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14 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road
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14 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road Chomphon Sub-District Chatuchak District, Bangkok 10900


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Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (ThaiBev) is Southeast Asia’s largest and leading beverage and food company, with headquarters in Thailand. We have leading positions in our core markets in five countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, and Malaysia. ThaiBev’s vision , to be a ‘ Stable and Sustainable ASEAN Leader in the Beverage & Food Business ’, is actively carried out with commitment to sustainability.

As ThaiBev is diverse in sustainable growth paths, we invest in the capacity to continuously expand and achieve our vision of becoming an ASEAN Leader. Our goal is to ensure that our diverse workforce is able to work with their uniqueness and identity and have equal opportunities to gain access to all development tools necessary to grow in their own career path enhancing the LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES . ThaiBev sees that opportunity and growth are essential for candidates since they look for companies that match who they are, what they believe in, and use their skills to the fullest. Therefore, we developed ‘ LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES ’ as our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) designed with our mission of creating and sharing the value of growth. We commit that every employee gets opportunities to continuously learn and grow, enabling them to realize their full career potential. Through these advancement opportunities, we aim to foster employee engagement and career satisfaction, which drives employees to dedicate long-term commitments. To make “ LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES ” accessible for all stakeholders, we break LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES down into 3Cs to provide all stakeholders with their CAREER through developing capabilities and advancements, limitless CONNECTIVITY through establishing strong relationships and networks, and limitless CONTRIBUTION through bringing benefits to society and making a difference. ThaiBev cares for the people, environment, and the entire value chain, sharing the value with the world. These are the great stories that we can share with everyone.

Strategies Implemented

ThaiBev believes that our employees are our most valuable capital, contributing significantly to the company’s reputation and overall success. We place a strong emphasis on the safety and welfare of our employees, considering it a fundamental factor. Our commitment to safety in sustainable fashion is unwavering, exemplified by our dedication to providing 100% training on sustainability-related policies. We believe that equipping our employees with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of these policies is essential for driving positive change and fostering a sustainable future in terms of employee safety and wellbeing. These measures encompass accident and illness prevention, as well as the creation of work environments that enhance the physical and emotional well-being of employees and improve their overall quality of work life, extending these principles to benefit business partners and other stakeholders as well. Through this initiative, we empower our workforce to actively contribute to our sustainability goals and ensure that our business practices align with our environmental and social responsibilities.

Similarly, ThaiBev holds a fundamental belief that thriving organizations thrive in collaboration with their employees, fostering an environment conducive to growth and enriching learning experiences that, in turn, yield substantial benefits for both the individual employees and the company as a whole. This belief underlines ThaiBev's commitment to a holistic approach to employee development. We dedicate to provide the workforce with comprehensive training and advancement opportunities. In line with 70:20:10 approach to development, we further expanded our coaching and mentoring initiatives in all talent development programs with comprehensive action learnings. By empowering employees to continually enhance their skills and competencies, ThaiBev not only invests in its staff but also strengthens its own position in the market. The company acknowledges the ever-evolving nature of the business landscape and recognizes the importance of addressing various skills gaps within its workforce. This proactive stance towards skills development ensures that ThaiBev remains agile and competitive in its industry. Young talent development programs are expanded to cover new businesses.

Furthermore, ThaiBev is resolute in its commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace culture where all employees have equal opportunities to excel and thrive. Regardless of background or role, we ensure that every staff member can fully explore their potential and contribute meaningfully to the organization's success. This inclusivity promotes diversity and encourages innovation within the company, reflecting ThaiBev's dedication to creating a dynamic and collaborative work environment.

Employee Feedback & Response

Our primary goal is to strengthen ThaiBev's Human Capital by fostering a sense of unity and promoting awareness of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We aim to prepare our diverse workforce for the rapidly changing dynamics of the modern workplace. Additionally, our Beverest Platform, which includes BeverestLife (mobile application) and BevPortal (website), provides employees with a convenient and efficient means to handle all work-related tasks and HR-related processes online. This digital platform has not only increased employee engagement in various activities but also serves as a valuable tool for career development. Employees have the flexibility to choose and complete online courses to enhance their skills beyond their current roles. Moreover, they can easily apply for internal job opportunities and access a range of employee benefits and privileges through the platform, facilitating career advancement. ThaiBev places the utmost importance on the well-being of our employees, continuously striving to provide comprehensive support to both our employees and their families in various aspects. In 2022, ThaiBev awarded 1,218 scholarships to employees' children, further highlighting our commitment to our employees and their families. ThaiBev has also received recognition and awards for our exceptional commitment to safety, occupational health, and workplace environments, as well as for our efforts in preventing and addressing drug-related issues in the workplace.

