Awards and Recognition:
At Cycle & Carriage Singapore, our people play a pivotal role in our success. We remain steadfast in our commitment to our employees in keeping them engaged through three pillars: (1) purposeful work, (2) personal growth, and (3) a happy workplace.

Connect to Learn Anytime Anywhere #LAA

Making learning opportunities available to everyone is possible. Cycle & Carriage Singapore launched its second-generation digital learning app in 2023 named Connect. Marrying the name of the learning app with a familiar Singapore colloquial of ‘la’, the organisation-wide learning movement dubbed Connect #LAA encourages every employee to Learn Anytime Anywhere, and reminds them that learning opportunities are available on the go, and in multiple languages.

Learning is a social activity. In-person ‘Lunch n Learn’ sessions were organised to encourage digital learning whilst learning as a group. This has enabled small groups to exchange ideas and share expertise, fostering an environment that encourages peer learning as well.

This commitment demonstrated our efforts in promoting a culture of continuous learning and developing a digital-enabled workforce, uplifting our capabilities.

Celebrating Employees’ Achievements

Every win of our employees, big or small, is an exceptional moment that matters to us. This signifies their personal and professional growth, enabling a personal sense of achievement and self-esteem. Growing better together is our winning formula.

Celebrations of exemplary employees were done on-site and large scale – our role models who emulate our core values of Caring, Excellence, Forward-Thinking, Respectful, Teamwork and Open and Transparent, and support our brand promise of creating people-focused experiences are celebrated as our Best-of-the-Best. At the national level, we facilitate and encourage our frontline employees in their pursuit of the Excellent Service Award (EXSA), organised by the Singapore Retailers Association. When employees take pride in their role, their everyday best shines and exudes positivity to others working with them.

Cycle & Carriage Singapore recognises our employees’ achievements, where their personal milestones are celebrated and acknowledged.

Employee Engagement Activities Catering to Various Interests Groups

Our 5G (multi-generational) workforce encompasses individuals with diverse interests, passions, and backgrounds. Employee engagement initiatives are thoughtfully organised for inclusion and interaction from all age groups within our workforce.

From friendly sports competitions and artistic endeavors to enjoyable family days, there are activities for everyone. These meticulously curated programmes bring groups together and create social bonding beyond the workplace. Friendships are formed; interest groups gather informally to continue friendly competitions, fostering a vibrant and cohesive work environment that embraces the diverse interests of our workforce.