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About Crystal International

Founded in Hong Kong in 1970, Crystal International is a global leader in apparel manufacturing with a diversified product range in 6 segments – Lifestyle wear, Sportswear, Intimate, Sweater, Denim, and Knitted Fabrics. We operate 20 production facilities across five countries and employ over 70,000 people worldwide. We work with multiple global leading apparel brands to produce the right products at the right cost and at the right time which is a critical component to the success of our customers’ global apparel brands in an ever-changing industry environment.

Upskill our recruiters to delivers values beyond filling jobs

To stay ahead of the latest market practices and trends, we upskill our recruiters and deliver a positive candidate experience and employer brand. We hold workshops to reframe the mindset on how talent acquisition adds value across the candidate’s journey, sharpening their interviewing skills, and sharing the best market practices and trends.

Continuous Professional Development Across All Levels

“Our end in mind is to drive our business via people”, Dennis Wong, Executive Director said. To drive continuous business growth and expansion, strong succession planning and talent development are our strategic priorities. Our top management believes that homegrown talents at all levels are critical to the organization’s long-term sustainable success.

To systematically groom our future leaders, our Talent Development Team has taken the lead to formulate the Centralized Talent Strategy aligned with the Company Vision with the key features below:
  • Standardized Talent Mechanism
  • Transparent Talent Assessment with Comprehensive Development Centre
  • Fast-Track Development Programs

Upbeat with our People – Employee Wellbeing and Engagement

We prioritize employee well-being and engagement through our Crystal Wellness Program, which focuses on mental, physical, social, and financial wellness. Each month we organize different workshops or activities for our colleagues to participate in.

We also instill our company values – sustainability focus and working towards an inclusive workplace. For example, we regularly organize workshops that upcycle some of the materials we use in our daily lives. From the positive feedback we received from our colleagues, they appreciate the wide variety of activities and the genuine care focus on the employees’ wellbeing.