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Room 805, PICC Building,
No. 2 Jianguomenwai Street,
Chaoyang District, Beijing

Room 805, PICC Building, No. 2 Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Life Science


Contributing to Society
through Healthcare

We contribute to society
by providing valued products
and services in the healthcare
market and by responding to
the needs of patients and
healthcare professionals

Contributing to Society through Healthcare

We contribute to society by providing valued products and services in the healthcare
market and by responding to the needs of patients and healthcare professionals

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As a company with a hundred years of history, Terumo operates 34 production sites and 23 R&D facilities worldwide, offering a range of 50,000 products. With a workforce of 30,000 employees, we collaborate to deliver top-notch products and innovative solutions to healthcare institutions and patients across over 160 countries. In response to evolving times and to uphold our corporate mission of " Contributing to Society through Healthcare ", we have prioritized product quality and leveraged advancements in digitalization and medical technology. Our aim is to enhance the competitiveness of our products, driving progress in the medical sector and enhancing the quality of life for patients.

In the 1980s, Terumo entered the Chinese market with cutting-edge technology and high-quality products. The company has made substantial investments in building production bases that comply with international standards and has also increased investments in human resources development, technological innovation, production, and R&D. These efforts have strengthened Terumo's position in China's medical industry. With China's rapid economic growth, the medical and healthcare environment is undergoing significant changes. Internally, we are focused on enhancing the overall performance of each department and collaborating with the government's healthcare system reforms to ensure the industry's healthy development. Currently, Terumo has approximately 3,000 employees in Greater China, making it the fastest-growing region for Terumo's global business. Moving forward, we are committed to upholding our core values, fulfilling our promises, and delivering innovation to meet the expectations of medical professionals and patients. We aim to contribute to Chinese society by developing the healthcare industry and promoting national health in the Greater China region with a strong sense of mission.

At Terumo, we prioritize the personal and professional growth of our employees, and our goal is to establish a work environment where everyone can freely express their uniqueness. To address evolving medical challenges and offer cutting-edge solutions, strategic management talent is essential. Hence, we enrich our employees' value proposition through diverse policies, benefits, and activities to ensure they have a comprehensive and fulfilling work experience. Specifics are outlined below:

Employee Care and Experience: Terumo offers a comprehensive Employee Empower Program (EAP) and various activities aimed at enhancing the employee experience. These activities include a psychological counseling hotline, training resources for physical and mental health, festive season blessings and posters, welcome ceremonies for new hires, and birthday parties. All of these initiatives are designed to provide employees with a greater sense of security, well-rounded experience, and a stronger sense of belonging.

Compensation and Benefits: Terumo offers a comprehensive compensation and benefits policy, ensuring that employees have fundamental protection through the Total solution. We regularly benchmark external market data to enhance the competitiveness of internal staff salaries and analyze various aspects of data when employees join the company to enhance their satisfaction. Additionally, we continually adjust the welfare policy based on employee circumstances and reduce the burden on employees' families through physical examinations, supplementary medical insurance, accident insurance, and other means to provide multiple layers of protection for employees' well-being.

Talent Development System: Terumo has a comprehensive three-dimensional training system, equipped with a variety of learning tools at various levels, aimed at nurturing transformative talents who can realize the medical model reform strategy landing, and establishing the transformational talent pool. For instance, TechMark training for middle managers, market elite training camp for business department personnel, and Power BI training for all staff. Additionally, to cultivate the next generation of management and global leaders, we provide a targeted development program, Mirai, for outstanding leaders in Greater China.

