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129/11 Moo 17 Soi 5/3, Bang Sao Thong,
Bang Sao Thong District, Samut Prakan
10570 Thailand

129/11 Moo 17 Soi 5/3, Bang Sao Thong, Bang Sao Thong District, Samut Prakan 10570 Thailand


Food Industry


We blend care and creativity
to nourish the world.

We blend care and creativity to nourish the world.

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Griffith as the Best Place to Work in Thailand and Southeast Asia

To become the best workplace in Thailand, Griffith Foods upholds its values as a caring family company, providing everyone with the opportunity to grow, pursue their personal 'Purpose,' and find fulfillment in their work. We support each other, demonstrating mutual respect and nurturing the well-being of our employees.

Guided by our mission to 'blend care and creativity to nourish the world,' under the leadership of Mr. Brian Griffith, Owner and Executive Chairman of Griffith Foods, we are a global product development partner with a century of experience in the food industry. Griffith Foods, founded by Enoch Luther Griffith and Carroll Ladd Griffith, specializes in food ingredients, including seasonings, sauces, breadings, coatings, flavors, and bakery products. Operating in over 30 countries with 19 manufacturing facilities across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, Griffith Foods employs over 3,200 associates worldwide.

Griffith Foods Southeast Asia, based in Thailand and led by Dave Jagdeo, Managing Director, operates two manufacturing sites, exporting products to more than 50 countries worldwide. We specialize in building strong partnerships with customers to create healthy and nutritious food. Sustainability concerning people, led by Tatchakorn Suwannasopon, HR Director for SEA, as we actively care for our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Make the Future Better at Griffith Foods

Griffith Foods is committed to setting an exemplary standard, united by a shared purpose that prioritizes the well-being of all our employees. As a purpose-driven organization, we encourage team members to discover their own sense of purpose, which serves as a driving force for motivation and fulfillment in both personal and professional lives. Our 'Virtual Purpose Accelerator' program assists employees in finding happiness and success in their careers, while 'Employee Wellness Month' safeguards physical and mental well-being, offering educational sessions on mental health, complimentary lunches, pre-overtime snacks, transportation options, virtual meetings, knowledge-sharing sessions, and town halls to foster social connections.

We have also established a fitness room to promote physical health and an 'Employee Assistance Program (EAP)' for counseling and guidance on work-related or personal life issues, financial concerns, health challenges, and more.

At Griffith Foods, we are dedicated to fostering an environment where employees can thrive personally and professionally, as we believe that a happier, healthier workforce is the key to a brighter future.

Act Like Family: Employee Engagement

Griffith Foods takes great pride in our family-oriented culture, committed to 'Creating Better Together.' We cultivate a culture that values empathy, respect, authenticity, and transparency. We create an environment where individuals can thrive, enjoy their experiences, and develop in alignment with their interests and aspirations. Much like a close-knit family, we nurture the personal and professional growth of our workforce, offering development opportunities, emphasizing a 'Talentship Culture,' utilizing Individual Development Plans (IDPs), and supporting training programs for leadership and functional competencies.

Purpose: Nourishing Fulfillment in their Work

Griffith Foods helps employees discover personal purpose and fulfillment through peer coaching and feedback. We support each other, demonstrate mutual respect, and engage in constructive conversations to understand diverse viewpoints and find mutually agreeable solutions. We encourage two-way communication through the 'OurVoice' survey, benchmarking the company globally and proactively promoting health and nutrition awareness with the 'Nutrition for Non-Nutritionist' program.


Work Together Globally

Griffith Foods recognizes diversity as a unique strength that enables global collaboration. We have implemented policies to enhance gender balance and empower women, resulting in increased representation of women in managerial and top management positions. We organize events to promote gender equality, addressing physical, mental, and financial well-being.

"We have implemented policies aimed at enhancing gender balance and empowering women, resulting in increased representation of women in managerial and top management positions."

People, Planet, Performance: Commitment on People in the Sustainability Journey

Griffith Foods cares for employees and the communities where we operate, fostering a culture of community, engagement, and excellence. Guided by the brand promise of 'Creating Better Together,' and driven by employee contributions, we fulfill our Purpose, driving company performance and positive change worldwide. Our family-oriented values exemplify our commitment to employee well-being, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. We promote diversity of perspective and actively seek ways to empower employees for effective global collaboration, leading to collective success."

Employee’s Testimonial

“Griffith Foods is a family-friendly workplace that cultivates a supportive work environment especially for new parents. They can sometimes work from home, which help to relieve stress and increase employee productivity. The aim is to promote work-life balance culture within the company because we want our employees to be happy, which is a huge factor to determine the productivity and success of a company”

“What motivates me to work for Griffith Foods is the mutual trust developed between my manager and me. I have autonomy and freedom to initiate new projects, make decision and proposed solutions. After deliver results, I feel empowered and confident, which motivates me to continually develop new initiatives to support company growth plan”
By Siwattra Rungthaweewut (Senior Marketing Manager, South-East Asia)

Company has strong culture as we call act like family. It is one of our value and importantly we encourage our people to have more happiness with good welfare and recognition award. Also encourage employees to develop themselves by support many development programs.

Company has very good welfare, Health insurance benefit but most importantly company do care a lot to employees during crisis situation as pandemic of Covid-19. I’m personally really appreciated.
By Prawit Laothirapanich (OFS Segment Lead, South-East Asia)

I think one thing is that the employees trust the company and feel they are being treated with fairness, respect, and honesty.

I have had many opportunities to grow my career at Griffith. I have good teamwork and I’d like to build a strong team to fulfill their potential.
By Sukanya Thoedkitiwarang (Financial Controller)