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5th floor, The Manor Crown Tower,
The Manor Crown Hue Urban Area,
Xuan Phu Ward, Hue City,
Thua Thien Hue Province

5th floor, The Manor Crown Tower, The Manor Crown Hue Urban Area,
Xuan Phu Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province




Brewing for a better
today and tomorrow

Brewing for a better today and tomorrow

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A Better Carlsberg Is Brewing

At Carlsberg Vietnam, we prioritize our employees as the foundation for achieving our ambitious growth and building a thriving organization . By doing that, we are brewing a better us that drives us towards success and benefits our customers, partners, and the world around us.

We - Carlsberg Vietnam & Our Inspiring Goal

Since 1993, Carlsberg has been a well-known name in central region with highly acclaimed Huda beer. In 2022, We started to focus on the southern market with an inspiring goal of becoming one of the leading players in Vietnam beer industry . We communicate this vision transparently across the company to get everyone share the same vision.

Our Purpose

Some have to dig deep to find their purpose, for us it has always been there. Our founders saw Carlsberg as a vessel for something bigger. In their eyes, the company should always be a force for good, dedicated to the principles of science, social commitment and brewing “to the greatest possible degree of perfection”.

This was a philosophy shared by other founders across the world. Those who built the brands that now make up the Carlsberg family. They contributed to a legacy that has been handed down from generation to generation. A legacy that still defines who we are today. This legacy is now our Purpose - Brewing for a better today & tomorrow.

Our Purpose remains at the heart of everything we do.

Our Value

The 3A (Alignment, Accountability and Action) are key pillars of our company culture to foster a team-based and high-performance culture. At Carlsberg Vietnam, Management Team has condensed Triple A to 6 values with the purpose to make it even clearer on how we can bring 3A to daily work: Aignment, Accountability, Action.

We focus on our people and create an inclusive workplace as a foundation for achieving our goal

Our expansion resulted in creating numerous employment opportunities in the Vietnamese labor market (+94% in total employees). Our employees are empowered to choose their preferred learning methods (7948.5 hours of learning, +198% vs. last year). We demonstrate our commitment to our employees’ health and safety through our well-being campaign : Health & Safety Day, Health Check-up, competitive Health Insurance program,…. We foster a culture of DE&I where everyone is welcome and valued for their unique perspectives (over 50% of management positions held by women and our leadership team is an example for diversity,…)

Welcome New Employees

One notable accomplishment is the remarkable increase in Carlsberg's workforce. Compared to the first quarter of 2022, the total number of employees has surged by nearly 94%. This expansion has been creating numerous employment opportunities in the Vietnamese labor market.

Beer time with CEO

Learning and Training

The company's dedication to a cohesive work environment is reflected in its training programs, allowing employees to choose their preferred learning methods. Whether it's self-guided online learning, engaging sessions with experts, or immersive training workshops, the company offers a range of options to cater to individual needs. This dedication has yielded remarkable results, with a significant increase of 198% in training hours compared to previous years while ensuring quality in the training programs.

Employee Wellbeing

Moreover, Carlsberg Vietnam places great importance on the health and safety of its employees, not only during work hours but also in their personal lives . To demonstrate its commitment to employee well-being, the company organizes a holistic well-being program, which is kicked-off with a Nationwide Health & Safety Day in July. On this day, employees are granted a day off to participate in engaging morning activities focused on promoting health and safety. In the afternoon, they are encouraged to spend quality time with their families, exemplifying Carlsberg's caring and family-oriented culture.

Carlsberg Vietnam's competitive insurance program further exemplifies its commitment to employee welfare. The company goes above and beyond traditional coverage by extending insurance benefits to employees' spouses, parents, and children . This initiative ensures that employees and their families receive comprehensive and holistic support, fostering a sense of security and well-being.

Health and Safety Day

Health Check-up

Unveiling Well Being – Physical Health, Emotional Health, Workplace Health

Launching Recognition App
Connect, Engage & Recognize Remarkable Achievements – CERRA APP!!!

DE & I

Carlsberg Vietnam is taking significant steps toward diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). The company has embraced transparent and inclusive recruitment practices, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds. This commitment to diversity is reflected in the company's workforce composition, with one-third of employees being women and over 50% of management positions held by women . Our leadership team is also a strong example for a diverse team with different nationalities and genders.

A Better Carlsberg is Brewing" encapsulates Carlsberg Vietnam's commitment to better experience and environment. The recent HR Asia Award not only recognizes the company's achievements but also serves as a testament to its dedication to building a strong and inclusive workforce.