Corporate Culture: Terumo upholds the practice of the 5 core values (Respect, Integrity, Care, Quality, Creativity). We strive to establish a diverse and inclusive work environment that promotes the ethos of ownership and Growth Mindset while honoring diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. We collaborate with universities in Greater China to arrange corporate open days, offer corporate culture activities for new employees, and employ a corporate culture pyramid for executives, among other initiatives, to disseminate our corporate culture through various channels, aiming for a uniform level of comprehension among all.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability: Terumo undertakes social responsibility and engages in community affairs with the goal of "Contributing to Society through Healthcare". Our efforts are primarily directed towards enhancing the quality of life for patients. We conduct blood donation drives for our employees, sponsor, and coordinate university events, and undertake other public welfare activities to foster a positive social impact. Additionally, to support the enhancement of clinical skills among medical practitioners, we have established education and training centers in Hangzhou and Beijing. These centers combine research and development, production, and sales, and offer training opportunities for medical practitioners.

In the future, Terumo Greater China will persist in adhering to the corporate philosophy of " Contributing to Society through Healthcare ", contributing to the well-being of people and the sustainable development of society, and continue to confront the challenges of " Advancing healthcare " and " Enhancing the quality of life for patients".

Strategies Implemented

Our Employee Engagement Strategy follows both global strategy and corporate culture. Grow and Care are the essential factors in our Strategy.

From global strategy side, Terumo places importance on the growth of each one of its associates. We foster Growth Mindset, which encourages associates to take on new challenges, to constantly learn and grow.

From corporate culture side, Terumo cares about its associates. We foster an inclusive culture and ingrain it into Terumo’s activities. We will realize both the company and associate’s sustainable growth through an environment where diverse associates around the world can maximize their potential.

Being as a product manager, we value our clients’ requirements for policies designing. Meanwhile we are through variable marketing points for internal communication to make sure all clients with fully understanding.

Employee Feedback & Response

We listen to our clients’ voices, to improve our activities. The following is the feedback from the New Blood Program that designed team building offline activities for new joiners:

I am delighted to participate in this new blood program. The content is rich, which let me fully understand the corporate culture and values of Terumo and have a better sense of belonging. These activities help new employees quickly integrate into the new environment. Thank you for your assistance. Hope there will be more events like this.

Future plans to improve

The digital age has arrived, we introduce DX model to empower associates with better experience & comprehensive assistance. The ideal DX model has been divided into 3 steps to realize.

Digitization (Establish SOP): from the perspective of associate experience and business management, establish SOP based on employee life cycle to integrate the entire human resources operation.

Digitalization (Systemization): connect the existing HR system, design a complete human resources overall solution platform.

Digital Transformation (Information Solution): based on our clients’ requirement, from CEO, manager, associates and HR dimension to design dashboard, support our clients’ with data to make decision.

Strategies to attract new talent

To attract new talents, we build an external publicity system to promote our corporate culture. We set Open Day to advertise our company to graduates, create distinctive brand intellectual property (IP), and strategically leveraging social media platforms to external audience.

We also establishing an Effective EVP not only for retaining existing talents but also let them influence their social circles. We internally reinforce the corporate culture, implement Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), foster talent development, enhance employee welfare, etc.

Terumo values associates, to provide better experience for our associates, we make efforts on establishing a more friendly workplace.

Employee’s Testimonial

Comfortable working environment, more opportunities for professional development, and implementation of employee feedback mechanisms.

The supportive and collaborative work culture and the opportunity to work on challenging projects that align with my interests.
Sakamiya Mutsuhito (Senior Product Supervisor)

Continuous improved projects to ensure our physical and psychological health, and made effort on ESG, especially promoted diversion, equality, and inclusion.

Give space to develop projects, and to collaboration with others.
Cloudy Gu (Senior Commercial Manager)

At Terumo, I sense a strong culture of fostering innovation and creativity. The company offers a conducive work environment and resources to facilitate our exploration of new concepts, as well as the development of fresh ideas and solutions.
Major Guo (Sales Representative)

The company strives to create a better work environment by offering competitive compensation, employee care, and a comprehensive talent development system.

The company places a strong emphasis on innovation and individual employee development, motivating me to continuously work for them.
Frank Wu (Senior Clinical Education Supervisor)