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414 Phaholyothin Rd., Samsennai,
Phayathai, Bangkok 10400 Thailand

414 Phaholyothin Rd., Samsennai, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400 Thailand




To become the most-admired
Digital Life Service Provider
in Thailand

To become the most-admired Digital Life Service Provider in Thailand

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AIS devotes great importance to human capital management. Its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) oversees operational policies enacted under the supervision of the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), who interprets such policies into strategies and work plans, making sure to comply with relevant laws and with consideration to human rights. Focus is placed on providing opportunities for employees to fully showcase their abilities and potential for driving the organization forward toward sustainability while fostering an organizational culture aligned to its business practices under the concept “ FIT FUN FAIR ”. Employees are encouraged to develop their skills in response to the digital challenges of the business and the company’s future directions and objective. Moreover, AIS has adapted its work arrangements to align with the change in the borderless digital world of work by creating a happy workplace environment in line with the “ Work Life Integration ” concept, combining a work-life balance that offers flexibility in allocating time for work and life appropriate for each individual.

In the part of AIS Human Resource Strategy, six guidelines were adopted using the digital media as the tool for all AIS employees to experience digital life in person and to deliver the experiences to digital life subscribers. AIS focuses on strategy that adhere to the principles of our “Put the People First with the 6P Strategies” including (1) Practice Proper Standards (2) Place the Right People in the Right Positions (3) Prepare our People for Success (4) Partners for Business (5) Professional HCM (6) Performance-Driven Productivity which align with corporate culture within “ FIT FUN FAIR ” concept.
In term of talent attraction, retention and succession plan, AIS made preparations to transition itself and employees into the 5G era while retaining quality personnel into the long term. At the same time, the Company made plans to recruit highly capable personnel to join and retain these employees to grow alongside AIS based on the following principles:
  • Fair Employment AIS adheres to fair employment principles and complying with all applicable laws as well as seeing the importance in having a diverse workforce populated by personnel with different bases of knowledge and skills. The Company maintains a policy against employing child and all types of illegal laborers while supporting the employment of disabled persons to work in convenient environment and for them to acquire new abilities in the digital technology industry and providing funds to the Disabled Persons Support and Quality of Life Development Fund.
  • Talent Management Talented employees are sought out, provided with appropriate positions and duties, and developed and fostered so that they may be retained and grow alongside the Company
  • Digital Skill Hiring AIS works with leading universities both domestic and abroad to organize activities that introduce itself and open up opportunities for students with functional skills for the digital age such as block chain, AI and data analytics to join the Company and enhance its digital growth capability sustainably.
  • Career Development Employees are provided with data and advice from their superiors so that they may plan their careers and support their own sustainable development
  • Employee Retention AIS provides incentives both monetary and non-monetary and other benefits to employees such as health insurance and a standard- meeting healthcare center
  • Succession Plan AIS maintains succession plans for every position throughout its structure, using a criteria and process that transparently and fairly selects the most capable successor for any position with emphasis on leadership capability and readiness to assume the role.