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Invigorating Lives in Asia Pacific

Menarini is committed to helping address healthcare needs that will improve the quality of lives of people in the region. Menarini Asia-Pacific operates across the entire commercial value chain, from clinical development, regulatory approval and product launch to lifecycle management with a diverse portfolio of proprietary and partnered brands.

Menarini APAC Overview

At Menarini Asia-Pacific, we are dedicated to improving people's lives. We believe that good health empowers people to unlock their full potential. Strengthened by Menarini's illustrious heritage since 1886 and a network of global partners, Menarini Asia-Pacific today serves over 13 key markets in the region - invigorating lives of the people and communities where we serve.

Menarini Asia-Pacific is a wholly owned subsidiary of leading Italian pharmaceutical company Menarini Group. We combine the strengths of our global resources with local customer insights to bring the best medical innovations to hospitals and healthcare providers.

Powered by a dedicated team of over 3,600 employees, we manage an extensive portfolio of proprietary healthcare brands and licensed brands from some of the world's leading biotech companies. From R&D through to manufacturing, regulatory approvals and commercialisation - we are there every step of the way.

Since establishing our Asia-Pacific presence in 2005, the Asia-Pacific pharmaceutical markets have grown to account for over 15% of worldwide pharmaceutical sales, and continues to meet a growing demand for quality medical solutions in the region.

Menarini Vietnam At A Glance


  • Build a Trustworthy leadership team, maintaining an healthy culture , giving the feeling of equity, openness and transparency for everyone;
  • Are empowered to pursue our own career advancement;
  • Offer plenty of opportunities for employees to learn and grow as individuals is an investment;
  • Truly people-focused by providing careness, competitive compensation and benefits ; organize special ways to recognize people and honour their good works;
  • Keeps employees happy, healthy, and productive to feel as part of Menarini family
  • Take part in Corporate Social Responsibility to spread our “Invigotaing Lives” spirit to the community.


There are so many wonderful things about working at Menarini, benefits that come not only from monetary rewards but also strong support from the Leadership Team and excellent collaboration between colleagues across functions. Trust, empowerment, interest and care through more and more employee engagement programs that are always an inspiration for me to go to work every day.

Appreciation and recognition are two important components of motivation at Menarini. It not only makes me feel accomplished and appreciated, but also reinforces good performance and encourages me to continue repeating the actions that led to success together with the company.
(Le, Nguyen Khoi – Senior Business Intelligence & MIS Manager)

The company's Leadership is really excellent in orientation and action strategy, transparent and clear information, always recognizes contributions and inspires and motivates employees. All departments always collaborate actively, support quickly and timely.

I also feel that my values and contribution are well recognized. The Leadership team always show me that I have the potentiality and can do better. I really see I am shining with all of their recognition and motivation.
(Nguyen, Thi Kim Oanh – Senior Business Manager)

It's been almost 02 years since I've joined Menarini Vietnam, and my motivation has changed along the way. At first, I was amazed by the family-like working environment since I was really welcomed and supported by my peers as well as other departments. This has helped me tremendously to not feel like a new joiner and adapt smoothly to this new environment. Then, the more I work, the more I've realized that all of the employees are really skillful in what they do, which has motivated me to be a better version of myself by learning from them and wanting to contribute more.
(Nguyen, Tran Dung Tien – Financial Analyst)

The best support from the Country Leadership team generally and my direct manager individually, the collaboration across all functions, Gender Equality with Diversity and Inclusion culture make me feel Menarini is "a second home" to continuously contribute my own piece to grow a better and bigger Menarini's picture in Vietnam market.

Since the first day, I always feel empowered and fully supported throughout my journey of 11 years with Menarini. The company recognizes my efforts by properly awarding programs and offering many opportunities not only locally but also regionally to develop myself and my career path. With Menarini, you'll feel every day is NOT the same day - A Better tomorrow starts from today.
(Ngo, Vu Ngoc Trang – Senior Supply Chain & Procurement Manager)