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20/F MPlaza Saigon,
39 Le Duan Boulevard,
District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

20/F MPlaza Saigon, 39 Le Duan Boulevard, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam


Tobacco Manufacturing


A Better Tomorrow

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We are BAT, a truly global company with a highly successful past and a transformational future.

We are becoming a business that defines itself, not by the product it sells, but by the consumer needs that it meets. We are creating the brands of the future – brands with purpose.

Digital transformation, technology and innovation are driving this change. And it will be actioned by our people, through our culture and ethos. Bold, fast, empowered, responsible and diverse.

And while we have a long and proud history of sustainability achievements, we are transforming from being a business where sustainability has always been important to one where it is front and centre in all that we do.

Our ESG efforts and commitment to high standards placed us on the CDP A list for climate change in 2022. We have also been in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for 21 years. Since 2018, we have been named as a Global Top Employer for our long-standing commitment to sustaining a diverse and inclusive culture and providing career opportunities for all of our people around the world.

Together, we are building A Better Tomorrow™ .

Our startegies:

Aligned with our dedication to foster sustainable business growth, our Human Resources strategies require careful crafting to prepare our workforce with future fit capabilities, enabling them to swiftly embrace change and exhibit resilience in the face of challenges. In essence, these strategies harmonize with our overarching business goals in the pursuit of creating A Better Tomorrow.

Bring your Difference:
We are an incredibly diverse business. We embrace people from all backgrounds, our community shares a powerful diversity of thought.

We invite YOU to bring your own unique experience and perspective to the table, creating an even more vibrant and inclusive learning environment where new ideas can be exchanged.

This foundation creates a culture of high performance and creativity.

Work on the world stage with inspiring leaders:
We are a global business with global opportunities. People here have the opportunity to collaborate with GREAT LEADERS – GREAT TEAMS from around the world.

We touch the lives of millions of consumers every day, in almost every part of the planet. Ultimately, so will your work.

This means, as you develop into your career, you’ll find an ever-widening scope and scale of opportunities, greater than those you would find elsewhere.

Make a positive impact:
We value your ideas, empowering you to explore new horizons. Start to embrace a fulfilling journey that elevates both your professional and personal dimensions. Your independence and positive contributions are not just acknowledged – they're celebrated!