Awards and Recognition:
MCC Singapore is a part of Fortune Global 500 company Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd (the “MCC Group”) listed on the Hong Kong and Shanghai Stock Exchange. The core businesses of MCC Singapore include investments, urban planning and development, property development, as well as project management and construction.

Having established our presence in Singapore since 1996, MCC Singapore has been involved in several significant ventures, notably Universal Studios Singapore and Resorts World Sentosa, accumulating extensive experience and accomplishments in theme park projects, infrastructural projects as well as public and industrial projects. In terms of property development, MCC Singapore has participated in the development, management, and construction of diverse commercial and residential projects. Furthermore, expanding footprints into countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Cambodia, enabling residents to enjoy the Singapore model of quality living.

Over the years, MCC Singapore has prioritized continuous learning and growth, actively supporting our teams in advancing their careers through a variety of skill enhancement opportunities. We have initiated a range of effective workplace policies and procedures aimed at enhancing organizational processes, thereby progressing towards a more efficient and productive work environment. This commitment to efficiency is particularly evident in the organization's embrace of digital transformation and sustainability, a vital component of MCC’s comprehensive business strategy. As an industry pioneer in adopting digitalization, MCC Singapore has successfully integrated digital workflows across its diverse business operations and remains dedicated to broadening our aspirations towards a future that is digital and sustainable.

Since the beginning, MCC Singapore has recognized our people and teamwork as our most valuable assets. Our ongoing dedication revolves prioritizing development and communication, consistently organizing a variety of activities and initiatives to enhance and improve on the employee engagement. Furthermore, we have adopted a culture that promotes diversity and inclusivity, nurturing a sense of understanding and belongings among team members. This commitment and effort have earned MCC Singapore prestigious accolades, including the honourable title of "Singapore's Best Employers 2023," the distinction of being recognized as "Best Companies to Work for In Asia 2022," and "Top Employer 2023." Moving forward, we remain devoted to refining our policies and practices, exploring innovative approaches to further enhance the overall employee experience and journey of our valued workforce.