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About Stella Group

Stella is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality footwear and leather products. As a trusted partner of many of world’s most favored and renowned brands , Stella has unique advantages such as unparalleled craftsmanship, production flexibility, fast product launch speed, and strong commercialization capabilities with its vast, diversified, and mature manufacturing bases in China and Southeast Asia. Stella’s DNA is commitment to quality. We focus on providing excellent products and services. In the future, we will not only continue to uphold this philosophy, but also strive for excellence, achieve sustainable development of the company and become a benchmark for industry innovation through environmental protection, employee caring, and continuously optimizing governance structure!

Since 1982, Stella has established stable cooperative relationships with many global brands and produced high-quality shoes for them. Stella continuously expands high-quality product range includes fashion, high-end luxury, sports, casual sportswear and high-end casual shoes. Customers include leading global sports brands and casual shoes companies, including Nike, Saucony, Under Armour, Merrell, Timberland, UGG … … as well as leading fashion shoes brands, such as Cole Haan, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, etc. We also design, develop and manufacture shoes for multiple high-end fashion brands, such as Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Chloé, Off-White and Stella McCartney. Based on our expertise in production and the widespread industry recognition of Stella's products, we launched Retail Business under our own brand Stella Luna and What For in 2006. These brands have successfully entered the retail shoe market in Chinese and Europe. We have also begun to enter the handbag market and positioned ourselves as an integrated solution supplier for supplying leather products to high-end customers. With an excellent customer base and extensive experience in leather products, we will further invest in design and development capabilities to provide customers with more diverse leather accessories.

Values: our value is to provide customers with high-quality and unique products and create unparalleled new opportunities in the marker. We achieve sustainable development and meet the interests of all stockholders with our outstanding professional knowledge, unwavering commitment to quality, unparalleled product launch speed, and flexibility for small batch production.

Mission : Make the best shoes in the world

Corporate culture : We aim to create a culture that attracts and cultivates energetic, dedicated, and enthusiastic talents.

Sustainable Development : We continue to make our operations more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and beneficial to all stockholders.

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九兴自二零零七年起在香港联交所上市,股份代号为1836.HK。 Stella was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007, Stock No. is 01836. 九兴是优质鞋履及皮具产品的领先开发商及制造商。作为全球众多最受青睐及最负盛名的品牌信赖的合作伙伴,九兴凭借在中国及东南亚广阔、多元化及成熟的制造基地,具备无与伦比的工艺、生产灵活性、快速产品推出速度及强大商品化能力等独特优势。Stella的DNA是我们对质量的坚持,我们致力于提供卓越的产品和服务。今后,我们不只要继续秉持这样的理念,更要精益求精,并透过环境保护、对员工的照顾、和不断优化的治理结构来实现公司的永续发展,成为业界创新的标竿!

从一九八二年起,九兴一直与许多全球品牌建立了稳固的合作关系,并为其生产优质鞋履。九兴旗下不断扩展的优质产品系列包括时尚、高端奢华、运动、休闲运动风及高档休闲鞋履。客户包括全球领先运动品牌及休闲鞋履公司,分别为Nike、Saucony、Under Armour、Merrell、Timberland、UGG … … 以及领先的时尚鞋履品牌,如Cole Haan、Kate Spade、Michael Kors及Tory Burch等。我们亦为多个高端时尚品牌设计、开发及制造鞋履,如 Alexander Wang、Balenciaga、Chloé、Off-White及Stella McCartney。基于善用生产专业知识,以及九兴的产品广受认可及获得同业认同,我们于二零零六年以自有品牌Stella Luna及What For推出品牌业务。该等品牌已成功进入中国及欧洲鞋履零售市场。我们亦已开始进军手袋市场并定位为向高端客户供应皮革产品之整合方案供货商。凭借卓越客户基础,以及皮革产品之丰富经验,我们将进一步投资于设计及开发能力,为客户提供更多元之皮革配饰。






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