Consequently, employees express their heartfelt appreciation for the incredible support and Limitless Opportunities that ThaiBev provides. There are also awards and recognition programs to boost employees' confidence and inspire them to excel in their potential. Likewise, employees take pride in being part of an organization that fosters such a positive and nurturing environment. A positive corporate culture can greatly impact employee satisfaction. ThaiBev's focus on teamwork, communication, and a supportive work environment contributes to a positive workplace culture, as evidenced by the increase in the internal engagement score to 80% in 2022. Additionally, as the company fosters a coaching culture within the organization, employees experience personal and professional growth, increased job satisfaction, improved well-being, and better preparation for future challenges and opportunities. This encourages employees to feel actively involved and eager to work with ThaiBev.

Future plans to improve

We acknowledge that ThaiBev's capacity to attain our PASSION 2025 objectives is intricately linked with the well-being of our natural environment and the inclusivity of our communities. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our employees, suppliers, customers, business associates, investors, and all stakeholders for their unwavering support, trust in ThaiBev, and their valuable contributions to our sustainability endeavors. Our unwavering commitment is to collaborate closely with all of you in pursuit of a pristine environment and a future that is sustainable, aligning with our mission of "Creating and Sharing the Value of Growth."

Strategies to attract new talent

Attracting new talents, we highlighted our best practices related to the Limitless Opportunities and 3Cs for employees and story-sharing to external stakeholders. As implementing the 3Cs with our employees and external stakeholders, communicating to the public so they can identify with our unique EVP. Consequently, we share our brand identity, story, culture, and initiatives through branding communication with digital platforms, advertising, events, public relations, sponsorships, and word-of-mouth to reach and attract potential candidates to join the organization, as well as enabling our employees and other stakeholders to feel engaged and inspired in our journey.

Additionally, attracting the young generation, ThaiBev participated in university job fairs and career events across Thailand to not only promote the Limitless Opportunities and available positions but also distributing our products to students. Additionally, ThaiBev organized the ThaiBev Internship Programs, Chang Junior (Thai) and ThaiBev Internship Program for ASEAN Students (English), where students from various universities across Thailand and ASEAN can enroll to explore their interests in our variety of job families – 22 job families, providing them with LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES. Interns will get a sense of the working culture at ThaiBev, and get to work with various business managers and even top management. The program has received high satisfaction scores with more than 93% satisfaction score, and 100% of participants wanting to work with ThaiBev after graduation. As a results, the outcomes in the form of increased interest and applications for both internship and available job positions. The appeal of our internship programs has experienced a notable surge as there is almost double of the application intake from last year. Similarly, according to statistics from external job boards, ThaiBev also received a highest volume application in leading job websites, the statistics not only highlight our growing appeal as an employer but also underscore the effectiveness of our efforts in cultivating a strong employer brand.

Employee Testimonial

Personally, I think ThaiBev takes employee’s career development very seriously. We’re consistently encouraged and empowered to design and execute our own development plans based on our career aspirations and capability gaps. Additionally, with strong support from my supervisor and the HC team, I got to develop myself through formal and informal learning approaches. Limitless Opportunities to develop and grow are my key drivers to work here.
Thitiphong Serisomnuek
Senior Learning Strategy Associate

ThaiBev places great importance on employee development, offering a variety of learning opportunities where employees can design their own learning paths. Additionally, there are internal systems, such as LMS and IDP, that support employees in advancing their careers, showcasing limitless opportunities.

Even though ThaiBev is a large company with many businesses, it is still committed to continuous development. Therefore, for me, working here has been challenging and has allowed me to learn a lot, which is different from other places.
Saksorn Sojindamanee
Change Management and Project Management Officer

One culture practice that I personally appreciate at ThaiBev would be their commitment to valuing, prioritizing, and upholding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in all respects. As a foreigner myself, this work culture that ThaiBev has set, has made it much easier for me to allow for a smooth and easy transition into the Thai work culture, with our Thai employees being very welcoming and accommodating of our foreign friends, and at the same time also having fellow foreign employees to share common experiences and create meaningful connections. Knowing that the work I do is well-recognized, and having the sense of psychological safety and belonging in the company, the culture, and my peers, thanks to the company’s commendable DEI efforts, motivates me to achieve my best daily.
Swan Yee Myint Swe (Ryan)
Talent Acquisition Officer