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Lot 1, Thai Hoa – Lien Son –
Lien Hoa IZ, Hoa Son town,
Lap Thach district,
Vinh Phuc province

Lot 1, Thai Hoa – Lien Son – Lien Hoa IZ, Hoa Son town, Lap Thach district, Vinh Phuc province


Building Materials


Become a leading building
material complex in Vietnam

Become a leading building material complex in Vietnam

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AMY GRUPO, established in 2015, is an industrial complex in the field of manufacturing and trading building materials. AMY GRUPO was built in Vinh Phuc province - the cradle of the Vietnamese ceramic industry, founded and operated by experienced leaders who have led many large corporations in the industry. With the most modern equipment, along with a professional production management system and a skilled technical team, AMY GRUPO is supplying the domestic and foreign markets with the most high-class, eco-friendly products and services.

“Cooperating to succeed together” is our motto to create a sustainable system and breakthrough-oriented innovations. During 8 years of development, AMY GRUPO has always been a prestigious partner, and a reliable tile manufacturer for our valued customers, partners, and investors.

Aiming to become a national brand dominating the international market, AMY GRUPO builds a strategic vision of being the leading building material complex in Vietnam by focusing on 3 factors: breakthrough products - professional personnel - pioneering technology, in which people are the most valuable asset that we want to nurture.


Give an A for effort
We recognize every person’s—not just top performers’—work throughout the year so no one gets excluded or discouraged. We show appreciation and reward for an employee’s achievements, and attitude in the company. The recognition might come from a compliment, certificate of achievement, productivity bonus, career advancement, etc, to make them feel valued and appreciated. We celebrate milestones and achievements publicly, such as during meetings or year-end ceremonies, and encourage employees to do the same for their peers.

Encouraging open communication & Having an open ear
We believe that communication is often key to success so we embrace an open culture that encourages people to share their ideas, discuss problems, and express themselves openly in conversations at work. We organize an annual union conference and workers' conference to listen to employees’ needs, ideas, and opinions. Through that activity, we want to foster cooperative and collaborative relationships between members, allowing them to accomplish more and with less conflict.

Enable employees to reach their full potential
By caring for their physical & mental health
  • Internal & external activities aim to engage and strengthen the bond between leaders with employees and among the employees. With spaces in the offices for relaxation, regular parties celebrating holidays, and annual trips, we ensure an environment for employees to recharge their batteries and up their moods.
  • Every year, AMY GRUPO employees have a health check-up. Health benefits package: Medical insurance, occupational accident, and occupational disease insurance is provided to protect and support the health and well-being of employees


  • Outline responsibilities : New joiners know exactly what their current role entails, which responsibilities they need to take over and the steps to take to get it all done. There is an open line of communication between the manager and the new hire. The new hire feels free to ask questions upfront and along the way.
  • Training : We provide on-the-job training in a manageable flow. Employees put on the onboarding process that gives time to them to understand company-oriented development, and products before doing their tasks. Team leaders and managers are always willing to assist and support them to have their work done and get productive quickly.
  • Empower individuals : when employees have the ability to work independently thanks to years of experience, we give them more opportunities to express and implement their ideas and promote their innovation in work. It is also a recognition as we believe they have a greater capacity to contribute to the company.