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AB Tower, 76A Le Lai,
Ben Thanh Ward, D.1,
Ho Chi Minh City

AB Tower, 76A Le Lai, Ben Thanh Ward, D.1, Ho Chi Minh City




To become one of the country’s
most admired, trusted, and valued
financial institution, and be an
active contributor to the economy
and community of Vietnam

To become one of the country’s most admired, trusted, and valued financial institution,
and be an active contributor to the economy and community of Vietnam

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Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation (HSC) is a leading securities brokerage firm and investment bank in Vietnam, provides an array of financial products that cater to private and institutional clients, including professional investment advisory services reinforced by solid, trusted, award-winning research expertise.

Over 20 years of establishment and development, HSC has always maintained its position as one of the leading securities companies in Vietnam thanks to its impressive track record in connecting Vietnamese businesses with international and local investors, comprehensively meeting the needs of individual and institutional investors.


  • Integrity : We act with integrity in every business decision and daily operation.
  • Dedication : We are committed to providing excellent services to all stakeholders.
  • Professionalism : We innovate and continuously improve our capabilities as a leader in capital markets.
  • Partnership : We build trusting partnerships by displaying empathy and providing collaborative support to one another.
  • Positivity : We demonstrate good intention with respectful manner in our interaction with others.


Enhancing values to our people
On annual basis, The BoD comprehensively review and adjust salaries and benefits of employees to promote their engagement and enhance HSC’s competitiveness in the labor market. This demonstrates HSC’s commitment to implementing the defined value proposition for employees – “ Work-Life Balance and Prosperity ” – and solidifying HSC’s image as the “ Best Place to Work ” in the financial industry, in particular, and in the Vietnamese labor market, in general.

Training and Developing Talent
High-quality human resources play a central role in HSC’s business model and success. Therefore, nurturing and developing human resources have long been an important goal in the company’s long-term development strategy. This effort contributes to enhancing employees’ awareness and capabilities in managing operational risks to ensure that the Company’s operations are in compliance with laws and regulations of the SSC and to retaining client trust.

Besides, we believe that accurately assessing and recognizing employee performances are highly important in human resources management. The regular upgrade of employee performance appraisal method (EPM) is the foundation of HSC’s talent assessment and development programs.

Talent acquisition
In the context of an increasingly competitive labor market, retaining high quality human resources is always our top priority. Therefore, we developed the recruitment message “ Engage your values to flourish - Aligning values for success ” to effectively promote the culture and working environment of HSC to potential candidates. Going forward, we will continue to apply digital technologies to talent acquisition and recruitment brand development to diversify sources of candidates and to optimize recruitment costs.


Highly experienced team of professionals
We are proud to have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Coupled with an open and dynamic working environment, we always encourage the team to learn from each other and develop together.

The journey F.O.R.U.S
Fairness : Open connection and interaction between the Divisions, Departments and Teams. Each team combines a variety of members with different specialties, levels, seniority, ages and interests, working together with the spirit that that no one is left behind.
Opportunity : An opportunity for teams and individuals to experience and show their creativity in presenting groundbreaking, trendy performances or become a closer, funnier, friendlier version of themselves.
Result : Connecting and contributing to the inspiration for development, positive and happy lifestyle of HSC big family, rewarding for efforts and dedication for common development.
Unity : The spirit of solidarity and consensus of all members is a powerful source of energy to motivate and guide the way to success.
Satisfaction : The journey’s accomplishment is not only to achieve the set objectives or to open up new opportunities, but also to satisfy all members.
Career development opportunities
Never cease to encouraging employees to improve their skills through online (e-learning) and offline training courses (professional certificates, CFA, MBA). A transparent and appropriate KPI and performance evaluation system helps employees to achieve their full potential.

Competitive salary and benefits
Competitive salary and attractive KPI bonus, 14-18 days of leave/year, 100% social insurance, health insurance, annual health check and other interesting benefits (birthday, internal events 01/06, 08/03, 20/10...).

Work-Life Balance and Prosperity
HCS not only cares about employees' lives through cultural - physical - aesthetic activities (team building, sports competitions) but also focuses on health training such as activities in gym clubs, yoga, badminton, running, football and tennis.