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No. 542-16 Zhongzheng Rd.,
Xinzhuang District,
New Taipei City,
Taiwan 24255

24255 新北市新莊區中正路542-16號

No. 542-16 Zhongzheng Rd., Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 24255
24255 新北市新莊區中正路542-16號




Continue to offer high quality products,
services and technologies designed to
provide value, while serving society and
protecting the environment.


Continue to offer high quality products, services and technologies designed to provide value,
while serving society and protecting the environment.


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About Zoeller Taiwan

Zoeller Pump Company, founded in 1939 in the USA, is a leading brand in the wastewater treatment industry, offering comprehensive solutions for water movement. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Zoeller Pump Company is a well-established family-owned pump manufacturer with a rich history.

Since 2004, Zoeller Pump Company has established Zoeller Taiwan Co., Ltd., as the Asia-Pacific operational center responsible for promoting the brand and establishing distribution channels in Asian countries. Zoeller Taiwan upholds the core values of Quality, Service, Innovation, Integrity and demonstrate its outstanding manufacturing processes, R&D capabilities, a robust supply chain, and an abundant talent resource, plays a key role within the group.

For over 80 years, Zoeller Pump Company has upheld the principles of sustainable business, dedicated to the vision of “providing a better living condition and a more wholesome life for our people and the world, and pursuing shared interests with society.


"Talent" is the cornerstone of Zoeller Taiwan, where we not only value our employees but also extend care to their families. We are committed to promoting employee well-being and actively fostering a diverse and inclusive, friendly work environment. Also, we implement the following HR initiatives aligned with core value of "empowering employees to be the best version of themselves." These policies reflect our strong commitment to employee well-being and a positive workplace culture.
  • Uphold the company's core values
  • Cultivate a culture of recognition and appreciation
  • Embrace teamwork and a spirit of helping others
  • Create a sense of purpose in work and provide growth opportunities
  • Encourage candor communication and openness to feedback
  • Foster a workplace environment built on trust, respect, care, and safety
  • Committee promoting employee wellness and well-being

Diversity Equity Inclusion: Create a culture of belonging and security

Our employees come from diverse backgrounds, mirroring the diversity of our communities. We welcome and embrace our employees' unique experiences and diverse backgrounds, fostering mutual understanding and respect for differences. We uphold a culture of recognition and appreciation, organizing an annual "Employee Recognition and Appreciation Day" to acknowledge their contributions, helping employees understand the meaningful and essential nature of their work. At Zoeller Taiwan, we actively creating a workplace culture where employees feel a strong sense of belonging and security.

Actively Listening, Open Communication, Embracing Positive Feedback

Our employees' opinions are a driving force for the company's progress. Therefore, we highly value active listening and open communication. We use diverse channels to collect feedback, continually pay attention to the voices of our employees, and aim to establish a culture of high trust within the company. For example, we have introduced the employee engagement surveys, an online suggestion box, and lunchtime discussions to gather voices and suggestions. We carefully review and respond to suggestions, with progress updated shared regularly. At Zoeller Taiwan, we value every employee’s voice and consider it a valuable resource.

Talent Development: Continuous Learning, Unleashing Potential

Continuous learning is the key for competitiveness! We encourage employees to learning, pursuing growth, and unleashing potential. Zoeller's talent development strategy includes fostering proactive learning, rooting shared core competencies and values, providing diverse learning platforms, offering educational scholarships, and assisting in career development planning. At Zoeller Taiwan, we empower employees to shape their career development, break through boundaries, pursue growth and unleash potential according to their career stages and needs.

Zoeller 5 well-being aspects for a Happy Life'."

Happy employees lead to a happy company! We value our employees and their families, emphasizing work-life balance and their health. We promote a culture that minimal overtime work and offer work flexibility, allowing employees spending more time on personal or family time. For health care, we partner with healthcare professionals to offer support in health management, awareness, nutrition, and exercise, helping employees establish healthy lifestyles. We regularly organize various activities such as ICE CREAM SOCIAL, Family Day, Service Day, Employee Travel, Birthday Celebrations, and Daily Walking Challenge to enhance cohesion and a sense of belonging, making the company an important support system in employees' lives. Annually, the company and employees engage in social welfare initiatives, exerting a positive influence on society. At Zoeller Taiwan customize employee welfare and well-being programs according to employee needs and life-stages, embodying the core philosophy of Zoeller’s 5 well-being Initiatives for a Happy Life'.




  • 堅守公司核心價值觀
  • 扎根肯定與感謝文化
  • 擁抱團隊合作與利他精神
  • 創造工作的意義感,提供成長的機會
  • 鼓勵透明的溝通,開放心胸面對回饋
  • 建構信任、尊重、關懷及安全的職場環境
  • 致力推動員工健康與福祉








幸福的員工創造幸福的企業!我們重視員工及其家庭,提倡工作與生活平衡、關注身心健康。我們倡導不加班的工作文化,並提供工作靈活性,鼓勵員工有更多的時間享受個人時光或陪伴家庭。在身心健康照護方面,我們與專業健康服務機構合作,提供健康管理、觀念、飲食與運動方面的支持,協助員工建立健康的生活型態。透過定期舉辦各種活動,如ICE CREAM SOCIAL、家庭日、員工旅遊、慶生會等,增進凝聚力與向心力,使公司成為員工生活中除了家庭外的重要支持系統。同時,每年我們與同仁攜手參與社會公益,發揮正向影響力,實現自我價值。『卓霖台灣根據員工需求與生涯階段打造全方位的福利與福祉,實踐卓霖人,5好幸福措施,推動我好幸福人生的核心理念』。

Employee Feedback & Response 員工的回饋

我們曾經對員工作廣泛的調查「你在卓霖台灣上班的感覺如何?」以及「是什麼原因讓你願意繼續服務於卓霖台灣?」以下是摘錄同仁的回饋: 「公司像是一個大家庭」

Future Plans to improve 未來優化的重點


Employee’s Testimonial

Carol Chen, General Accountant

Clock Zhong, Production Supervisor

Jane Liu, Purchasing Specialist
讓所有員工覺得工作有意義 ,相信自己做的事情重要而且有價值。

Aaron Du, Product Engineer

Donna Lin, QC Inspector

Emma Yu, Purchasing Specialist

Ruby Lee, Warehouse Leader