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Room 2501B, BM Tower,
No. 218 Wusong Road,
Hongkong District,

Room 2501B, BM Tower, No. 218 Wusong Road, Hongkong District, Shanghai




The foundation of health,
the origin of life

Focuses on life and health,
exploring a healthy lifestyle
from an all-round perspective,
and dedicating itself to the
health industry in Asia

The foundation of health, the origin of life

Focuses on life and health, exploring a healthy lifestyle from an all-round perspective,
and dedicating itself to the health industry in Asia

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SynthAsia wishes to promote genuine Health through nutrition, lifestyle, and medicine from its Asian routes and with many elements of its Eastern and Chinese philosophy in Asia and Worldwide. We believe in the fundamental concepts at the heart of Chinese thinking, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in their original sense and as pillars of a healthy life within a healthy society.

We conduct business deploying sustainable strategies and innovative models to create regenerative instead of degenerative environments and communities. Our business integrates tradition, culture, science, and medicine with high-quality standards to promote healthy living. Our people and teams extend genuine hospitality in all operations to all customers, partners, and relationships. Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, skincare, food, healthy travel, and lifestyle areas included.

Headquartered in Shanghai, SynthAsia has set up three subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou.

When our founder came to China, he was clearly there to learn and not to teach. In his view, such should be the attitude of any traveler and guest. We, the Chinese colleagues, could see the admiration and love that he developed for the Chinese culture and people. He frequently insists that his time, especially his extensive traveling in China, was the most intense and richest experience of his life. He is also very proud and thankful for the privilege to be allowed to play a small part together with us, the Chinese colleagues, to build the economic and educational miracle of the PR China.

Based on this attitude of cultural curiosity and interest, it was not hard to build our unique company culture; strongly rooted in the Chinese culture and business habits but has brought in some meaningful flavors of Germany and Europe.

We have all learned and keep on learning from our working partners in the healthcare industry and providers, we try to understand their local business and social culture, maintain open and transparent communication and cooperation with partners and official institutions, integrate local customs and habits in our overall blend of cultures, and maintain respectful but relaxed and pleasant functional relations with all our partners. Our employees work with partners and service clients with interest, and we are all devoted to delivering outstanding operational performance in all our locations. Yet, we never forget the human factor and the principle that good business relations are rooted in a value-adding aspect for each stakeholder of any transaction. Only under the guidance of this very Chinese set of values will we be able to let our SynthAsia family prosper and continue to contribute to a flourishing society of the PR China.

We have a very attractive package in terms of employee benefits and activities. We have different allowance by position - Transportation/ Mobile; Unified Allowance - Lunch/ High-temp; Unified Holiday Gift - Dragon-boat/ Mid-autumn; Unified Other Gift - Birthday/Wedding/New Baby/Service Award; Different Leave - Statutory Annual Leave/Company Annual Leave/Management Leave/Paid Sick Leave; Different Commercial Insurance by Position - MGMT Team/Office/Sales; Different Medical Check by Age - 41&above/31~40/30&below.

We also have a well-developed talent development strategy. A comprehensive training system is planned for employees with different seniority and job functions, including basic courses, personal development, professional skills, management skills, etc. The training courses are covered by multiple channels, both online and offline, so that all employees can receive training resources more conveniently. In this way, we can build a sustainable development organization.

In terms of employee activities, we have different types of activities to enhance employees’ sense of belonging. These activities are also the carrier of publicize corporate culture. Every year, we will organize an annual party and 1-2 family days or team building which are mainly concentrated in the location of our subsidiaries. Of course, we also welcome surrounding employees to join us. In addition, we also organize lunch learning meetings 4-5 times a year with flexible themes. We combine some festivals or topics that employees are interested in to carry out, and provide a rich lunch for the employees at the same time. The birthday party will be held once a month at an office location to celebrate the birthday of the birthday stars with local employees. For some employees who cannot participate in the birthday party, we will give a birthday gift of 500 yuan.
Employees are the cornerstone of enterprise development and the most precious wealth of the enterprise. Our company always pays great attention to the health and safety of employees. We not only arrange online lectures about how to avoid anxiety but also regularly contact employees to inquire about their health and that of their families. In addition, considering that the fast-paced work in today's society may make many employees have no time to do exercises, after the epidemic situation improves, we provide everyone with a long-term fitness opportunity to get rid of the sub-health state and maintain a certain frequency of exercise, which will give everyone a better mood, energy, memory and concentration, "Goodbye" sedentary program has been highly praised and even becomes the first choice of the team building project.

To sum up, SynthAsia has an attractive compensation and benefits system, well-developed talent development strategy, diversified employee activities and so on. All these make SynthAsia one of the best places to work for.

Employee’s Testimonial

廖峻岩 Jim Liao,产品经理,两次入职公司
  • 公司的企业文化、价值观让我十分认可。同事们都有共同的愿景目标,还能有自我价值的实现。
  • 公司的氛围很轻松,大家都是伙伴的关系,一起进步一起成长。我们相互成就!

祁峰 Ina Qi,财务经理,2011年8月加入公司,任职12余年
  • 公司从成立初期到现在,十余年的时间业务不断长大。
  • 公司的企业文化、人文环境和不断完善的政策制度、福利待遇等等都是我长期留任的原因。