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999 Samsen Road, Dusit,
Bangkok 10300 Thailand

999 Samsen Road, Dusit, Bangkok 10300 Thailand


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Boon Rawd Brewery, Thailand’s first brewery, was founded in 1933 by Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi (Boonrawd Sreshthaputra). This year, Boon Rawd Brewery celebrates its 90th anniversary of delivering happiness, the privately owned company has become a renowned beer and beverage producer, managed by 4th generations of the descendants of the founder together with professionals from different fields.

At present, the company has expanded and diversified its business interests into manufacturing, packaging, real estate, supply chain, food, agriculture, and others which include Corporate Venture Capital Fund, Music Label and Corporate Social Enterprise.

Our Vision & Singha Way Culture

At Boon Rawd, Our vision is “Bringing Joy to Life”. We believe that joy of life for our stakeholders, from employees to our customers and society, is extremely important to maintain our sustainable business growth.

“Bringing Joy to Life is our destination, Singha Way is how we get there”

At Boon Rawd, our culture is ‘Singha Way’, which stems from the DNA our founder and leaders throughout our history. To achieve our vision, we need a strong culture that drives our company and its people.

Singha Way consist of 4 values:
Family, Courage, Premium Quality, and Happiness.

It is our moral compass when making decisions about employee care and business conduct.

Organization Engagement : Empowering Through Employee Voice

At Boon Rawd, we are committed to consistently enhancing our employee engagement levels. Our engagement score regularly surpasses 80%. We conduct employee engagement surveys for Boon Rawd Group every two years and regularly administer pulse surveys through our “Singha Connect” platform.

By valuing and incorporating employee voice, we translate engagement initiatives into tangible actions. We place a significant emphasis on senior leadership communication, exemplified by our "CEO Talk" activity, in which all 7,000 of our employees participate. Additionally, we foster a collaborative atmosphere through our "Community Of Practice" contest. Moreover, we have implemented the Singha Wellness Framework to prioritize and promote employee wellbeing

Singha Wellness : Health is Wealth

At Boon Rawd, we believe that "Health is Wealth." Recognizing that health is an integral aspect of our lives and a foundation for happiness, we have developed the Singha Wellness program, comprised of five pillars of employee wellbeing:

Cultural Wellbeing – Singha Way Culture : We place a strong emphasis on our human-centered leadership approach, which defines our way of working and values.

To celebrate our culture annually, we organize Singha Way Day for our employees. During the event, we are joined by famous guest speakers and also internal speakers. Our employees can participate in activities such as Got Talent, Esports, and auction for charity. At the end of the night, we entertain our employees with famous bands and musicians from our music label.

The Singha Way Roadshow is one of the key activities aimed at connecting our employees. We consistently communicate and raise awareness to help them better understand the Singha Way Culture. In addition to the roadshow activity, we also acknowledge the Singha Way Change Agent team as leaders responsible for implementing our culture into action.

For Boon Rawd Brewery's 90th anniversary this year, we invite our employees to celebrate together, providing complimentary food and drinks, along with exclusive concerts featuring various artists from our label every week throughout the company’s anniversary month.

Physical Wellbeing : Our focus is on preventative care and healthcare support for our employees. We have introduced a health application called "Smart Health," and we provide on-site gym facilities at various locations. This ensures convenience and accessibility for employees to engage in physical activity during breaks or before and after work. Our wellness programs are tailored according to the specific needs of our employees. Through their feedback, we identified the impact of office syndrome health issues, and in response, we organize ergonomic classes to enhance preventive knowledge. Moreover, we offer shock wave therapy and ergonomic Thai massages to contribute to their overall wellbeing.

Mental Wellbeing : We prioritize our employees' ability to effectively manage work-life situations. To improve emotional wellbeing, we have established the "Happy Mental Health Program" for our employees.

Financial Wellbeing : Our focus here lies in enhancing employees' ability to meet current and future financial obligations while fostering a sense of financial security. We organize classes on Debt Management and Saving, as well as Investing in Stocks and Mutual Funds. In collaboration with the Revenue Department, we also provide tax management assistance for our employees.

Social Wellbeing : We actively promote a sense of purpose and the opportunity to give back to the community. As part of Boon Rawd Brewery's 90th anniversary celebrations, our Boon Rawd Group partnered with the Thai Red Cross Society for the "900,000 CC Blood Donation" initiative. This encourages both our stakeholders and employees to become voluntary blood donors, contributing to saving lives.

Our Commitment

Creating a joyful working environment is our top priority at Boon Rawd. We offer various approaches to enhance the employee experience, including providing a clear career path, creating learning experiences to nurture great leaders, fostering open communication, and respecting diversity among our people. Together with our vision of "Bringing Joy to Life," we aim to bring smiles to every person we touch because we believe that your joy is our happiness.

Employee’s Testimonial

"I am delighted to be a part of the Singha family, a place that cares for us like family members, a place that make us feel value. This is why I am committed to contributing and ensuring the happiness of our Singha family. I take pride in being a part of the organization that 'Brew happiness’ for our people, customer and society"
Mr. Nirun Keawmanee, Area Sales Manager

"The company organized diverse activities to promote collaboration, including CSR initiatives such as SD workshops, Innovation camps, and offering Perception Blind Massage for employees. We are able to connect with colleagues from different departments and contribute with creativity and a social perspective"
Ms. Supapun Nobnomtam, Management trainee

"Boon Rawd Brewery provides me with the opportunity to not only engage in supplementary activities based on my interests, such as music, but also to discover meaning and purpose of life beyond just work, such as from CSR activities"
Mr. Raksit Takerngsaksiri, Knowledge Management Officer