Awards and Recognition:
Mazars’ culture of wellness was strongly encapsulated during the circuit breaker period and beyond, where we embarked on multiple intitiatives to assure our people that we were in this together. Fast forward to 2023, the firm continues to support a hybrid working arrangement. The firm understood that some Mazarians may not feel safe commuting to office and/or needed time to revert back to a pre-pandemic schedule due to changes in their family care arrangements. Today, Mazars still supports a hybrid work arrangement and has no immediate plan to change that.

Mazars in Singapore continues to place great importance on the well-being of our employees and our social responsibility. The annual June wellness month was revived and HR organised a series of physical events aimed at supporting and encouraging the social, mental, and physical wellness of our staff, while also making a positive impact on the more vulnerable groups in our society. Examples of activities and events such as health screening, health bazaar, SAVH massage in the office, Hi-tea cum Busking sessions, movie night and extra office closure day to celebrate Global wellness day were very well received by Mazarians!

As an added gesture of appreciation and support, a new initiative titled “Mazarians Appreciation & Celebration (MAC) programme” was launched, where each business unit can utilise a budget set aside to hold events of their choice including social activities, team dinner, or gathering to celebrate achievements and project milestones. This empowers team managers to take the lead and work with fellow Mazarians to organise events that resonate with the team. Through MAC, we hope to foster a supportive work environment that recognises and appreciates Mazarians. This initiative exemplifies our commitment to creating a workplace where appreciation and teamwork thrive.

Over the years, we also incorporated CSR activities as part of our wellness programmes. We have hosted CNY dinner for a group of needy elderly, distributed food to the needy in collaboration with Mummy Yummy, adopted food bank donation boxes, and in 2022, we inaugurated our 'Move with Mazars' wellbeing movement, an initiative to inspire Mazarians to embrace healthier lifestyles, and encourage charitable endeavors. Continuing on this initiative, we organised a ‘Walk for Rice event’ in 2023 to bring employees together for a good cause; to help the underprivileged meet their daily nutritional needs. We pledged to donate 1kg of rice for every kilometre walked by Mazarians during the event. Our collective effort culminated in the donation of more than 1 ton of rice to Willing Hearts, an organisation known for operating a soup kitchen and distributing thousands of meals daily across Singapore.

We strive to ensure our people have the necessary resources and support to safeguard their mental and physical health. Our focus lies not only on providing access to healthcare but also on reimagining our workplace and embracing change to shape our future. We continually review and adjust our working conditions and policies to ensure they meet the evolving needs of our people.