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Level 2, CornerStone Building,
16 Phan Chu Trinh,
Hoan Kiem District,
Hanoi, Vietnam

Level 2, CornerStone Building, 16 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam




We are here to disrupt and
proliferate a differentiated
Digital Banking Model, a
partnership Centric Business
with proven scalability

We are here to disrupt and proliferate a differentiated Digital Banking Model,
a partnership Centric Business with proven scalability

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Building a Sustainable and Inspiring Future: CIMB Vietnam's Journey

We are delighted to reflect on yet another successful year that affirms our unwavering corporate purpose of building a high-performing and sustainable organization that advances both our customers and society. Over the years, CIMB Bank has achieved numerous milestones in the Vietnam market, and this inspiring purpose drives us to create a happy working environment where our people engage passionately while delivering exceptional service to our customers.

Honored Recognitions

Our commitment to strategic guidance and excellence has earned us prestigious recognitions in the industry. CIMB Vietnam has been recognized as a trusted banking partner, receiving the "Vietnam Partner Experience of the Year 2022– Banking" by the Asian Experience Award, the "Most Innovative Financial Inclusion Strategic Partnership – Vietnam 2022" by the International Finance Award, the "Excellence in Innovation - Digital Banking Vietnam 2023" by GLOBAL BANKING & FINANCE AWARDS®, and the esteemed "HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2023" award for the second consecutive year.

Embracing EPICC Values and Culture

At CIMB, our foundation is built on a distinctive set of five core corporate values, which have evolved from a rich heritage of strategic priorities and sustainable success spanning 50 years. These EPICC values form the bedrock of our culture and underpin all our endeavors:
Enable Talents : We believe in enabling and developing our people, aspiring to be the best destination for top talent to thrive.

Passion : Pursuing excellence in all that we do, we go above and beyond to deliver outstanding results.

Integrity and Accountability : Acting ethically and responsibly is our guiding principle, taking ownership of our actions.

Collaboration : We are committed to fostering teamwork and prioritise the collective success of CIMB over individual achievements.

Customer Centricity : Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we consistently strive to serve them with integrity and dedication.

We firmly believe that our EPICC values are the driving force behind our high performance. To ensure these values resonate with every employee, we have ingrained them throughout the employee lifecycle. From our leaders to every individual in the organization, everyone upholds these principles in their daily actions, decision-making, and mindset. EPICC serves as an undeniable foundation guiding us in our business every day, ensuring a successful tomorrow.

Empowering Employees for Impact

At CIMB Vietnam, we appreciate the growing demands on our employees to take the lead in their own initiatives, demonstrating a strong sense of community. We respect the diverse approaches towards achieving common goals, and that is why we embrace an Employee-led CSR theme. Through this approach, our employees collaborate in teams, making a considerable impact on society, leveraging the powerful connections within our organization.

Nurturing Success: Empowering Employees through Transparent Communication and Development

At CIMB Vietnam, we prioritise open and honest communication, actively listening to our employees' voices through tools like "Stay Interview" and "Employee Boxes." Our goal is to create a workplace where everyone is respected, heard, and encouraged to share their ideas and aspirations.

Investing deeply in continuous support and development, our Agile learning culture fosters growth and curiosity. With a learner-centric approach, we offer diverse learning experiences, from conventional classroom training to virtual and gamified tools, empowering employees to own their learning journey.

We believe that transparent communication and ongoing development are fundamental to our employees' thriving. By providing ample opportunities for growth, we ensure our workforce can excel and contribute to CIMB Vietnam's continued success. Together, we build a workplace where everyone can flourish and make a meaningful impact.

Rewarding Excellence with a Digital-First Workplace

Advocating the Pay for Performance practice, we ensure that our employees are rewarded with market-competitive packages. The unique CIMB Rewards Experience is tailored to attract and retain top talents in the industry, providing meaningful and relevant rewards for their outstanding contributions.

Working at CIMB means more than just a job; it is about a shared purpose and vision. It is about celebrating success together, cherishing moments of achievement, and experiencing true engagement. Our employee experience is our ultimate promise to our workforce, facilitated by a powerful digital-first workplace.

We stand immensely proud of CIMB Vietnam's achievements and are exhilarated for the journey that lies ahead. Our unwavering dedication to EPICC values, transparent communication, employee empowerment, and fulfilling workplace experience propels us towards even greater success. Together, we eagerly anticipate shaping a brighter future for our employees, customers, and society at large.