are platforms built to help employees always be heard and recognized


Enhancing employee’s health and well-being – which is supported by our global leaders - is a top priority. This global program encourages us to broaden our support for our employees. This includes employees' healthcare activities such as health checkups, health consultations, health newsletters, sports clubs and competitions and more. Through these programs, employees can proactively take care of their health and mental state.

Sports club and competition
These programs are open to all employees to participate in healthy activities, encourage sportsmanship, and improve the quality of work-life balance for employees.

Health Talk
Our Health Talk programs are held quarterly with experts who share health topics and methods to prevent, monitor, and treat diseases

Doctor Advice & Health newsletter
In our clinic rooms, we have doctors coming from the hospitals to be ready every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to check, monitor employee’s health, and give employees advice when they have any concerns and questions related to health issues. Besides, we publish a monthly health newsletter to inform employees of common illnesses with symptoms, and prevention methods, so that they can actively prevent and protect their health.

Health gift program
We usually organize programs to present healthcare gifts to all employees such as milk, vitamins, and other health gifts to energize and motivate employees to have an effective working day.


Investing in people's development is the core foundation for Jabil Vietnam's sustainable development. We focus on building professional training programs and encourage independent continuous self-learning.

Besides the internal program, we also focus on investing in young talents by organizing internship programs, factory visits, and scholarship programs for students.

Soft-skill training
This training program provides necessary soft skills including time management, problem-solving, teamwork...for employees to improve work performance, thinking, and awareness about personal development while building a positive working environment.

People Leadership Foundation
Through outstanding training content such as the role of the leaders, effective leadership communication, and performance leadership through coaching, participants will be provided with fundamental human resource leadership skills, motivating and managing team performance to achieve goals in a safe work environment.

Internal scholarship
We support our employees’ journey by providing scholarships that cover part of the study fee to lighten their financial load. We also offer professional growth through a structured career path to keep employees challenged and excited in their jobs.

Scholarship for students
Aiming to incubate future leaders and develop young talents, the Scholarship Program was initiated for third-year and final-year students. Besides providing financial support totaling 300 million VND (US$13,000) for 20 scholars, Jabil Vietnam also offers training, internship, and career opportunities for scholars for a more rounded exposure, academically and professionally.

EIT program (Employee in training)
Investing in human development is our top priority. Jabil Vietnam invests in a lot of effort into developing young talents, such as offering internships, plant tour programs, and especially, EIT - an exclusive long-term strategic program for young people in Vietnam. We incubate future leaders through a strategic talent development roadmap that opens unlimited opportunities for young talents in the face of business challenges.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PROGRAM

Jabil always strives to make the world and the communities in which we operate better, healthier, and safer. We hold CSR activities such as visiting orphans and elderly people, donating to cancer patients, giving bookcases to students, and planting trees ... These programs also emphasize the culture of sharing at Jabil Vietnam and showcase employees’ positive contribution to the community.

Planting trees
With the enthusiastic participation of 60 Jabil Vietnam employees, 20 lecturers, and students, 100 trees were brought to their new home at an university campus, where they will continue to thrive and are expected to reduce carbon emissions by 21,000 kg.

Garbage collection program - “Go green”
We always strive to make the environment where we operate better and healthier. Jabil Vietnam members collected waste around the Saigon Hi-Tech Park industrial zone. Through our collective efforts, we were able to make a positive impact on the cleanliness of our community, promote the spirit of environmental protection, and demonstrate our commitment to a cleaner and greener environment.

Pink Me Run
In conjunction with the international Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the 5km “Pink Me Run” program was held. Some 500 runners and employees from Jabil Vietnam together with the local Trade Union raised funds that went towards the wig library of Breast Cancer Network Vietnam, aimed at providing patients with a sense of normalcy, helping them be more confident and happier, and improving their quality of life.

Visit the elderly on the occasion of Vu Lan season
Vu Lan is an important spiritual holiday in Vietnam and is the second largest annual traditional festival after the Lunar New Year (Tet). In this program 35 Jabil Vietnam volunteers visit 100 elderly people at Thien An Home, creating a happy atmosphere for those less fortunate through companionship during a festival steeped in meaning and joy. Items like medicine, daily necessities, and cash were contributed by Jabil Vietnam employees.

Strive to make anything possible and everything better
At our core, we are committed to caring about our people, our communities, and our environment. We will continuously improve the capacity of our team, be a responsible business, and be the best place to work!

Employee's Testimonial

“At Jabil, the well-being of our employees and the development of our talent resources are pivotal for our company's success. Recognized for their commitment to this goal, Jabil's site in Vietnam was proud to receive the "Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2023" and "Most Caring Company" accolades at the HR Asia 2023 Awards. These achievements motivate me and my team to continually cultivate an inclusive workplace culture at Jabil.”
Misa Nguyen, Nurse Lead, Jabil Vietnam.

“I am amazed and inspired by the commitment of my colleagues in Vietnam. At our sites around the world, Jabil has established a culture of support and inclusivity. I received the best conditions to create, develop, and be myself. Proud to be a part of this wonderful community.”
Tu Trinh, Test engineer, Jabil Vietnam