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442 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 5, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




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Established in 1993, ACB has 30 years of development with a cultural foundation built on five core values: Integrity, Innovation, Prudence, Balance and Efficiency. A proud history and a colorful story about our successes is included in ACBers’ story.

Currently, ACB has over 13,035 employees working at 384 branches and sub-branches located throughout 49 provinces and cities nationwide. Employees have the opportunity to discover many interesting cultural features when the community and relationships stretch from South to North, from coast to highlands.

ACB will continue to emphasize the retail segment as our main growth driver. At the same time, in 2023, ACB sees opportunities related to the business segment allowing ACB to focus on developing FDI enterprises, as well as enterprises in export processing zones and industrial parks. ACB will earn service fees while financing these businesses.


ACB’s recruitment strategy is to ensure our employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to meet current and future strategic and operational requirements. The bank considers that it has a “career partnership” with employees, jointly pursuing common goals and shared values.

ACB continued implementing the two programs The Next Banker and ACB Experience that provide students from renowned universities with work experience at a bank.

In 2022, over 3,000 new staff joined the ACB talent ecosystem, a majority of which are young hipos in the IT profession.


ACB's training program is planned and organized annually based on the mandatory regulations of the SBV, the nature of the work of the departments, and the positions and aspirations of the employees. The courses are classified into the following groups: courses prescribed by the SBV; courses on people management; and courses on enhancing capacity for digital transformation. Particularly in 2022, ACB promoted courses related to digital transformation in association with reputable certificate issuers, in line with the bank’s goals and orientation toward digital banking.

At ACB, every year each employee must complete at least 48 hours of study, which is recorded as one of the KPIs in learning. In addition, ACB encourages employees to participate in various forms of capacity building and accumulate scores for competing on the ACB Talent Ecosystem (ATE) platform. The corresponding rewards and remuneration will be converted by the employee based on the cumulative score of each individual.

The year 2022 marked the strong learning activities of ACB employees, with the total company-wide number of hours of study exceeding 760,105 hours. Employees across the system participated in learning activities, with an average of 10.5 learning days per employee per year, compared to nine days in 2021.

The budget for training, including tuition fees, the costs of organizing classes, and other related expenses, has increased continuously over the years. Specifically, the total training budget rose by 85% in 2021 and continued to increase by 4% in 2022.

In 2022, ACB employees enjoyed a total of 760,105 study hours, an increase of 17% compared to 2021.


  • The story about Work:Live:Learn of Workforce is defined by the following principles:
  • Increase productivity by tools and processes
  • Maintain peace of mind and positivity through taking care of employee’s physical and mental health.
  • Invest and build capability in order to meet the organization's digital plan.


The remuneration regimes are benchmarked with market references and are always adjusted, improved, and implemented fairly and transparently.

ACB seeks to attract, retain, motivate, and reward talents by establishing and maintaining a compensation and benefit policy with the following characteristics:
  • Health: Every year, ACB raises the limit of its comprehensive health care program (ACB Care) for all employees. In addition, ACB also has a health insurance support program for relatives, helping to motivate employees with peace of mind. In 2023, ACB will launch a mental health care program for employees with counseling and therapy psychologists, communication sessions, and seminars on mental health topics.
  • The budget for the ACB Care program has increased continuously over the years, specifically rising by 98% in 2021 and continuing to increase by 1% in 2022. In addition, the 2023 budget for the ACB Care program will increase by 56% compared to 2022.
  • Entertainment: ACB enhances employee morale through team building programs and events like the Bank's birthday and year-end parties honoring excellent employees, etc. In addition, ACB built facilities around the head office and large buildings to serve the rest and relaxation needs of employees during breaks.
  • At the Head Office building, ACB is one of the first banks to deploy “Eneji station” to take care of employees with the following services: dining, relaxation, light exercise, and massage chairs in the break room. The Eneji Station was created from the management's care for employees in the spirit of Work-Live-Learn. This program is part of ACB's project to improve the quality of the working environment.
  • Talent retention policy: ACB is willing to pay a competitive income for employees and has employee loan policies with preferential interest rates.
  • For the managerial level, ACB has different remuneration policies which include allowance for long-distance travel expenses, stock bonus (ESOP), periodic health checkups at high-class hospitals, good health checkup packages, and rewarded overseas travel.


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