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21/11, 21/13 Thai Wah Tower 1,
6th Floor South Sathorn Road,
Tungmahamek, Sathorn,
Bangkok 10120, Thailand

21/11, 21/13 Thai Wah Tower 1, 6th Floor South Sathorn Road, Tungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, Thailand


Agro & Food Industry


Creating Innovation and
Sustainability from Farm to Shelf

Creating Innovation and Sustainability from Farm to Shelf

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Company Introduction

Thai Wah Public Company Limited, known as TWPC, stands as the leading agri-food platform in Southeast Asia. Our proud and extensive portfolio encompasses a diverse range of products, spanning from food ingredients to food solutions. We have proudly emerged as Southeast Asia's largest producer of tapioca starch and one of the foremost vermicelli and noodle manufacturers in Thailand and Vietnam. Our unwavering commitment extends to serving approximately one million global consumers.

TWPC, has proactively embraced change by anchoring our values in three core principles: Right People, Right Quality, and Right Place.

Right People:

Our commitment to upholding fundamental rights underpins our corporate ethos. We staunchly advocate for fairness, equality, and non-discrimination in every aspect of our operations. In our recruitment practices, we champion human rights and equality by openly advertising positions without bias towards gender, age, race, or marital status. Our Code of Conduct has consistently embedded fair, equitable, and non-discriminatory employment practices. In 2022, we welcomed 54 women and 66 men into our workforce, resulting in a total of 1,789 women and 1,653 men within our company.

Right Quality:

We acknowledge that the world is in constant flux, demanding adaptability, and excellence to overcome global challenges and competition. To that end, we have established the Thai Wah Leadership Academy (TLA) to nurture our associates' development, recognizing them as our most valuable asset. TLA offers a spectrum of associate-centered leadership programs categorized into three layers: Leading Self, Leading Team, and Leading Business. These programs equip our associates with the skills and knowledge needed to address current challenges. With over 30 classes conducted and 500 associates participating, TLA is shaping the future of our business.

Furthermore, our Talent Management and Succession Planning process ensures the continuity of our business operations by identifying, developing, and retaining employees capable of assuming leadership roles.

Right Place:

We prioritize fair treatment in accordance with international human rights standards. Our non-discriminatory policy extends across recruitment, employment, compensation, training, assignment, and promotion processes. We actively support and promote the career advancement and leadership development of our female associates. We are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy working environment and facilities to enhance our associates' quality of life and potential fulfillment.

In 2022, 46% of our managers and above, as well as 45% of our top management, were female.

Committed to the professional development of our associates and creating an improved workplace, we partnered with Willis Towers Watson (WTW), a global research and consulting firm, to conduct the Associate Engagement Survey (AES). This initiative provides our associates with a secure platform to voice their opinions, fostering an inspiring, fulfilling, and open workplace.

The survey, garnered participation from 3,271 associates across Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Cambodia, representing 96% of our workforce. Our sustainable engagement score for 2022 reached an impressive 95%, with all drivers surpassing the Thailand norm, Global High Performing norm, and Asia Pacific manufacturing norm.