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In June 1996, Vietnamese people firstly accessed to life insurance products and Baoviet Life was the pioneer to open the market, developing the first foundation for life insurance industry in Vietnam. From the early days, understanding the role and human meaning of life insurance as well as the responsibility of enterprises under the Ministry of Finance, Baoviet Life operates based on the mission of dedicated service, gives the best benefits to Vietnamese people.

Vietnam is a country with great attraction to life insurance businesses in the world when the life insurance industry is still quite young with abundant market potential and a young population. By the end of 2022, there are 19 life insurance businesses operating in Vietnam; of which, 18 businesses are foreign and joint venture enterprises, only Bao Viet Life is a Vietnamese enterprise. Despite fierce competition in all aspects, Bao Viet Life consistently pursues a sustainable development strategy, it never develop in a rush way, and always puts customers at the center of all activities. As a result, it helps Baoviet Life maintain its top position in the market for many years in terms of number of contracts, new exploitation revenue and total revenue. Besides, Baoviet Life is also the enterprise that creates the most jobs and pays the highest corporate income tax in the industry.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, like many other industries, life insurance was negatively impacted by social distancing, economic decline and people's income. However, in the face of danger, people's awareness of life insurance is therefore better and Baoviet Life is a pioneer in communication, psychological counseling, health care, calming spirit and healing the mind through a variety of activities. Thousands of online programs connect people with medical staffs, helping people to prevent disease. The health care switchboard, the customer care switchboard and the counselor care switchboard work 24/24 to receive calls from customers and employees. Many billions of dong are paid to customers who are treating Covid-19, as well as many charity programs, supporting people and doctors on the front lines against the epidemic. Bao Viet Life's and humane works have inspired the example of good people, good deeds, and humane businesses, increasing sharply the brand reputation and trust of people and customers to Bao Viet Life.

In the last 6 months of 2022 and 2023, Bao Viet Life adapts to the new normal life after the pandemic with many activities towards the community, customers and employees. There are thousands of post-Covid-19 health care and counseling programs; psychological counseling program, post-Covid-19 nutrition counseling; giving gifts and bicycles to the poor and studious children…. Therefore, with the purpose of helping more and more people to access life insurance and create more local jobs, Bao Viet Life expands its office network to remote areas such as rural, mountainous areas, coastal islands. As of June 2023, Bao Viet Life has 76 member companies and nearly 400 regional offices, covering 63 provinces. Furthermore, Bao Viet Life prioritizes customer services by standardizing customer services and care processes as well as upgrading technology, so that all transactions are performed quickly and conveniently.

With outstanding achievements in all aspects, Bao Viet Life is honored to receive the First-class Labor Medal from the Prime Minister and many prestigious awards at home and abroad such as:
  • 7 years (from 2017-2023) holds the No. 1 position in the Top 10 most prestigious life insurance companies in Vietnam
  • 4 years (from 2018-2022) is honored Asia's Best Workplace
  • The only life insurance company wins the National Brand Award 2022
  • Best life insurance company in Vietnam 2022
  • Best digital transformation life insurance company in Vietnam 2021
On the journey of 27 years of development (from 1996 to 2023), Bao Viet Life has always shown the bravery of a leading enterprise in the industry, taking customers as the center and putting the interests of the country and ethnic group at top. Consistent with the sustainable development strategy and the mission of "Protecting Vietnamese families - Protecting Vietnamese values", Bao Viet Life continues to conquer customers with superior service quality, products, brand reputation and humanitarian activities towards the community, customers and employees.

Employee testimonials

Mr. Tran Tuan Khanh - Director of Baoviet Life’s Tra Vinh Branch:
“When working at BaoViet Life, we are well-trained to constantly improve our professional qualifications and have many opportunities for career development. I believe this is an ideal environment for the young generation to work and stay for a long time.”

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung – Head of Business Development Training Department:
“BaoViet Life is not only a place with outstanding compensation and benefits, but it is also a humane job, bringing many values and positively inspiring the community.”

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ai Van - Baoviet Life Nghe An’s Team Manager:
“Before, I never thought I could become a manager. But when I became a member of Bao Viet Life, I gradually broke all my limits, became more confident, more beautiful, worked harder and became a manager, bringing stable work for my team. Together we conquer goals in work and life.”