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240 Hau Giang Street,
Ward 9, District 6, HCMC

240 Hau Giang Street, Ward 9, District 6, HCMC




Maintain the status as a leading
enterprise in Plastic building materials
industry in Vietnam. Actively improve
capacity for competition in the region
and worldwide

Maintain the status as a leading enterprise in Plastic building materials industry in Vietnam.
Actively improve capacity for competition in the region and worldwide

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Local & Regional History

Through a journey of 46 years of development (1977 - 2023), generations of Binh Minh Plastics have tried their best to bring the Company up to become the leading enterprise in Vietnam specializing in production of PVC-U, HDPE, and PP-R plastic pipes and fittings used in water supply and drainage, infrastructure, construction, and civil works in the nation.

Corporate Activities

We are always pioneers in applying modern management methods, and advanced production technologies to produce and supply the market with high-quality products meeting the increasing demands of domestic consumers and being ready to compete in the regional as well as global markets.

Returning to normalcy after the pandemic, facing with rapid changes in business environment where the need for automation and digital transformation is urgent and artificial intelligence is widely used, businesses face major challenges in improving the quality of human resources to adapt. In order to develop quality of human resources in the spirit of “Better Together ”, our Company implemented significant changes in employee policies in 2022, as follows:


The Company keeps on creating an automated working environment in order to improve productivity and safety for workers in all areas of production. Besides, Binh Minh Plastics also emphasizes the message of Safety at workplace or in production, through the implementation of annual occupational safety courses, propaganda by video showcased directly at the gathering points of employees, etc.


Training activities are promoted, with a focus on developing staff professional competencies through training courses on business knowledge and new production techniques that have created opportunities for most workers to advance and improve their skills.


Performance-based income and welfare policies are being redesigned to increase motivation across the board. Regular policy reviews and adjustments in response to changes in the law and actual conditions have also contributed to increased employee commitment to our Company. Specifically, the average salary of the Company’s employees has increased by 24% and the rate of employee income has increased more than 33% in 2022.


Binh Minh Plastics has aimed to complete the management of career development roadmaps for employees with the completion of the competency dictionary. Furthermore, the Company has begun to form and run Focused Improvement (FI) project teams. These projects are intended to promote “Continuous Improvement” while also providing a training and development environment for each employee’s professional and managerial capacity. This can be used by the Company to recognize, select, and transfer employees in order to help them develop suitable careers.

Future plans to improve
Increasing the quality of human resources, creating a friendly and safe internal working environment, and improving employee benefits. Improving remuneration policies, retaining talent, and developing high-quality worker and management personnel. Focusing on risk management.

Strategies to attract new talent
Along with the spread of the Binh Minh Plastics brand, we always aim to build a prestigious and professional image for candidates and all employees through clearly-described recruitment criteria and transparent remuneration policies that are consistent with reality and keep up with the trends of the labor market.

The company always creates favorable conditions and supports for students who have not graduated or have just graduated from college to study and work at the Company to have the opportunity to apply knowledge in practice as well as experience to accumulate knowledge experience and skills needed for the job.

In addition, in order to facilitate new candidates to quickly integrate with the environment and company culture, besides awareness training, we also organize meetings and exchanges with departments as well as employees accompanying and standing with them throughout the integration program. Coming to Binh Minh Plastics, you will feel the warmth, friendliness, solidarity, and enthusiasm in our efforts to build a happy home.


It is more than an organization. It is our home, also our journey. In order to get there, we have two big things, going for hard side and of course going with soft side. Soft side here means people by learning together.

Mr. Chaowalit Treejak, General Director