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587 Viriyathavorn Building,
19th Floor, Sutthisan Winitchai Road,
Ratchadaphisek Subdistrict,
Dindaeng District, Bangkok 10400

587 Viriyathavorn Building, 19th Floor, Sutthisan Winitchai Road,
Ratchadaphisek Subdistrict, Dindaeng District, Bangkok 10400




To be a leading power business
company in Thailand and ASEAN
region with the efficient operation

To be a leading power business company in Thailand and ASEAN region with the efficient operation

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CK Power Public Company Limited (the “Company” or “CKP”) was founded by CH. Karnchang Public Company Limited Group (“CH. Karnchang Group”), registered its incorporation on June 8, 2011, with its registered capital of Baht 1,000,000, and with the objective to become the center of CH. Karnchang Group’s focus on investment in the business of production and distribution of electricity generated from various types of energy sources. The Company registered its conversion into a public company on February 6, 2013.

CKPower, One of the region’s largest producer of electricity from renewables, is humbled to have received the "Best company to work for" accolade from HR Asia. A reflection of our unwavering commitment to our employees, this award underlines our organizational excellence.

Tackling Challenges Head-On:

Even as one of the region's largest producers of electricity from renewables, CKPower has faced its share of challenges. One of the pivotal challenges was ensuring that our workforce was in perfect sync with our strategic objectives, adeptly navigating the nuanced world of renewable power generation. To uphold the strength and vitality of our talent pool amidst these challenges, CKPower prioritizes staff retention. With competitive benefits, structured career progression, continuous skill enhancement, and an enriching work environment, we have consistently empowered our team to overcome obstacles and drive long-term success.

Culture: Unity Through “CAWTA”:

The anchor of our corporate culture, CKPower’s “CAWTA” core values, unite employees across all hierarchies. Year-round activities and persistent communication bolster employee engagement, nurturing a collaborative spirit and shared objectives, thereby solidifying a positive, unified culture.

  • Coaching and Learning: Nurturing growth as one would in a family.
  • Accountability: Deliver your utmost and own the outcomes.
  • Work Ethics: Prioritize integrity over inclination.
  • Teamwork: Individually we spark; collectively, we illuminate.
  • Adaptability: Embrace and champion ongoing evolution.

Empowering Our People: Addressing Challenges through Capability Enhancement

In an industry as dynamic and complex as renewable energy, the proficiency and adaptability of our workforce directly correlate to our success and competitive edge. Recognizing the transformative role of employees in shaping the industry's future and reinforcing our market stance, CKPower has undertaken a holistic approach to nurture and elevate the potential of its talent.

Strategic Employee Development

The cornerstone of our empowerment philosophy revolves around identifying and honing the unique capabilities of our employees to better align with the company's strategic vision and expanding business trends. To this end, we've instated a rigorous yet flexible framework that not only pinpoints but also addresses the evolving needs of our workforce. Every year, we revisit our training regimes, ensuring they remain current, relevant, and in step with global best practices.

Embracing Self-Driven Growth

Central to our strategy is the emphasis on Individual Development Plans. By empowering our employees to chart their own growth trajectories, we nurture a culture of proactive learning and innovation. The Upskill & Reskill toolkit further complements this by offering a structured yet personalized roadmap for skill enhancement. Through the deployment of tools like competency gap analysis, we ensure a workforce that's not just ready for today but also primed for the challenges of tomorrow.

Comprehensive Training Ecosystem

CKPower's commitment to capability enhancement transcends traditional training methods. Our diverse range of programs ensures a 360-degree development perspective:
  • New Joiner Program: Tailored courses providing a solid foundation for those beginning their journey with CKPower.
  • Soft Skills Training: Emphasis on nurturing interpersonal skills and potential, preparing employees for collaborative and leadership roles.
  • Functional Training: Specialized modules for those in technical roles, covering areas like engineering, turbine mechanics, and more.
  • Leadership Program: For our managers and supervisors, these courses hone strategic thinking, decision-making, and team leadership capabilities.
  • CKP Academy Application: A digital gateway granting employees on-the-go access to a reservoir of knowledge, ensuring continuous learning is never more than a click away.

CKP Academy Application: In line with our 'Empowering Our People' philosophy, one of our groundbreaking initiatives stands out: the CKP Academy Application. As testament to our commitment to employee development, this innovative platform encompasses the following features
  • Tailored annual hard skill development plans.
  • Mandatory training modules covering CKPower’s core values, safety protocols, sustainability, and much more.
  • Guidelines offering role-specific recommendations.
  • Induction training for new joiners.
  • An extensive E-Learning library.
  • The novel “Fun Language” feature, facilitating intra-organization language learning.
  • "Food for Thought" insights for continuous professional and personal growth.
  • A knowledge sharing hub for cross-company expertise transfer.
  • An Internship program sculpting future industry leaders.

Celebrating Achievements:

At CKPower, recognition is more than just an annual ceremony. We’ve etched our highest achievers in the “Hall of Fame”, while promotions and milestones are celebrated with speeches by top management, resonating our deep appreciation.

Employee Engagement: Beyond the Job Role:

To sustain our high employee morale, we've instated biennial satisfaction and engagement surveys, with outcomes forming the backbone of subsequent welfare initiatives. Beyond surveys, our array of activities, including the innovative Healthy BMI Program, have statistically shown to boost employee efficiency and reduce work-related stress.

Fostering Camaraderie Through Activities:

Believing in holistic employee development, CKPower offers an eclectic range of clubs, from sports to arts, catering to varied interests. Our annual Sports Day and Staff Parties further augment our dedication to employee well-being, providing platforms for them to unwind and bond.

CKPower Clubs: Celebrating diverse passions from golf to music, fostering camaraderie and enthusiasm.

CKPower Sports Day: Uniting teams in fitness, camaraderie, and well-being

Staff Party: celebrating team spirit: A blend of creativity, bonding, and a warm welcome to our newest members.

At CKPower, 'Empowering Our People' isn't merely a slogan – it's a lived reality. By placing our people first, we have cultivated a workplace that doesn't just tackle industry challenges but thrives on them. It's this philosophy that makes CKPower not only a leader in the renewable energy domain but also the preferred haven for the region’s top talent, making it truly one of the best companies to work for.

Employees’s Testimonial

As architects who have had the privilege to design both power plants and community projects for CKPower, it's an honor to contribute significantly to the organization. Immersing ourselves in a profession we deeply cherish, every blueprint we draft, every structure we design, not only serves the company but also positively impacts society. This tangible contribution heightens our sense of purpose, allowing us to recognize and appreciate our intrinsic value. Through our work, we've found a harmonious balance, enriching our professional lives and amplifying our personal happiness.
Mr.Ratchakrit Pothijak – Senior Manager Architecture

At CKP, every employee is given an opportunity to actively participate and collaborate in our activities. Innovation and a sense of responsibility towards society and the environment are deeply valued here. Having worked with CKP for almost a decade, I am immensely proud of our accomplishments. Not only have we consistently won innovation awards, but we have also pushed boundaries to minimize our environmental impact. For me, CKP feels like a second home, and I am honored to be a part of such a forward-thinking and responsible team.
Mr. Decha Chantawee – Plant Manager