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12th Floor, Park IX Building,
8 Phan Dinh Giot St., Ward 2,
Tan Binh District,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

12th Floor, Park IX Building, 8 Phan Dinh Giot St., Ward 2,
Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




IGC is a leading trustworthy
high-quality education
institution in Vietnam

IGC is a leading trustworthy high-quality education institution in Vietnam

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With the vision of being the leading trustworthy high-quality education institution in Vietnam and the mission of "creating a happy learning environment for generations of global citizens," IGC takes pride in being a place:
  • Where students can experience and develop themselves.
  • Where the staff is dedicated and committed.
  • Where the partners have trusted and accompanied us throughout the past 25 years.
At IGC, the values of Love - Respect - Accountability have always remained at our core to perform professional activities. With the educational goal of M.K.S.A (Mindset, Knowledge, Skills, Attitude), students proudly develop themselves as global citizens with open-mindedness, extensive knowledge, professional skills, and positive attitudes that enable them to thrive in the era of the 4.0 revolution.

We create an immersive and flexible learning space that focuses on practical experience and self-development for learners. Along with value-added teaching principles, IGC adheres to sustainable development goals, aiming to create a professional and dynamic working environment that allows each individual to maximize their role and contribute to the development of our organization and, on a larger scale, national education, with the help of a team of passionate and highly qualified staff.


IGC’s size and network of schools have shown steadfast growth over the years, in response to the demand in Vietnamese education market.

In every province/city where we establish a presence, IGC schools have significant features in campus design and contribute to the socialization of education by promoting quality and prestige.


IGC has expanded its presence with 25 educational institutions ranging from Kindergarten to High School and Vocational Training, located in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Ben Tre, and Tay Ninh. IGC caters to over 20,000 students, supported by a team of 2,200 staff members.


IGC Group continuously expands and leverages strong academic connections by collaborating with leading international educational partners such as Cambridge Assessment International Education, TEDEd, Microsoft, CIS, Education New Zealand, Rosedale Global High School (Canada), The Duke of Edinburgh’s (United Kingdom), Franklin Covey Education (USA) and more. This collaboration aims to enhance the quality of education and provide a platform for exchange and learning for the IGC community. With these opportunities, students and teachers have access to an international curriculum, participate in academic competitions, engage in global friendships, and become prepared to seize scholarships and employment opportunities at organizations worldwide.


By integrating the company's development with the community, IGC implements sustainability goals in Environment, Social and Human Capital, Governance, and Leadership. Through specific and consistent activities, IGC fulfills the following commitments:
  • Protect the Environment and the Planet, address climate change through the "Save Our Planet, Save Ourselves" campaign.
  • Safeguard children
  • Develop a standardized system of policies and procedures
  • Launch Corporate Social Responsibility programs
  • Operate transparently and efficiently.
Linking the growth of businesses with the growth of the community, IGC actively implements voluntary activities to protect the environment and natural resources,... Up to now, the IGC community has contributed nearly 35,000 trees, contributing to the greening of Vietnam's forests.


Many teams and individuals from IGC have achieved remarkable success in international and local academic competitions, science, technology, sports, and physical activities; they have been honored with commendations from the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Education and Training, and various government departments and agencies.

By fostering a professional and friendly working environment for our employees, IGC Group takes pride in receiving the prestigious "HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia” award in 2022 and 2023


IGC promotes a positive physical and mental health environment for our employees as this is a critical gateway to the School's success. Annual health check-ups and 24/24 accident insurance are applicable to all employees. At IGC, we protect employees' rights in accordance with Law on Labour and make it easier for them to reach their full potential and fully commit to the School's growth.

All employees are entitled to a decent salary, a 13th month salary, a competitive annual bonus, social insurance, a health care insurance package, particularly an annual health check package, and accident insurance.

Continuing the journey towards learner-centered quality education and embracing international standards in management, IGC Group believes in our sustainable development within the value chain created for learners, IGC staff, and society.

IGC considers this a meaningful mission to serve as a nurturing environment for cultivating and fostering global citizens, exemplified by our name IGC - Institute of Global Citizenship.

Ms Duong Thuc Linh, CEO IGC Group said: “For nearly 25 years of operation, IGC Group has continuously thrived for the wellness and achievements of all stakeholders, especially, IGC learners and teachers. We understand that the growth and happiness of each member will contribute to the healthy and sustainable growth of the Group as a whole. IGC has a competitive and high standard policies as well as the well-integrated education platform to optimize each campus potential. IGC commits to improve and build more practical activities in the IGC ecosystem to maintain and polish a safe, professional, dynamic, diverse and inclusive working and learning environment. We also encourage our members to contribute their ideas and be involved in our decision-making process. I strongly believe that every IGC member will share and join hands with the organization to build up the best working place for themselves and for the community.”